Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” -Joseph Chilton Pearce

One of the best things in life is play! And playing isn’t only for children for adult play every now and than is needed to relieve stress. As for the kids, they can spend hours and hours of the day just playing; it is not just fun and games because playing actually promotes healthy child growth. Studies show that playing helps children develop motor skills, use their creativity and imagination, and develops physical,

8 Skills That Kids Develop On Playgrounds

Whether your kid enjoys tag games, swings, Foursquare, or the monkey bars, each of those activities provide children the opportunity to develop and learn skills. Below are but a few of those skills and gives children all the more reason to use playgrounds.

Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Both kids and adults have activities where they balance, jump, or slide. As adults, it helps us to better balance. For kids, though these activities help to

How To Handle Playground Risk And Safety

Simple outside play is an important part of a child’s physical, emotional, social, and mental growth. Playground designers have been creating areas that are engaging and exciting for the child of all ages. They are fun and give learning opportunities to kids and parents, especially when it comes to safety. Measures have been taken and supported by the industry to keep playgrounds safe with the right equipment and surface. Children have a curiosity

Transforming Playgrounds by Changing Perceptions

A neighborhood playground happens to be a public spot where families and children often spend their evenings, turning the place into a thriving community of parents and children. However, it has been a decade since a major group of parents and children were not present in these social hubs. This group includes children and parents with disabilities. Quite surprisingly, this group makes up about 19% of the population in the United States.


How to Create a Playground For All Abilities?

Learning major life skills begin from the time when a kid is playing in a playground. According to various studies, it is evident that recess time not only brings change to a child's fitness , but is also crucial in terms of their academic performance, as well as social and emotional gains. When on a playground, a kid acquires life's major rules. He learns to be nice to others along with the vitality

10 Wonderful Quotes on the Power of Play

Playing makes an essential part of the childhood, not only in terms of pleasant memories, but also for learning. Over the past decades there have been several advocates of play who consider it as a beneficial act for kids.

Following are given 10 dominant and persuasive quotes by the intelligent minds of the past who favored playing for children:

1. Diane Ackerman: The best selling naturalist, author and poet of the New York Times, Diane Ackerman quotes