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  • Having an attractive, safe and fully functional playground will have kids looking forward to every visit and playing session. This is exactly why UKI Dynamic Play-Systems are designed and manufactured different from other Play-Systems. This brand of Play-Systems is a step ahead and completely different from conventional playground systems because it offers kids a different opportunity to engage their minds as well as their bodies while playing. With UKI Dynamic Play-Systems kids get to experience a whole new level of fun and complete excitement with every reach, step and visit.

  • Make the kids’ fantasies and dreams come true by giving them nothing but a castle of their own. Let them rule a kingdom of his own together with his friends with the Glass Castle series. Help them grow more creative and imaginative as they play Queen and King in their own storyland. The Glass Castles series comes in different sizes and can accommodate up to 25 children. Designed for kids aged 3-12 years, this playground would be a perfect addition to your town’s park. Relive your years as a kid as you watch the children enjoy and have a great day inside the walls and the loops of this Glass Castle.

  • Growing kids need to be exposed to physical activities that will help them develop their mental skills, social skills and physical skills. Doing so will ensure that your kids are growing healthy and are slowly being prepared to face challenges in their life. Give them an interesting and exciting activity to enjoy like rope climbing. With the Spider X-Net series, your kids will definitely get a healthy dose of excitement and a fun-filled day that will even help them enhance their cognitive and decision making skills, social skills as well as in keeping their body fit and strong. The Spider X-Net is designed for kids 3 to 13 years of age in mind. This fun activity area is made of Hercules rope so your kids’ safety is guaranteed.

  • Children love to swing, so no playground is complete without a swing set. Our swings are made from durable, ecologically friendly materials, and are sure to delight the swinging desires of children of all ages. We feature traditional seat-based swings, but also have the uniquely fun disc swings that are like tire swings, but even safer. Watch your children have a blast as they swing their way through recess or outside playtime on these fantastic swing sets. We have swings for children from age 3 and up to age 12, so there is a swing set for all children’s ages.

  • ReACTION II is inspired by the spider. It comes in amazing woven designs just like a spider’s web. Children will love the unique appearance of the ReACTION II which is built of highly durable materials that are child friendly. ReACTION II playground comes in different eye catching designs that will attract children while at the same time provide a good work out for them as they play.
    The artwork, which is out of this world, will also stimulate children’s learning ability as they try to figure out the unique arty designs of the ReACTION II play system. It is simple yet very educative. It is not made with excess materials making it very easy to produce in mass.
    Additionally, it is very light in weight making it ideal for most areas that are frequented by children. The most amazing part about it is that it caters for ages 5-16 years. This is great because teenagers are kept busy by engaging in mind stimulating games during play time.

  • The U-Stargate brand of Play-systems are futuristic systems that offer endless play and excitement value by incorporating lights, sounds and touch-sensor play gaming. The inclusion of lights, sounds and touch-sensor play gaming makes these play-systems more fun and exciting to play with, and as a result, they are known to make playgrounds livelier and more engaging for kids to “play in”. They feature a variety of designs and specifications perfectly tailored to suit each unique design. Some of these designs include; Spaceships, UFOs, Multi-faceted eye catching units with striking net features and lots more. Some of these systems can either be used alone or combined to give a unique structure that offers a variety of play options. These systems provide play opportunities like climbing, sliding and balancing in a safe and extremely exciting environment.

  • Playground Equipment from Paradise is truly one of a kind. The products are designed to mimic surrounding environments and bring various elements of different areas of the world together during play. They feature palm trees that you would normally see in the Amazon forest and rocks and in some, even animal models, all from the safari and the outback. These products heighten a child’s playing nature and encourage them to play outdoors rather than be engrossed with other forms of distractions: smartphones, gaming consoles and the TV.

  • Playground Equipment from UKI Play is some of the most advanced and attractive in the markets today. Their bright colors would instantaneously get the attention of any child and their compact sizes and designs mean that not only are they going to fit cramped areas, but also won’t be a burden on customer wallets either. But don’t think of them being low quality or small products either. Some of them can accommodate 20 to 25 children at a time and are made from the best quality materials which ensure their durability and reliability.

  • Woodstory play systems combine nature with play. These features appeal visually and physically to children from as young as three all the way to twelve! It provides play opportunities for children in an earthy theme helping them develop their motor skills further. It has physical challenges and enhances the young individual’s agility and coordination. It also fuels kid’s imagination as they try to figure out the different exits and entrances in woodstory play system.
    Woodstory is designed with a natural tone so that as kids play in, they able to learn about nature and technology at the same time. It encourages the children to dream up of fantasy worlds while at the same time playing with their friends. Woodstory encourages physical skills such as balancing, coordinating and climbing.

  • Innovative approach to design and development of Playmotion Technology helps to ensure your playground will be dynamic and overflowing with limitless play value. Xccent products and playground equipment boast their remarkable strength and durability factors while ensuring they remain safe for kids to play on. The company also utilizes a budget-friendly mindset and assures investors and/or parents won’t have to lighten their pockets too much for their young ones. Xccent’s Playmotion Technology also helps create a unique and different play experience every time a child uses a piece of equipment, keeping kids engaged and interested. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for this manufacturer in Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California.

  • The “Kids Centre” is a perfect choice for any commercial playground setup that isn’t looking to blow a hole in the wallets and still ensure the young ones in the area have a great time. These include very affordable early childhood commercial playground equipment that are basically designed and meant for children between the ages of 2 till 7. Creative Systems provides you with the best of the lot and they would compliment any local park or school playground setup. These structures are pre-fabricated and often ready to ship within 72 hours. Installation is very easy and can be done in as little as 3 hours.

  • Creative Systems offers products by Playland which bring you the best value in the industry with their Active Play Series, a ground based concept that features motion events and overhead climbing and traversing. The Active Play commercial playground equipment is best suited to kids from ages 2 to 12 and not only offer enormous fun, but key growth exercises which help develop core muscles and promote better growth for kids. These structures offer incredible play value including all the fun, without the two most costly elements of traditional play-structures: roofs and decks. The Active Play commercial playground equipment is a must have for any playground or park and can also compliment schools and churches.

  • Creative System hosts the best water-playing playground equipment and setups you’ll find in the markets. Rain Drop designs provide fun filled water park. We invented SprayGrounds® and recently introduced the OMNIPOD®, an installation with the ultimate versatility to give you a new park every year – because SprayGround features, with proper planning, can be added or moved around the surface with ease. Materials used in the construction of WaterPlay equipment are some of the best and ensure the go through the years without corrosion or rusting. WaterPlay by Creative Systems are a treat for the entire family and should be a necessity in places where summers are just too unbearable.

  • If you are looking for an affordable means to boost memberships or paid receipts, or simply upgrade your existing pool, add a water slide from Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. These affordable commercial grade water play slides provide fun for all ages. Whether it’d be a single slide or a towering goliath of a spiral of slides, Creative Systems has you covered. Colourful and highly visible, your pool will have a fresh new look that will last for years. Browse through out catalogue to view some of the best commercial grade waterslides you’ll find in the market and reignite the fun in your pool.

Play is optimally essential to augment the growth and development of children. This is why at Creative Recreational Systems, we are dedicated to developing personalized commercial playground equipment for individuals of all ages. We create and deliver high-quality playground equipment for various settings, including schools, apartment complexes, and parks.

Apart from being instrumental in creating an efficient learning experience, play is essential for maintaining social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development. At Creative Recreational Systems, we are specialists at manufacturing and supplying environmentally friendly, themed, and affordable children's play equipment.

Here, we work tirelessly, ensuring excellent entertainment and fun experiences are brought to children with our children's playground equipment.Despite being big on durability and safety, we ensure our play structures are sold at great competitive prices, making them affordable for everyone.

Creative Recreational Systems offer unrestricted play and fun opportunities via our extended range of quality products and services. We are keenly dedicated to quality, thereby ensuring your kids can optimally explore the playgrounds to their benefit.

Explore Our Collections of Children Playground Equipment for Sale

You can be sure of having the best products in our collection of children playground equipment for sale! Regardless of your preferences, we are sure to have all that is needed to create a high-quality and fun children's playground, including traditional pieces, such as slides, crawl tubes, swing sets, etc.

Our wide array ranges from specific parts to entire play systems, etc. At Creative Recreational Systems, our playground equipment is designed to encourage easy accessibility; anybody can play regardless of physical abilities, age, size, etc.

We are conscious of themes while designing playgrounds. Hence, whether you are searching for a specific color, dimension, or equipment to develop a theme-based playground, you can be sure of having Creative Recreational Systems come to your help.

Playground Equipment for Schools

At Creative Recreational Systems, we understand the importance of the enjoyable benefits of playgrounds for kids. Therefore, we provide an extensive range of age-appropriate playgrounds for schools, ensuring premium customizability and design flexibility.

You can be sure of finding the most suitable playground equipment for schools that will suit your school's exact needs at Creative Recreational Systems. We consider the following factors when designing our playgrounds:

Who will use the playground?
We strongly consider the demographics of those that will be using our designed playgrounds for schools. We identify your school category, whether nursery schools with the youngest kids, etc. Hence, we design accordingly, ensuring such playgrounds suits the need of their users. For instance, we have a vast collection of play equipment for preschoolers that you can explore.

Theme and design details
Apart from considering the category of kids that would use the playground, we also identify our clients' specific interests. This way, we can know the exact theme or design ideas you want, helping us accommodate and customize your playground accordingly.

Do you want an animal-themed structure? Or a castle-like design? You can trust the experts at Creative Recreational Systems to have your back at all times!
We also have traditional structures you can choose from, whether swing sets, slides, etc. Technically, we have several children's park playground equipment for schools that you can choose from.

We also incorporate inclusiveness into our designs and themes, making room for various kids with various social skills or physicality. So, whether you have a shy kid or children with disabilities in your school, you can still find the best child play equipment for your playgrounds here.

Another important element we consider in our design is the setting. What is your plan? Do you want your playground to sit on wood chips, cement, or rubber? What location details do you want us to know and incorporate into your playground designs? This information helps us to identify the best kid's playground equipment for your school.

At Creative Recreational Systems, we want to ensure your school's playground is sustainable, stable, and safe for use.

Find The Best Children Play Equipment for Your School Here

Here at Creative Recreational Systems, we can help you find the most appropriate children play equipment for your school. Explore our collection for a comprehensive look at our offerings, and do not hesitate to request a free quote to get started with us.

Here, we will walk you hand-in-hand through the process of identifying the best children's play equipment that would help you create your school's dream playground!

Residential Playground Equipment for Your Home

Residential playground equipment provides a safe place for kids to play and have fun. However, as a parent, you must intentionally choose quality and safety without sidelining affordability while choosing one for your children.

At Creative Recreational Systems, we offer premium quality to help build the backyard playground of your dreams. We strive to maximize the equipment's usable range and ensure our equipment is age-oriented, helping you get the most from your money.

Creative Recreational Systems will help you transform your yard into a fun and safe environment while satisfying your family's needs. Regardless of your playground theme, the type of children's play equipment you want, or budget, you can be sure of finding the most appropriate product with Creative Recreational Systems.

We understand the uniqueness of every kid; we design our products to meet such understanding, creating more and more exciting opportunities for your kids to play and have fun.

You can trust Creative Recreational Systems for playground equipment accessories designed for both homes and schools to maximize your kids' playtime.
Undoubtedly, the available choices may be overwhelming. However, there is no need to worry as we guide you through this process, regardless of your preferences or specificity. Get started today by contacting Creative Recreational Systems.

Why Shop for Children Play Equipment Here?

Parents and school owners choose us for various reasons, including:

High Safety Standards
We are your top choice because of our firm commitment to providing the best playground equipment that ensures the safety of your kids while playing without impacting their fun experience. We adhere to various federal and consumer safety regulations and guidelines, including ASTM, CPSC, and IPEMA standards.

Convenient Service
We have set up a system that allows you to order any play equipment from us as effortlessly as possible. Our installation process is also easy, with our dedicated customer support team always ready to help you through the entire process.

You can find the best children's play equipment at Creative Recreational Systems at the best price. Choose from our extensive range of affordable playground equipment selections today to create a safe and fun place for your kids, both at home or in your school.

Creative Recreational Systems offers a single platform where you can find an impressive selection of highly durable and safe playground sets. We understand the need for durability, mainly to help you get the best value for your money and prevent possible hazards from design failure.

Hence, we are dedicated to offering only innovative and durable commercial playground equipment at all times. Contact us today for your free quote.

All our products and designed playgrounds are checked and verified for safety and quality, so you can always rely on us and enjoy dealing with our team. Do not hesitate to call us or email your queries for further information!