We Use Quality Dog Park Materials

At Superior, we only use quality materials for your dog park — whether purchasing just a bench or a full dog park package. Our dog park products are proudly made in the USA. Our products are built to last and provide fun for years to come.

We offer the look and feel of wood without the unwanted maintenance.

Our recycled posts and decks look just like wood without the wanted maintenance. These reinforced posts and decks are vandal resistant, protected from rotting or splitting, and have UV additives to protect them from fading. Additionally, this material is resistant to termites, salt spray, and the like.

Our rotationally-molded plastics have anti-static inhibitors.

Our rotationally-molded plastics, such as those used for tubes and roofs, are made of ⅜" thick low density polyethylene (LDPE). They are UV stabilized for reduced fading and also contain anti-static inhibitors.

Our Superdurable powder coat leaves your equipment protected.

Our steel accents are coated with 3 mils of zincrich primer and 3 mils of Superdurable powder coat. These 6 mils protect your product from sun discoloration and salt (in coastal regions).

Our textured HDPE panels are strong and UV stabilized.

Our ¾" thick textured high density polyethylene is used for our panel accents, such as on our Dog Log. With UV stabilization, we ensure your carefully selected color will remain bright and colorful for years to come. These panels are stain- and graffitiresistant and will not splinter or crack.

Our shades block harmful UV rays

Our shade fabric blocks 91%–99% of harmful UV rays, depending upon the color you’ve chosen. Our fabric is also flame retardant, with some of our color choices being California Fire Marshal certified.

We offer stainless steel hardware, so you won’t worry about rust.

99% percent of the hardware we use on our dog play equipment is stainless steel, with less then 1% being corrosion-resistant coated steel. Our hardware is packaged individually and labeled, allowing for more efficient installation.

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Our packages are designed to keep pets active and healthy, while being cost effective. From the most basic to the most advanced, our packages will keep tails wagging. Dig deep into our offerings to find the one that best suits your needs.

Why purchase as a package?
  • Save money and selection time
  • Entertain and challenge dogs with a variety of pieces
  • Cater to dogs of all abilities and confidence levels
Dog’s Best Friend

– RECF0017XX


28’ x 33’


A. Dog Log

B. Jump Through

C. Home Sweet Home

D. High Jump

E. Stepping Up

F. Climb and Sit

Master Companion

– RECF0016XX


44' x 34'


A. Through the Target

B. Dog Log

C. Walk the Plank

D. Limbone Anyone

E. Over and Under

F. Home Sweet Home

Puppy Paradise

– RECF0018XX


32’ x 37’


A. Jump Through

B. Stepping Up

C. Lets Rest

D. Camel Hump Climber

E. Home Sweet Home

F. Nice Turn

Pawsitively Playful

– RECF0019XX


30’ x 27’


A. Stepping Up

B. Home Sweet Home

C. Nice Turn

D. Jump Through

Beggin’ For More

– RECF0020XX


35’ x 64’


A. Camel Hump Climber

B. Through the Tunnel

C. Home Sweet Home

D. Dog Log

E. Jump Through

F. Let’s Rest

G. Walk the Plank

H. High Jump

I. Stepping Up

J. Over and Under

Best In Show

– RECF0021XX

All dogs of all sizes and abilities will be able to enjoy this course. This product package is the best-of-the-best because it includes each of our products at a discounted price just for you.


51’ x 52’


• All Dog Play components shown on pages 6-7 except Leash Holder and Hurdle Jump


Have you recycled a milk jug lately? You may have just done your part in creating our dog play components! These pieces feature 100% recycled HDPE posts, which are made from postconsumer plastic products

Why purchase recycled components?
  • Clean easily and are durable
  • Offer the look and feel of wood with no maintenance
  • Feature UV-stabilizing properties to eliminate fading

































Complete your dog park with benches and matching trash receptacles. Our standard amenities offer festive dog-themed designs, while custom options allow you to personalize with custom logos for your facility.

Why purchase our site amenities?
  • No set-up fee on standard design options
  • Textured polyethylene coating to hide scratches and scuffs
  • Superdurable powdercoat frame
  • 6’ length
  • In-ground, portable, or surface mount
  • Dog paws or dog bones design
  • 32 gallon capacity
  • Top and liner sold separately
  • Dog paws or dog bones design
Ultraleisure® Perforated
  • 6’ length
  • In-ground, portable, or surface mount
  • Dog paws or dog bones design
  • 32 gallon capacity
  • Top and liner sold separately
  • Dog paws or dog bones design
  • 6’ length
  • Portable with pre-drilled holes for optional surface mount
  • Dog paws or dog bones design
  • 32 gallon capacity
  • Top and liner sold separately
Classic Wingline
  • 6’ length
  • In-ground, portable, or surface mount
  • Dog paws or dog bones design
  • 32 gallon capacity
  • Top and liner sold separately
  • Dog paws or dog bones design
Custom Amenities
  • $100 one-time set-up applies
  • A great way to highlight your brand and leave a visual impression on your guests
  • May be used as a way to generate income by advertising local businesses


Our accessories are essential items to any dog park and are a welcoming sign for many pet owners. Install one or many of our waste and wash stations and water fountains at your outdoor facilities frequently visited by dogs and their owners.

Why purchase dog park accessories?
  • Waste stations help keep your facilities clean
  • Pet wash stations are a memorable feature to owners
  • Drinking fountains provide relief from the summer sun
Waste Station


  • 2-n-1 Dispenser
  • 500 Roll Bags
  • Mounting Posts
  • Standard Sign
Pet Wash Station


  • Stainless steel
  • Keep pets clean
  • Resistant to sunlight, heat, and moisture
Drinking Fountains
  • Stainless steel
  • Meets ADA requirements
  • For both humans and pets
  • Stainless steel
  • Push-button mechanism
  • Anti-rotation non-squirt bubbler


Our nature play products provide the same challenges and exercise as our dog play components but with a more natural look. These pieces are made from high quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) but look and feel real!

Why purchase a nature play product?
  • Artfully crafted to look like real stone or logs
  • Create a naturally look play environment
  • Made from durable and long-lasting GFRC
Log Tunnel


4’ x 2’

6’ Half Log Beam


Stepping Boulders


Includes 2 Small and 1 Large Boulder

Tree Slices


Includes 2 Small and 3 Large Slices


For a dog park that requires little maintenance, consider installing one of our surfacing options in lieu of natural grass.The surfacing options below are specifically chosen for the safety of your dog park’s furry visitors.

Why purchase surfacing?
  • Reduces maintenance such as mowing
  • Eliminates dead grass spots and mud pits
  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing surface
Engineered Wood Fiber
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic and does not contain paint,chemicals, or additives
  • Contains minimal bark and is free of twigs, leaf debris, and other organic material
Pup Turf
  • Extra strength against wear from paws and claws
  • Envirofill™ Microban® Protection to help fight the spread of bacteria
  • Safe for the environment, humans, and our fourlegged friends
  • Perforated turf layer provides rapid drainage
  • Odors easily flush away with water


Our fabric shade structures are available in a variety of sizes and styles with our unique Glide Elbow™ mechanism. Similarly, our all-steel shelter collection is available in a variety of sizes and styles that create a unique outdoor gathering area.

Why purchase a shade or shelter?
  • Provide UV protection to both dog and owners
  • Provide protection to equipment
  • Create a comfortable gathering space within your park

12’ HU121208IG

16’ HU161608IG

20’ HU202008IG


10x20 RD102008IG

15x25 RD152508IG

20x30 RD203008IG


16' 6S16-AS

18' 6S18-AS

20' 6S20-AS


16x24 HE1624-AS

20x24 HE2024-AS

Color Options

Powder Coat Metal Colors
Recycled Decks & Posts


Dark Brown


Selecting dark brown or gray may extend lead times

Shade Colors | More Colors Available!
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • River Gum Green
  • Midnight
  • Forest Green
  • Mint
  • Turquoise
  • True Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Purple
  • Sun Blaze
  • Yellow
  • Silver
Roto-Molded Plastic Colors
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Spring Green
  • Patina
  • Green
  • Ocean Blue
  • Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Deep
  • Electric
  • Iced
  • Brown
  • Feather
  • Terracotta
  • Burgundy
HDPE Panel Colors
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Terracotta
  • Burgundy
  • Electric
  • Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Spring Green
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Feather
  • Black
Sandwich Core
  • White/Red
  • Red/White
  • Red/Yellow
  • Yellow/Red
  • Yellow/Blue
  • Yellow/Black
  • Blue/Yellow
  • Blue/Iced
  • Ocean
  • Spring
  • Green/White
  • Green/Iced
  • Iced
  • Brown/Iced
  • Gray/Black
  • White/Black
  • Black/White

Get Your Ideal Dog Playground Equipment for Sale at the Best Prices

At Creative Systems, we supply and manufacture the best dog playground equipment for man's best friend. Our structures give dogs plenty of activities to engage in, are easy to clean, and provide protection and enjoyment for both dogs and owners.

How Can Our Dog Park Equipment Be Beneficial to Your Dogs

Your little furry pets need the best of care and affection, and getting the items from our collection is what is guaranteed to do the trick. There are many benefits to having dog park equipment installed, not just for your dog but also for you, the owner. If you run a doggy daycare or a pet store, having dog play equipment would be perfect for you.

Here are some of the benefits:

It helps you keep track of your dog.

You are given peace of mind when you know exactly where your furry friend is and what object they're playing with, and they have lots of room to play safely. A structure like our Puppy Paradise will also make your puppy feel more secure in their new environment and give them an area they can proudly call their own!

It gives the dog a safe place to burn its energy.

Ever heard the phrase, "My dog ate my homework"? As funny and out-of-context this statement might be, dog owners are fully aware of their furry friend's destructive capabilities while they are engrossed in play. We all know dogs are tiny bundles of energy that need exercise and stimulation. Much like their wild canine cousins, dogs have an instinctive need to keep active. Our dogs need exercise, which is why they can get restless when left alone and, unfortunately, destroy items that are not toys. In addition to the games and company you provide to them, our expertly crafted dog park agility equipment would be a helpful addition to the arsenal of entertainment and activities you have in store for your pups. With our items, your dogs now have something to play with instead of playing with and destroying your stuff.

It helps your puppies get familiar with their environment.

For those of us who have puppies, we know they need extra care and attention. Even if we are not aware, it's a piece of information we're given from the vet or the pet store. Once you have house trained your new puppy and it has settled into its new home, you can begin introducing them to more of the house and guiding them to their playpen. By then, you can rest assured that the dog toys will help them stay safe and happy.

It helps keep dogs healthy.

Dog parks help dog owners keep their dogs in decent physical shape. However, if dog owners work long hours, they may not have the opportunity to take their pets outside as often as they'd like. Dog parks encourage owners to take their pets outdoors, giving them exercise, which keeps them healthy and happy. When our dogs get the exercise they need and crave, humans might notice a reduction in the level of disruptive behavior from their pets.

It helps dogs learn social skills.

Like children, our dogs learn confidence, balance, and positive social behaviors from play. By providing dog park equipment, pet owners can be encouraged to train their dogs, teaching them to interact with other dogs in a friendly manner. If ones' dog is overly aggressive or protective or often acts afraid of people and other dogs, regular training and interaction in a dog park can help turn that behavior around.

There are also many benefits that you, the dog owner, stands to gain from installing dog park equipment, some of which are:

  • You can play safely with your pets: Dog playground equipment allows pet owners to let their pets run around in a safe area instead of turning to busy community streets.
  • You can learn more about your dog's behavior: Dog parks offer an excellent opportunity for pet owners to learn about their dogs' behavior. For example, on a dog's first visit to a dog park, dog owners may realize that they have more or less control over their pet than they thought.
  • You can let your dogs out of the cage or off the leash more often: When pet owners can walk around the house or community and run errands without the risk of the dog experiencing separation anxiety or jog without their pet on the other end of the leash, it can be relieving. Many dog owners may enjoy the freedom of movement they experience at your park.
  • You get to socialize: Dogs get a chance to socialize, and their owners do as well.

Our outdoor dog play equipment is manufactured with the highest quality materials, making them durable enough to stand up to rough and challenging play. Our products provide opportunities for exercise, training, teamwork, fun, and learning of new skills! They encourage socialization for dogs and people and promote an active lifestyle for both groups.

Our outdoor dog playground equipment caters to any dog size, and all skill levels can enjoy them. Whatever your furry friends might need, whether they want to practice agility, hurdles, or jump through hoops like good boys (or girls), we've got the products you need to bring a destination dog park to your community.

Browse Our Vast Catalog for the Best Outdoor Dog Play Equipment for Your Furry Friends

Whatever plan or setting you have in mind, there are many options in our vast catalog of items that are suitable for any dog, regardless of breed, size, or temperament. Our items have multiple components that all dogs will benefit from. We have sprawling advanced equipment such as the Best in Show structure with numerous pieces. This course is designed for all dogs of all sizes and abilities to enjoy. These product packages are the best-of-the-best because it includes all our products at discounted prices just for you.

Another structure is the Beggin' For More with hump climbers, tunnels, and planks that will excite even the most sedentary dogs.

Our Products Are Made With High Quality, Recycled Components

At Creative Systems, we have dedicated our craft to be in line with our environmentally friendly mandate. We have made our products biodegradable yet durable and non-toxic, made with safe materials for humans and animals, meeting all safety regulations of most internationally recognized safety codes. Our products:

  • are durable and easy to clean
  • give the appearance and feel of wood with no maintenance needed for actual wood
  • feature UV-stabilizing properties to prevent fading.

We design our products to blend in naturally with whatever setting they are installed in, and as such, our recycled decks and posts in our Nature Play collection look identical to wood. These reinforced decks and posts are vandal resistant, protected from rot or splits, and have UV additives to protect them from fading. Additionally, the material is resistant to termites, salt spray, and the likes.

In addition to our components, we also offer site amenities ready to be installed for all your dog park aspirations. We provide several special offers and unique features like:

  • No set-up fee on our standard design options
  • Textured polyethylene coating to hide claw marks, scratches, and scuffs
  • Super durable powder coated frame

Depending on what you have in mind, whether it's a doggy daycare you're setting up, or you simply want to give your dogs at home relief from the separation anxiety they feel when you go out, we also offer accessories, which are necessary items to any dog park and are a welcome sign for many pet owners.

There are many benefits to having our accessories in your spaces for your dogs, like our Waste Stations that help keep your facilities clean, Pet Wash Stations, which are a striking feature to owners, and Drinking Fountains that provide relief from the heat and sun during time spent outdoors. Install one or several of our water fountains and waste and wash stations for your outdoor or indoor facilities frequently visited by dogs and their owners.

Our collection also includes simple surfacing options to provide a sturdy ground for your pups to run around on and shade and shelter to protect them from the elements and give both you and the dogs much-needed privacy and timeouts. Excited to purchase new and affordable dog playground equipment? Contact us for a free quote or go through our store today!

Dog Park Equipment

People like to walk to the park with their pet dogs, meeting others with their dogs in the open space of nature. Heading to the park with your family, especially children, is a fun way to interact with others and comes at no cost to go through the town's open green space. Parks can be fun because of the feel of grass, trees, and water along the pond, plus the sights of plants and birds. Exploration of the outdoors is beneficial and healthy for children while playing in the playground. It is crucial for children to get a sight of everything as well as teach them safety measures when dealing with these animals.

First, there are the usual birds. They fly everywhere, sit in trees, and go after bread crumbs for natural food. Geese, the leaders of a flock of ducks, are seriously a no-go in attacking them, so tell children not to chase them. They also spread disease quickly through their droppings and through biting them. The viruses they pass onto others can be quite nasty because these are diseases not like usually fought off with antibiotics. Plus, with pigeons, they will attack by flying over and dropping their waste on people.

Dogs will be the number one animal children will see at the park because of these walks and would want to pet them. Dogs are cute and can be friendly and lovable, which is why most families have one. But, parents still need to tell children that they are still animals that are not equal. Sometimes, their behavior is very defense and may not be happy to see anyone pet them. So, teach them to ask their owner if it's okay to pat them on the head. Most will be okay with it because dogs like it, but individual dogs bark hard and can even bite back if it feels threatened.

Raccoons and squirrels are other common animals found and each with their danger. Raccoons don't just attack anybody if seen, and they will attack if it also feels threatened. Of course, a bite can mean rabies, which has its own set of problems. Squirrels are small, fast, and nearly hard to catch. They climb trees high, and no way should a child try to duplicate their feet. They have short, sharp teeth that also suggests never to try to confront them. And, if they hear buzzing from a bee, tell children to never swat at it for they will sting back. Keep very much away from a bees' nest.

Green spaces are for humans and animals. Dogs have a place to run and play, and so do their masters to stay healthy, reduce anxiety, and stimulate their minds. Youngsters get to go to the playground to have fun. But these other animals are around them, so no one should try to invade their natural habitat. If there's a pet-friendly park or trail, people should take advantage of it. Just remember the laws of nature when it comes to seeing these animals.