Shaped by Play _ Inclusive Play

There is a significant role that playing has in the nurturing and development of a child. Well, playing is not all about fun. Instead, playing allows children to grow, learn, and explore their environment. There are several possibilities that playing brings on the table.

For instance, when children play on a football field, for example, they learn how to co-exist and work in a team. Similarly, when children work together in a group

Names of Playground Equipment That Children Love Most

Playing outdoors is vital for children’s overall development and growth. Children love to play with other young ones, and during this playtime, they form a friendship for life. That said, as responsible adults, we too have to ensure they play games that they love.

However, if you are planning to set up the children’s playground, you will need to focus on safety as well. Children should not hurt themselves, scratch or injure themselves

Different Ways that Promote a Go-Getter Attitude in Children

Some children tend to be naturally motivated, independent, and focused. However, other children need some help in developing the right go-getter attitude. Most parents wish that their children. I would become more confident in making decisions, be able to take risks, and exercise some self-control. These are the things that ultimately result in winning behavior.

It takes a while for children to develop a winning mindset. Hence, it is vital for parents to practice patience

The Seven Elements of Play

Children love going to playgrounds and it brings them many benefits. For example, they can improve their social skills and improve their physical development. However, there are seven elements that every successful playground needs. Let’s look at what they are.

1. Swings Having a swing set gives the impression that they can fly with ease. It will also strengthen leg and core muscles. It can also improve their sense of balance and improve their ability to

Factors to Consider Before Planning the Setting up of a Playground

Playground plan requires a lot of foresight and must be suitable for the age group you are targeting. The landscape, the design, and plan for the playground equipment must be appropriate for the age. It should also be high graded equipment, must fit the actual space requirements and must be as per the factors we shall now consider.

Age Group Specific Equipment Have the chair swings to suit children’s age group. When you

Designed for Everyone – Inclusive Playgrounds

As the saying goes ‘Play is the work of the child’, and in these days kids don’t indulge in active play anymore, they’re on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Too much screen time is not only bad for kids’ weight management but detrimental to their mental, social, and physical health.

So, what can we do about it?

Provide more play opportunities! But it is not as simple as it sounds. Why? Because at times, not every