Building a Playground: What You Need To Know

It seems like a simple and straightforward idea at first: build a playground for the children in your area. It seems like easy enough thing to do, right? But there’s actually much more involved with the process of planning out and building a children’s playground than you might think. In this article, we will briefly outline and discuss some of the important steps you should take before jumping straight into the building

How to Get Your Children Outside and Exploring

As a child once, we no doubt had imaginary friends and dreamt of going on adventures. Perhaps you thought once of leaving the house and explore the world. Some of us might’ve tied a knapsack onto a stick and headed out into the world one morning, never to return (at least until we got hungry and headed back home). Or maybe you were one of those children who took a globe and spun

Memorable Park Experience

One of the simplest yet most entertaining experiences that one can have are park experiences. No matter what age you are or what is your status, Parks are always calming and enjoyable places. Whether you are taking a stroll, playing with your child, holding hands with someone special or collecting memories as a child, parks

How Diverse Play Equipment Leads To An Inclusive Playground

The playgrounds in which your child plays make one of his or her earliest memories. They should have a place which is safe from harm and dangers so they can make healthy relationships and enjoy themselves while developing their skills and stepping outside their comfort zone. But most of the playgrounds we have forget this and create a space which is non-inclusive. Let’s talk about how to make a playground into

Indoor play activities for winter months

With the temperatures going below zero and snow, rain, sleet making it impossible to venture outside, indoor play activities is the best option to keep your little ones busy and fit. Weather like this forces kids and adults to stay indoors. But a long time spent inside not only makes kids cranky but also makes you worry about the limited amount of physical exercise they are getting. By engaging them in indoor fun activities

The Importance of Building It Right

Children need to go outside and having a playground in a park helps build outdoor sensitivity. Swings, slides, and ladders, plus the soft ground below them, is what should be around them outside. With these big playgrounds, a parent should be concerned about how safe they are and if there are any flaws in the design. Accidents are common because a simple mistake that does not stick out initially, such as lack of surfacing