Why You Should Attend The NRPA Annual Conference

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Author: Austin Stanfel

The NRPA is an annual conference that brings together around 7000 parks and recreation professionals from all around the United States. NRPA offers parks and rec professionals a chance to grow and expand their business and meet professionals who can help them with their goals.

Why must one attend this conference? If you are not already convinced of its significance, here are some of the reasons why you should attend the conference:

• The conference includes various educational events, including the 20-minute speed session that helps you learn more in less time.

• You get the chance to network with like-minded individuals from all over America.

• The NRPA will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, which means that the participants will have the chance to enjoy additional benefits.

• Choose and learn from the various education sessions and earn professional certification for increased growth.

• If you are a current NRPA member, you get to enjoy discounted registration. As a non-member, you enjoy a one-year membership with registration.

• You get to observe hundreds of established businesses and get together with a professional community.

• You get to have countless business demonstrations and hands-on experience about different products.

• You get the chance to learn about new projects related to parks and recreation and meet some of the industry’s renowned leaders.

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• Participate in the pre-conference workshop “12 Steps to Sponsorship Success” and learn more about Sponsorship.

• Participate in NRPA Research Sessions, also known as the Leisure Research Symposium, which provides an international forum for professionals who would like to discuss recreation issues. The session allows business professionals to discuss both applied and theoretical aspects of the subjects.

• Test and learn more about some of the latest playground equipment from renowned brands.

• You get the opportunity to share your ideas with more than 7000 participants.

• Participants will have the chance to learn from Jon Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, who will be the keynote speaker.

• Participants will have the chance to win a $100-$200 American Express Gift Card during the exhibition.

• Enjoy the Golf Tournament at Revere Golf Club. The tournament is presented by the Las Vegas Local Host Committee.

• Attend various conference workshops, including “What Every Good Speaker Knows, and You Don’t.”

The NRPA is full of exciting events that keep the participants engaged throughout the event. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the other primary events include a 5K Night Fun Run/Walk presented by Las Vegas Local Host Committee, NRPA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, and Ethnic Minority Society Luncheon.

So, there are literally dozens of reasons why one should participate in the event. This year might be just a little bit different than the other years, so do not miss out on the thrill and adventure brought forward by this year’s most celebrated parks and recreation event.