4 Old Playground Equipments And Their Modern Replacements

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Do you miss your favorite old-school playground equipment? Would you like to play on them again? With the advancements in technology, our playground equipment has become advanced too, and if we sit and think about it, it’s actually a good thing. Let’s talk about a few old playground equipment and how their modern versions differ entirely from their predecessors.


Seesaws are one of the best memories we have from childhood, right? Back in time, most seesaws used in playgrounds were wooden. The repeated use of a seesaw could make it sink, and the wooden log could also hit your head. And if the weight wasn’t balanced on the seesaw, some crash landing scenes were unavoidable.

Modern Replacement:

Modern seesaws look like a dragonfly and are four-seaters. They are comfortable and safe to use as they’re planted in the ground really well. Side rails, high backs, balanced devices, what else do we need?

2.Tire Swings

The popularity of tire swings remains unmatched, even today. Old tire swings were made up of non-coated tires, sometimes even molded. The free spaces in these tires were the favorite habitat of mosquitoes and other parasites, making them highly unfit for playground use.

Modern Replacement:

The market tire swings now available are not made from useless spare tires. Instead, these tires are made especially for these swings. They have no gap inside and are incredibly soft, making them a perfect fit for your kids’ playground. Also, the variety of colors now available in tire swings is like never before.


There was a time when merry-go-rounds were slow, manual, and hard to move. The heavy man that used to push the merry-go-round sometimes got so worked up that it was only the puke-your-way-out option for kids. What was that supersonic mode even in which that guy spun our brains to the core?

Modern Replacement:

The modern-day equivalent of the former merry-go-round is a 12-seater that can accommodate eight standing kids and four sitting kids. It has a frictionless magnetic braking system that optimizes the speed so get ready for a safe spin!

4.Rotary Swing

A rotary swing is made up of a pole with a colossal wheel connected to the top of pole with the help of hooks. Some also call it giant stride because, oh boy, it’s actually very giant. And that giant appearance of this swing is terrible, both for your site and your kids. Just a little loose hold on the rope, and many injuries would be there in the blink of an eye.

Modern Replacement:

The modern-day replacement of rotary swing has:
● Soft-touch
● Molded seats
● Easy to grasp ropes
● Optimum height


Back then, the playground equipment was not safe enough, and we used to play around them so carelessly. But these modern-day alternatives are definitely for the better well-being of everyone, and of course, these are really playful too. So, for the better of us all, we say goodbye to our old playground equipment and say hello to the versatile playground equipment that is safe to use.