Outdoor Playground Equipment

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. provides you with the best outdoor playground equipment you’ll find anywhere in the markets or on the internet. Our wide range of products, which you can find in our catalogs, is one of a kind and promises hours of fun for children of all ages as well as for adults. Our products are guaranteed to be the safest in the markets and are a lot more unique than the play systems you’re used to seeing elsewhere. We feel you really are spoilt for choice when you go shopping for outdoor or school playground equipment at the Creative Systems online store as we provide you with the best and a vast range of equipment and products. Whether you’re looking for commercial playground equipment for your own garden, town playground or Local Park, we’ve got you covered with a plethora of options. Some of these options include the likes of:

  • Features
    Durable, safe and fully functionalIncludes tree-houses, leaf shades and nature components Available in different sizes, height and designs Made from a unique blend of recycled wood/plastic lumber and composite lumber; Ecofriendly. Suitable for kids aged 2-12 years (Suitability varies with design)
    Greenhouse Play-systems are a unique brand of environmentally friendly Play-systems manufactured to offer kids much more than conventional Play-systems. Featuring tree houses, leaf shades and nature components, all produced from a unique blend of recycled wood/plastic lumber and composite lumber, Greenhouse Play-systems are fully functional, durable, engaging and completely eco-friendly.
    They are designed to give kids an opportunity to play in a friendly, safe, convenient and fun environment, as well as to enhance the creativity, social, personal and educational skills of their growing minds. Leaf shades provide complete protection on sunny and rainy days, so kids are not deprived of their playing time, while nature components will allow Kids to effectively build their imagination and creativity by playing in a pretend forest environment.
    Greenhouse Play-systems are smartly and realistically designed to create an ideal environment for kids to engage in a wide variety of fantastic and energetic activities conveniently and comfortably, without having to worry about getting injured or getting bored. Kids will play, interact and basically enjoy themselves all year long. Greenhouse Play-systems are available in various size and height specifications so as to comfortably accommodate kids, regardless of their age, size and height differences. So, whether you are looking to accommodate 5, 50 or even 120 kids conveniently, we have the perfect greenhouse play-system for you.

  • ReACTIONS comes in mind blowing frames and curves to create a maze of slides, twisters and ropes. This is an extremely well thought out design for children’s playground which comes in different designs that mimic animals. Some designs appear like a moving scorpion, crabs and dinosaurs. This playground equipment surely creates some ReACTIONS in children.
    ReACTIONS is made with children in mind. The heights are in sync with their users. The colors are cool, beautiful and long lasting and they put children in a natural environment as they play. The ladders, handrails, steps and climbers are well welded to cut down the time taken during installation and to also decrease maintenance concerns.
    Apart from ReACTIONS being play equipment, it stimulates children’s brain and they are able to think on how to navigate through the whole play system. It is very light in weight and can easily be moved. Its design is made in a way that allows it to be commercially produced. It also does not occupy large space hence very ideal for people with limited spaces.

  • Bring a new form of excitement to your kids daily adventures by introducing the Ant Hill Climber series. Kids will definitely have a blast with this activity playground that features textures and colors that blends with a natural environment. The look and the feel of real boulders, rocks, fossils and mounds is also something your kids will definitely enjoy.
    Your kids will feel closer to nature with the featured carvings of dinosaurs, animals and plants decorated all throughout this activity playground. This climbing system is slowly dominating the playground activity market because of its versatility and flexible design that suits anyone’s budget. Watch your kids happily climb and run around with excitement in this fun activity playground.

  • Your kids will definitely experience a one of a kind adventure close to nature with the Natural Park series. This jungle inspired activity area is the perfect place to allow your kids to explore, meet new friends and discover the beauty and the fun activities nature has to offer. Watch them climb, slide, run around and simply enjoy the beauty and the functionality of this playground.
    Created for children 3-12 years of age, these Natural Park series structure can accommodate as much as 20 children. The rainforest and savanna motif design of this decoratively designed jungle is made of recycled material and tropical hardwoods making it an eco-friendly play system perfect for parks.

  • Give your kids a one of a kind experience by allowing them to enjoy and experience riding a Fire Truck, Bulldozer, Back Hoe, Tractor or even a Solar-Powered Factory with the designs featured in the Adventure Play system series. Watch your kids jump with glee as they enjoy the slopes and the ropes in this genius and aesthetically pleasing designed playground. The colorful designed of these play systems allow your kids to develop their cognitive skills as well as their social skills as they enjoy playing with the other kids in this activity area. Kids age 2-8 will definitely have a party and would really look forward to the experiences and entertainment they can get from this interesting and fun-filled playground.

  • Xccent Play systems are ideal for outdoor localities. Xccent Play products are unique as they provide you with the option of endless customizability and are sturdy. Whether you’re looking for an expansive set or a minimal one, Xccent Play will make sure children have the time of their lives on either one. Creative Systems is a proud supplier of Xccent Play school playground equipment and systems.

  • Active Play playground equipments are fitness focussed and provide key muscle and body toning for children from a very early age while providing them with endless entertainment and fun. Designed for children of ages 5 to 12, Active Play systems focus on the slightly more mature group of kids as they develop key cognitive and physical aspects. Active Play would be a perfect fit for any outdoor park or playground.