Modular Shades for the PLAYGROUND

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Modular Rectangle

Available exclusively with our glide Elbow, The Modular Rectangle shade can be a great addition to the large playgrounds with rectangular decks. It will easily fit 3.5’ and 5’ diameter posts.


  • • 9' x 12'• 10.5' x 14'


  • • 36" x 46.5"

Modular Square

This modular shade is perfect for small playgrounds with square decks. Just like all other modular shades, it comes with our Glide Elbow. The shade will easily fit 3.5’ and 5’ diameter posts.


  • • 10' x 10'• 16' x 16'
  • • 12' x 12'• 18' x 18'
  • • 14' x 14'


  • • 36" x 36"
  • • 48" x 48"

Modular Quad Sail

Modular Quad Sail is a perfect tool to add shade and a distinctive feature to square and rectangular decks. The shade is perfect for 3.5’ and 5’ diameter posts.


  • • 10' x 10'• 18' x 18'
  • • 12' x 12'• 9' x 12'
  • • 9' x 12'• 10.5' x 14'


  • • 36" x 36"
  • • 36" x 48"
  • • 36" x 46.5"
  • • 48" x 48"


We at Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. provide highly durable shade structures that are capable of withstanding harsh weather. With more than two decades of experience in playground equipment manufacturing, we have been serving our customers throughout the America with top-notch play and shade structures for both residential and community playgrounds.

Pros of Modular Shade Structures

Modular shade structures are not just an adornment; they are a necessity of every playground. Below are some of the benefits of the modular shade structures:

  • All of our modular structures carry a hard-wearing powder coating that lasts for years to come.

  • The shades come with a fabric that meets California State Fire Marshal requirements (NFPA 701 and ASTM E84).

  • The shade structures are designed with SRP shade fabrics that are known to block nearly 97% of UV rays.

  • The shade fabric is 80% water repellent with UV stabilizing polyethylene sheets.

  • The fabric allows the air to easily escape, which keeps the environment under the shade cool even during the hottest summer days.

  • Modular shades are designed to endure gusts. In case of squally weather, our Glide Elbow mechanism immediately removes the shade. The same mechanism also aids in shade installation.

How to work with the Glide Elbow?

Our Patent-pending glide Elbow offers a revolutionary way to install and remove the modular shade structure. You can easily remove or install the shade structure with a socket, wrench and (or) a cordless drill. The metal-on-metal wear is eradicated through the easy-to-hook fabric hook connection. Below are the two steps that can help you remove the shade fabric.


Expose the drive nut located in the shade elbow with the help of a small wrench. You will have to remove the protective cover in order to get to the drive nut.


All the Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. Modular shades are designed with a 3-layer protective coating that ensures the durability of the shade structures. So no matter how harsh the weather gets, you do not have to worry.


With the help of a power drill or wrench, loosen the tension in the drive nut by a constant rotating motion. Now, remove the fabric.


Solar analysis is a great way to analyze the solar protection and the kind of shade a certain shade structure can offer in your area. Our designers utilize advanced software to stimulate shade patterns to give you a complete picture of how your shade will look in your play area. Solar analysis is only available on request.
Note: Please be assured that solar analysis can take time, therefore, the lead time can be increased.



True Blue (CFM)
Sky Blue
Forest Green(CFM)
River Gum Green
Silver (CFM)
Sun Blaze (CFM)
Beige (CFM)

We have a catchy selection of colors that have been approved and tested (all colors pass the NFPA 701 and ASTM E84 tests). Most of our colors are “CFM” certified which refers to California Fire Marshal Certified, the highest standard for fire resistance.


  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Silver
  • White
  • Tan



We offer warranty for all of our products. Below is the list of things for which we offer complete warranty. All the warranties mentioned below will be immediately effective after the purchase of the certain products. We reserve the right to replace an item or repair an item under these warranties.

  • The warranty will be considered void if the shade structure is not installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, the warranty will also be considered void, if the payment for the structure hasn’t been made in full.

  • While making a warranty claim, you will have to notify our agent in writing about the certain defect.

  • We Will not responsible for consequential, indirect or special damages that occur after the purchase and installation of the play structure.

  • We will not accept any responsibility for a specific purpose, such as merchantability.

  • The warranty will be considered void if any changes are made to the original structures.

  • There is a one year warranty on all the moving parts of the structure and the items mentioned above.

  • You cannot hand any signs, ornaments, lights, fans and objects from the fabric, as it can void the warranty.


The thread for the shade fabric is designed with 100% expanded PTFE fiber that holds a ten year warranty. The PTFE fiber has low shrinkage and high durability, which makes it UV and water resistant. The warranty guarantees that the thread used is the shade structures will be fault free (it will not get damaged by water, sunlight or harsh weather). All other warranties disclaimed.


Just like the thread, we offer a ten year warranty for the fabric used in the shade structures. The warranty for fabric fading, discoloration, outdoor heat, and deterioration. In case the fabric needs to be replaced, Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. will replace the fabric for no cost with the six year warranty, pro-rated at 18% per annum.

Note: Brighter colors, such as yellow and red, are only guaranteed for only two years.

If the corners of the shade structures are designed with both holes and reinforcing straps, both the straps and the fabric hole must be settled on each corner hook in order to keep the warranty from becoming void.

Fabric vertical panels, curtains and valances are not covered under the warranty. In addition, the fabric that is installed on structures other than the shade structures produced by Creative Recreational systems, Inc. will not be covered in the warranty. Our fabric for shade structures are specifically designed for Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. engineered shade frameworks, therefore, their utilization with other structures is not ideal.

The warranty will also be void in case the fabric comes in contact with chemicals, such as bleaching agents, hydrocarbon containing solvents, chlorine, and other chemical based agents that harm the color and quality of the fabric.

All fabric tops are designed to sustain winds up to 76mph and gusts of up to 3 seconds (90mph.) It is recommended that you immediately remove the fabric if the weather calls for it. Damages done due to weather conditions, such as ice, snow and heavy rain, are covered under this warranty. These shade structures are specifically designed to eradicate any friction between the fabric and the rafters. Therefore, any damage after the installment will not be covered in the warranty. In addition, the warranty will be also voided the apparatus has not mounted properly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. We do not guarantee that we will be able to provide you with same color replacements. We do not provide any warranty that the specific colors will be available at a certain time. The company also has the right to discontinue any color due to any reason.


The steel structure of the modular shade structures is covered with a durable coating that can last as a rust-free coating for twenty years. The structure is designed with careful workmanship that is warranted for five years. With Modular shade structures, you do not have to worry about the monsoon gusts; the shade structures are guaranteed to resist the heavy winds of up to 90 mph, but only if the canopies have been uninstalled as per the instructions.

It is important to remember here that the installation and removal of the shade structures should be performed according to the instructions provided in the manufacturer’s guide. It is recommended that the installation and removal is performed by a qualified person or an authorized dealer who is fully aware of the instructions.

The warranty will be considered void if the steel frame has a physical damage, especially by sprinkler systems and salt spray. In addition, the steel frame should not come in contact with chlorine and other chemicals. The warranty also becomes void if the frame has been damaged due to vandalism or a natural disaster.


All modular shade structures are coated with a factory powder coat, which is warranted for five years. However, the warranty for the powder coat is considered void if the damage is cosmetic. For example, damages caused by weather, sprinkler system, ice, snow, physical damages, including vandalism, chemicals and hydrocarbon containing solvents, and other damages that were not prominent during installation. If you see any defect in the powder coat finish, let your dealer know right away. The warranty does not cover environmental or handling damages.


The modular shade structures do not come with a warranty that covers environmental damages, such as act of God. For example, weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy downpour and monsoon gusts. The shade should be removed according to the instructions given in the manufacturers guide after the weather warning is issued.



Below is the list of elements that need to be avoided to keep the shade structures in their original form. The warranty does not cover the following:


Environmental conditions include worse weather situations and regular weather that may harm the coating or surface cover of the shade structures. Environmental conditions encompass snow, ice, rain and high winds. During bad weather, carefully remove the canopy according to the instruction manual.


Avoid objects with protrusions, snags and bolts. Do not drag the shade fabric across a surface; always fold and carry it.


Keep the shade fabric away from tree limbs, bushes and shrubbery, or any other obstructions objects that may damage the shade structure.


Make sure that the shade fabric does not come in contact with torches, hot lights and outdoor grills.


The shade fabric is maintenance free, however, it may harbor leaves, dust and bird droppings, which need to be cleaned once in every six months.A simple soap and water mopping would be enough, but if necessary, use cleaners that do not contain harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, solvents and hydrocarbons.

The use of ammonia based cleaners can void the fabric warranty. In addition to the mild detergents and cleaners, you can use a pressure washer if absolutely necessary.


The cables should be replaced every 3-5 years. If during annual or semi annual inspection, the wires seem slack or under corrosion attack, immediately contact a qualified professional because the slack wires can pose a threat to children’s safety, and make the warranty void. During the installation or replacement, make sure that the cables are wrapped with a secure taping so they don’t damage the fabric. The taping must be removed during the removal of the wires. In addition, the clamps should always be removed along with the cables. If the cable appears to be slack on a regular day, immediately have them re-tightened by a qualified professional.

Lubricating the Glide Elbows

Lubrication of the Glide Elbows should be performed during the installation, and then during the annual inspection. A waterproof grease, such as anti-seize thread lubricant and lithium based grease.


To keep the fabric safe from environmental damages, it is important to store it in a clean, dry place. Make sure that the place is free from sharp edges, snags, and rodents. While storing the structure, make sure that all the components and the hardware fittings are wrapped in a protective rag.


Uninstalling the shade structure can be a challenging task, therefore, we recommend that you rely only a qualified professional when it comes to uninstalling the structure.


It is extremely important to take the necessary measures when installing or removing the shade structure to prevent the possible damages.The fabric is designed with a hard core, sturdy material, but it can easily be torn due to rough handling. Sharp objects and protrusions can rip the fabric, and the heat producing objects, such as matches, hot torches and cigarettes, can lead to substantial damage to the fabric. Care must be exercised during the installation and the removal of the fabric in rough climate. Carefully remove the fabric hooks after unhooking the fabric from the intermediate supports to avoid any damages. Wrap the mounting hardware to get it out of the way before unhooking the fabric. The elbow corners and the intermediate supports are a major cause of the fabric tear; be extra careful about the elbow corners.


According to the size of the shade structure and canopy, you may need more than one professional during the installation. In addition, you will require more than one commercial ladders or scissor lifts to make sure that your dealers can safely work at greater heights. It is recommended that the ladder is safely tied to a post with ample padding. It is good to remember that every 100 square feet of fabric weighs around five pounds, which means a larger size of a shade can get really heavy. It is highly recommended to remove/install the canopy during stable weather; gusty winds can make installation challenging.


Below are the safety guidelines that can help you remove the canopy without any substantial damages to the fabric or the structure.


For the modular shade structures with standard elbows, first slacken the turnbuckle to allow enough slack in the cable, so it can easily release and allow unhooking from all the elbows. To properly control the fabric from the ground level, attach 3/8” size ropes to each corner of the structure. This will give you the freedom to control the fabric effortlessly. During the gusty windy season, choose the windy side of the fabric. Securely tie the corners to the posts of the structure with the help of the ropes. The ropes will safely bring the fabric down once its unhooked without any damage to the fabric, and injury to the ground personnel. After attaching the corners to the post, safely unhook. Next, remove the cable clamps; release the clamps from the structure and the turnbuckle. In case the cable ends appear to be frayed, smooth the ends with careful taping. It is usually not necessary to remove the cable from the canopy. Make sure there’s a person on each side of the rope and the shade is towards the windy side. Now, gently heave the canopy down in between the framework. With the help of the ropes, you can guide the canopy down towards the personnel on the other side of the ropes.

Important Hint : To make sure that the canopy is stored in its original orientation. The cable corners and the fabric should be stored in their original positions.


For the modular shade structures with Glide Elbows, remove the protective covers first. After the removal of the covers, turn the hex nuts with the help of a wrench and run the Glide Elbow to run the glide hooks to their top most locations. Leave the cable clamps intact. Next, attach 3/8” long ropes to each side of the shade. This will allow you to control the shade from the ground level. It is recommended that you choose the windy side of the fabric.

Tie the rope to the corners of the shade with ample slack that allows easy unhooking of the fabric from the shade structure. The ropes ensure that the fabric does not get carried away by wind. Unhook the fabric and the cables after making sure that the corners are secured to the posts. Once down, fold the fabric. Avoid dragging the fabric through the ground as it may get caught in protrusions. Tape the ends of the cables with tape if they appear to be frayed.

With the Glide Elbow, it is not necessary to remove the cables. However, during removal, it is crucial that you mark the original space of the canopy, so during installation, it can be placed in its right spot. Similarly, the cable corners and the fabric should lie back in their original position. In addition, the cable corners and the fabric should be properly tightened during the Glide Elbow adjustment.


For the modular shades with fans, allow ample slack by loosing the adjustable thread on the shade through various rod twists.