How Can Parks Benefit Your Dog

Dogs are loyal companions that are always there by our side. They show us love and adoration in their own way, so it is important that we return the sentiments. To shower them will affection, we feed them, bathe them and we love to cuddle them. But a great way that you can show affection to your pet is by taking them to the park. A park is a place where they run

How Outdoor Playgrounds Affect Child Development

For some of us – depending on when and where we grew up – it can be absolutely befuddling to consider that there are kids out there these days who’ve barely ever stepped foot in an outdoor park. There’s a ton of reasons for this, of course. For some kids, it’s because they’re disadvantaged – there’s no properly equipped outdoor parks within their neighborhood, and their parents can’t afford to take them to one

Evolution of American Playgrounds

The word playground is a bit of a blanket term and can apply to a lot of different things. Playgrounds can be at schools, parks, zoos, camps, casinos, dog parks, on streets, on cruise ships, rooftops, and even out in the wilderness. Not only do playgrounds vary by location but they can have different materials, purposes and functions.

It was at the beginning of the 19th century that an outdoor play and exercise training

The Importance of Inclusive Play

A playground can be a place where a community can find entertainment and learning. When it comes to playgrounds, children of all ages can learn new skills, socialize with others, and improve their cognitive abilities. This is why a playground which is accessible and durable is a very important part of a community.

Children learn more when they are active.

Instead of letting your child play video games and watch television the whole day

Unconventional Playgrounds Develop Creativity In Children

Research shows that the creativity of most children reaches its peak before the age of 6. As a parent or guardian, you have every responsibility to help develop the imagination and the creativity of your pre-schooler to enhance his continued development.

Unconventional playgrounds are slowly gaining popularity for their ability to develop creativity in children. This article talks about three of such unconventional playgrounds that are being endorsed by parents and guardians.

The Yard

The Benefits of Natural Playgrounds

Running in an open field and climbing trees is the most free a child can feel, but it can be daunting for parents. That's why playgrounds were created. When children play outside, they usually want to feel like they are in nature, but most playgrounds are designed with primary colors, or to look like things other than nature. The best thing to do is take your children to playgrounds that have natural elements,