Learning for Fun

Author: Austin Stanfel

When we used to be children, we all waited impatiently for the summer holidays as they allowed us to spend some carefree time. During the summer holidays, we used to hang around in parks with our friends and eat out favorite ice cream on the way back.

We used to dangle from the bars in playgrounds and tried our best to walk up a long slide. Often at times we used to

The Right to Play on an Inclusive Playground

Author: Austin Stanfel

Children have a right to play - anywhere and with anyone they choose to play with. They must have the ability to work on themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. No one in their right mind would consciously try to stop children from enjoying this privilege - at least not knowingly. However, with the wrong design of playgrounds, which are not inclusive of all children, with different abilities, we can at times alienate

How to Help Children Avoid Sleeplessness

Author: Austin Stanfel

While parenting, people can undoubtedly have some excellent moments in their lives. But along with this, there are undeniably scary moments too. One such case is the children being unable to sleep well, which becomes a significant concern if this continues for a more extended period.

In such cases of sleeplessness, you need to spot out the reason behind this and ways to resolve it. The first thing can be a lack of

Inclusion in Playgrounds

Author: Austin Stanfel

Meaningful playing opportunities are significant for every child. Due to ample opportunities for playing, children see a considerable amount of improvement in their emotional well-being, physical health, mental development, and social skills. When children play together, they voluntarily or involuntarily end up in situations that make them feel active, competent, and very powerful.

This view of being powerful is especially very important for children who have disabilities, as it allows them to

Why It is Healthy and Normal for Children to Play Alone

Author: Austin Stanfel

We all know that playing is an essential part of the life of children which teaches the socialization skills in them. But we must also remember that playing alone is equally crucial and for this, they need to know how to play on their own. This is required as it teaches certain vital things that can be learned in solo only. This includes decision making on their own, enhancement of their

The Skills That Play Reveals

Author: Austin Stanfel

Children these days like to stay at home and play video games. That isn't healthy because long-time physical inactivity causes obesity and stunts their developmental growth. Of the 160 million Americans that are either overweight or obese, 30% of them are under the age of 20. The lack of exercise plus the consumption of unhealthy foods is directly connected to obesity, and various health ailments, and the way to counter that is