Need For Interactive Playgrounds

Author: Austin Stanfel

We can generally find various kinds of types of equipment in a playground such as a monkey bar, slides, swings, merry go rounds, etc. All such materials have some shortcomings which make it risky for the children. This is the reason why a much better form of the playground is gradually coming into the picture, such as the interactive playgrounds where they get to learn a lot of skills. It was once

Highly Valuable Construction Themed Activities For Children

Author: Austin Stanfel

Children tend to be natural builders by birth. Thinks like big machines, building materials, and overall construction captures the interest of many toddlers. It is a fun activity, that is true! However, it also encourages toddlers to use their imagination and to experiment with things. At the same time, through construction play, toddlers also learn how to solve different problems. Hence, construction-themed activities should be encouraged among toddlers and kids of all

Outdoor Playgrounds Are The Best Classrooms

Author: Austin Stanfel

Just think about it, and imagine having recess periods today. Think of a period in the way when your boss and professors will ask you to put all your work down and to play in a playground for at least 30 minutes. It would indeed be the happiest moment of your day.

Many people think that recess periods should be finished, or that they should only be limited to 20 minutes. However,

How Modern Technology Can Boost Multi Generational Play

Author: Austin Stanfel

When you hear the word "Multigeneration Play," at first thought, it might seem like a fantasy, because in your mind, you are thinking how a simple playground help can activate people of different ages?

What we are really talking about, when we mention a multigenerational park in today's speak is that it is a playing environment that is primarily focused on children and as an add-on might include an outdoor fitness area for

3 Hidden Dangers of Old Playground Equipment

Author: Austin Stanfel

It always seems pleasing to everyone to see children playing in an open ground. However, there are a few hidden dangers in such areas, related to equipment, that might put your child's life in danger, and if you aren't careful enough, then you might pay a heavy price for later which you would never want. In this article, we are going to talk about the most common dangers found in both commercial

How Can Your Playground Have The Best Safety Surfacing

Author: Austin Stanfel

Safety surfacing materials are needed to be installed in every child's playground out there. Be it a school or an independent ground, if the safety surfacing is not up to the mark, the responsible men are asking for trouble. According to the playground safety rules of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), all the playground equipment must have safety surfacing to avoid head