Play it Cool with Shade Structures

Author: Austin Stanfel

Are your playgrounds covered? This is something that you'll want to consider when dealing with the sunniest parts of the country. The sun can be a significant factor when families decide to go to the playground. This is why having shaded playgrounds, or even ones with splash pads, can be beneficial.

Why Do You Need to Shade a Playground?

From this point of view, they will always be asking their parents or

Games to Teach Kids in the Classroom

Author: Austin Stanfel

Every kid loves to play games. And teaching games can help with child development as well. Fun and educational games are essential to keep kids interactive and continue developing their brains. Adding games to your teaching strategies is a great way to strengthen your curriculum. This is also a great way to keep kids motivated and engaged with school. In this article, you'll learn several games to help develop your kids' minds

4 Ways to Enhance your Park and Recreation Center

Author: Austin Stanfel

Parks and recreation centers are vital to the overall health of a community. They provide residents with open green spaces and recreational activities. More importantly, they provide the opportunity for a community to enjoy a shared space where they can have fun together.

People love parks and recreation centers, particularly in urban areas where many people live in apartment blocks. Aside from providing open spaces and a place to have fun and be

Developmental Impact of Playground Equipment

Author: Austin Stanfel

You can likely think back to your childhood and remember your time at the playground. You may remember the first time you completed the monkey bars or climbed to the top of the playset. You may remember your favorite things to do at the playground. These are experiences you carry with you as an adult and even share with your children during adventures to the playground.

Today, playgrounds have evolved into inclusive places

Benefits of Accessible Playgrounds

Author: Austin Stanfel

Playgrounds are a central point in many neighborhoods and a great place for children to hang out. At playgrounds, children can run and play with their peers while having fun and developing essential skills for their futures. The problem is that in the past, playgrounds weren't something that was accessible to all children. This meant that some children, especially those with disabilities, weren't able to access the playgrounds. This also meant that

How Free Playtime Impacts Mental Health

Author: Austin Stanfel

When you think about free playtime as a kid, you may remember how nice it was to have that break in between learning. These days, with the competitive nature of schooling, it seems as though people forget just how vital free playtime is for children. The reality is that free playtime can be highly beneficial to kids, not just for their academic needs but also for their mental health. Reading on, you