School Playground Equipment

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  • Teenager Park is one of the newest trends of play systems that stimulates teenagers and brings out the creativity in play for teenagers. Teenagers like play that is creative yet interactive and the best play equipment is Teenager Park.
    Teenager park play system equipment makes play for teenagers an absolute delight. It has colors that are in rhythm with nature just good for teens.
    It is also made with very durable materials that are sturdy enough for teenager’s movements as they play.
    Teenager Park provides a teenager with nice yet versatile play activities which they can enjoy on their own. The equipment has unique features and a teenager can enjoy the versality of different games alone or with their peers. It can also accommodate younger children from five years making it very ideal for families with children of different age groups.
    Teenager Park is highly finished with the best technology innovations to make it safe for the younger children.

  • Xccent Play is another great producer of school playground equipment that promises countless fun for your pupils during recess times. Xccent Play products are unique as they provide you with the option of endless customizability and their sturdy built means you won’t have to worry about replacing the system anytime soon. Whether you’re looking for an expansive set or a minimal one, Xccent Play will make sure your students have the time of their lives on either one. Creative Systems is a proud supplier of Xccent Play school playground equipment and systems.

  • Active Play playground equipments are fitness focussed and provide key muscle and body toning for children from a very early age while providing them with endless entertainment and fun. Designed for children of ages 5 to 12, Active Play systems focus on the slightly more mature group of kids as they develop key cognitive and physical aspects. Active Play would be a perfect fit for any school during recess or gym classes.

Practical. Durable. Inventive.

Customized playground equipment to inspire your outdoor space
You want to be sure that the playground equipment you choose fits your needs. Our team at Creative Recreational Systems Inc. has curated a selection of unique playground designs that fulfills your vision and stays within your budget.

We've made sure to only source our playground equipment from companies that align with our values - high quality, durability, exceptional safety standards, and imaginative design.

In an era of technology, wireless gadgets, and the internet of things, youngsters need an outdoor reprieve more than ever (even if they say they don't!). Children need a stimulating outdoor environment for unstructured Play to properly develop their brains and become more well-rounded.

Benefits of Outdoor Playgrounds

Unstructured free Play decreases depression and anxiety in children and teens.
Youngsters and teens who exercise regularly are more physically fit, which can positively affect their health and lifestyle choices later in life.

Children who play have bigger brains, literally. A study conducted at Baylor College of Medicine showed that children who don't play have 20-30% smaller brains as compared to more active children.

Free Play helps children grow their people skills and emotional intelligence - something that won't develop if children are stuck behind a screen for too long.

Free Play helps with a growth mindset and state of flow - enjoying the process of Play rather than always focusing on achievement.

Need a smaller playground for up to 5 children? How about 50? We've got that and everything in between.

Playgrounds We Offer

Teenager Parks

A playground for teens is one of the newest trends in playground equipment - teens still need the same stimulation and opportunity for creative free Play as their younger counterparts.

Our line of playgrounds for teens is, as always, built to last with the highest quality materials, with versatile features. Younger children can still enjoy these playgrounds, ages five and up - bring the whole family!

We offer free shipping on all models of Teenager Parks.

Xccent Play

Xccent Play takes an innovative approach to the design and development of their playgrounds. Every structure contains Playmotion Technology - a virtually indestructible proprietary polymer. Xccent Play playgrounds are dynamic and safe with infinite play value.

The heart of Playmotion Technology is the proprietary polymer we incorporate throughout our product lines. This virtually indestructible material adds a dynamic, unexpected, and more exciting flavor to everything it touches. It eliminates the need for unsightly and unsafe coiled springs and allows for unique 360-degree movement without sharp edges or pinch points. Reducing risk for injury is very important in any playground equipment.

Active Play

Our active play line of playground equipment features climbing ropes and webs. These playground structures are perfect for helping children develop upper body and cardiovascular strength - but the children will think it's super fun. The largest of the models is the U2-RA304, which can accommodate up to 50 children at one time.

All our products and designed playgrounds are checked and verified for safety and quality, so you can always rely on us and enjoy dealing with our team. Call us or email your queries for further information!