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1. Are you a private or publicly held company?

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc (CRS) has been privately held since 1972. CRS excels in the manufacturing, distribution, and installation of commercial recreational equipment – playgrounds, shade structures, safety surfacing, and site amenities. The company has earned the trust of customers through it’s dedicated team that is easily accessible to communicate and respond quickly for both during and after the order process continued throughout the life of your playground.

2. Where is Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. located?

The headquarters is located at Gold River, California – approximately 30 miles east of Sacramento. The factories used for the manufacturing of our commercial recreational equipment are strategically located throughout the world based on supply chain efficiency. These locations include Rancho Cordova, California – Fort Payne, Georgia - Carrolton, Georgia - Holland, Michigan, and overseas facilities. Providing commercial recreational equipment with locally sourced materials is important to our company. However, we strive to provide the best value to our customers by including alternate production facilities featuring the same if not better quality and ingenuity which ultimately results in more value. We also have installation teams located throughout the country in order to better serve your needs with rapid response times and swift project management systems.

3. Where would I be able to purchase a playground?

You can call our primary Estimating Department at 877-752-9797 – send an email at as well as live chat on Through one of these channels, we will connect you with a specialist who can guide you through the process to ensure that it is fun and frictionless. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc is dedicated to offering you a well-customized playground plan while providing all of the necessary elements and knowledge that you need in order to achieve a productive and effective playground investment.

4. How do I pick the playground that would best suit our organization?

Our specialist will help guide you through the process by first asking questions and gathering information. By listening to you first and learning about your needs, we can tailor our recommendations based on what we understand to be your ideal solution.

5. Why does Creative Recreational Systems, Inc offer different playgrounds products?

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc has grown to serve as experts in the commercial recreation equipment industry. Consequently, the company has established a solid reputation as one that produces some of the safest, most inclusive, and innovative playgrounds in the world. Our diversification of playground products is a reflection of our effort to ensure that the children and owners of the playgrounds enjoy products that last longer, look better, are more engaging, and remain the safest possible with the knowledge and technology available at the time of manufacturing.

6. How can Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. contribute to ensuring that our mission and vision are accomplished?

Providing as much detail about your vision, site information, and budgetary limitations will greatly assist us in creating several different options that vary but remain in line with your goals. Two-way communication is critical and can help ensure an expedited process that delivers the results that you expect.

7. Do I have to travel to one of your offices to coordinate with experts for my project?

Negative. We have several options available for the initial site assessment, along with contactless site assessments serving as a primary solution. By implementing remote services across the nation, we will save you valuable time and can begin to prepare proposals for you immediately. If we are not able to get all of the data that we need remotely, we can deploy Field Site Data Collectors if necessary. Once contracted to install your playground, a superintendent will walk the project site with you prior to the delivery of your playground to ensure a frictionless and fast installation process.

8. How long do your playgrounds last?

Nearly all of our playgrounds are built to last for decades. Our designs, materials, and structures are carefully planned and engineered to serve as a pillar in your community for fun and entertainment, for generations to come. Over the decades in business, we have found that it is more common for customers to replace their playgrounds every 15-20 years, primarily to obtain a fresh new look, feel, and utility that includes the latest play technology.

Playground Accessibility

1. What do you mean by an accessible playground?

An accessible playground is one that allows children with most disabilities to access the structure in order to play and interact with other children as well as the playground itself. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc., is dedicated democratizing commercial playgrounds and creating inclusive designs that allow all children to come together without limitations. Our team can provide customers with structures customized for accessible and inclusive play that have the ability to support communities.

2. Does a playground being accessible only apply to those in wheelchairs?

Generally, making a playground accessible means including features such as ramps and/or transition stations, to ensure that children that have a range indisabilities can access the playground in some form or another. More often these days, a full range of disabilities are being addressed by specialists, and consequently, playgrounds are being designed to accommodate them with new engineering techniques such as sensory devices that are placed at ground level in the form of musical instruments and other components. Our Inclusive Playground Series features many components designed and manufactured using the latest knowledge and technology for advanced inclusive play.

3. What kinds of disabilities/abilities does Creative Recreational Systems, Inc., consider when planning playground designs?

Our customized playgrounds offer fitness and sensory play for all children. Whether the children have mobility limitations, emotional inhibitions, cognitive complexities or sensory disabilities, our playground environments can be designed to meet the needs of nearly everyone.

4. How are Creative Recreational Systems, Inc., playground designs different from others?

Our commercial playground equipment ensures that children of every age, abilities, and disabilities have stimulating and appropriate activities. Our designs ensure that children enjoy the opportunity to advance their emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and other sensory skills during a key stage in their development while they are on the playground.

5. What if I have a child with a specific need that is not included in your product lines?

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. is here to promote unique and fun experiences for every child via interaction with our playgrounds. We offer custom services via our design department in a way that the products suit the need(s) of your child/children. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. is always at your service when it comes to creating unique and custom playgrounds for your children.


1. What is an age-appropriate playground?

By age-appropriate playgrounds, we infer that the designs are created in a way that ensures children’s safety, yet creates obstacles that are challenging enough for the children within the intended age group so they can overcome those obstacles and become stronger in mind and body.

2. What age range can play on the playground?

There are 4 generally accepted age groups in the commercial playground industry, which include: 6 to 23 months old, 2 to 5 years, 5 to 12 years, and 2-12 years. The playgrounds for 6 to 23-months children normally include designs that are limited in motion and low to the ground. Structures for ages 2-5 are more traditional designs that can include slides, some climbers, and activity panels. Structures for ages 5-12 are more challenging than the 2-5 age group structures and can include a wide range of components, including overhead ladders, fireman's poles, and others that require a higher level of physical and mental development.

3. Can I have more than one age group of children playing on the playground?

An exciting element of working with Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. is the flexibility of creating a custom design that is ideal for your priorities, especially for those who have one or more age ranges to consider. If you have 2 playgrounds 1 for ages 2-5 and the other for ages 5-12 – one set of children in each induvial age group cannot play on the other playground since it was not designed for them. However, If your playground is designed for ages 2-12 then all of the children can play on the same play structure. A structure intended for ages 2-12 works better for community areas like a park or locations with limited space. Separate structures for ages 2-5 and 5-12 tend to work better for schools where supervision might be limited and it will, therefore, be more important to keep the children of each age group separated.

4. What are the typical playground components that many young children enjoy?

Children between the ages of 2 and 5 years usually find play areas that stimulate their cognitive and physical skills, exciting and enjoyable. Their imagination at this age is still in its initial phase of development, and they are typically fond of slides, mazes, less challenging climbing features, and activity panels to activate their senses. There are also independent play pieces such as water and sand tables that can dramatically improve their sense of touch. Children between the ages of 5-12 prefer playgrounds that are more challenging and include components such as overhead ladders, more advanced climbing features such as rock walls and slides with more dimension and speed such as 360 spiral slides and triple-rail slides.

5. What are the benefits of a playground for children?

Playgrounds are designed, manufactured, and installed to create a safe, stimulating, and challenging environment for children to learn and overcome obstacles so that they can become stronger in mind and body. Playgrounds serve as a pillar in the community for children and families to come together, allowing for the expansion of imagination, muscles, and memories. Through the utility of a playground, children are effectively provided with a platform to develope their strengths, coordination, and social skills early in life. The responsibility of delivering value-driven playground equipment is essentialy building a foundation for the future.

6. What will keep older children interested in the playground?

Older children need more activities that challenge their bodies and imaginations. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. has several collections that include more of a fitness-focused design, including the FreeStyle series.

7. What can older children gain from the playground?

With age-appropriate playground equipment, older children are able to build their muscles and endurance while playing. Older children in todays world often develop a dependency on technology. Playgrounds can instill the importance of imagination and creativity without electronics. They can discover new challenges that build their social interactions with other children. More challenging components, such as overhead ladders, create more opportunities for physical fitness and logical thinking while maintaining the theme of the play.

8. What can I do with a small playground if I can’t get the bigger one?

There are generally 2 options here when building the perfect playground for your children. First, you can consider completing the playground in phases, for example, add additional play features in and around the playground such as swings, independent climbers, activity panels, and more. The second option is to ask your playground design specialist to find a predesigned playground or even create a custom design that allows for a phased expansion, essentially were the decks and components on the new structure in Phase 2 are able to attach onto the Phase 1 structure at a later date in time.

Community-Build Installation

1. What is a community-build playground installation?

A community-built playground is one that is built by members of the community – normally volunteers that have a vested interest and want to contribute to the improvement of the community. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. will provide the playground materials limited to the structure itself; then the customer will need to provide other materials and tools such as concrete, shovels, excavators, wheelbarrows etc. For a complete list of everything that you need please reach out to one of our specialists and they can send you a formal guide that should help make the process easier.

2. What can I get in a community-build playground?

The savings can range between 30%-40% of a turnkey installation completed by Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. Even with unpaid volunteers, there will still be some costs, including concrete for the foundation, small tools, and rental equipment if necessary. For larger structures, you may need a forklift to offload the materials from the delivery truck and a skid steer loader such as a Bobcat with an auger bit to drill the footings where the support posts will be embedded. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. can also work with you remotely to assure that you and the volunteers are prepared for the installation. If this is the option that you choose to move forward with, it is highly recommended that you first confirm that you have at least 2 people that are skilled in some form of construction and another 2-4 laborers that are prepared for a hard 2-4 days of work.

3. Does a community-build project require a specialist to supervise?

No, it is not required but highly recommended due to the complex nature of commercial playground equipment, especially for medium to large structures. Even with good installation instructions, there are many elements of assembly and installation that require specialized knowledge and will save time and money. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. can provide a solution including a 7 hour day rate with an experienced superintendent present. Please discuss this with your playground specialist for additional details.

4. Where do I start with preparing for a community-build project playground?

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. will provide you with a free guide to assure that you are prepared and that your community-build playground project goes smoothly. In there, you will find actional advice, tips and direction for the materials required, choosing the perfect location for your playground, and more.

5. Who are the volunteers in a community-built playground?

Nearly everyone in the community can help. Our guide will provide you with comprehensive daily activities that each volunteer can do to contribute to the success of your new playground project. Teachers, skilled laborers, parents, and even singles can help a great deal in building the community playground. Generally, the required age for these type of projects is 18 years and older to ensure safety around heavy machinery and playground components.

6. Does Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. provide any unique materials or tips to make the project more comfortable and faster to build?

You will be provided easy-to-follow instructions that ensure that the project goes as smooth and fast as possible. The instructions for exactly where and how to install the community playground. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. can also provide you with the overall layout of your playground to make the project quite easier to execute.

7. Are there suggestions for spaces and other things that need to be done in the playground area?

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. will conduct a thorough site assessment for your project either virtually or on-site if needed, to ensure that components and the structure overall do not overlap with other use zones for structures in the same space. Your dedicated specialist will offer you a unique and comprehensive design that will help you a great deal in correctly installing your new playground.

8. Is there safety surfacing involved?

Yes, resilient surfacing is required for safety and in most states, it is required by law so you should select from a well established product such as engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, playground turf, poured in place rubber, compressed rubber tiles or other surfacing types that have tests reports confirming compliance. It is important to confirm what type of safety surfacing that you plan to install when you order your new playground before it is manufactured. This way, our team can ensure your equipment is compatible with the surfacing selected prior to starting the manufacturing process. Essentially, if the playground will have embedded support posts, they will need to be up to 12 inches longer for a loose fill solution such as wood fiber

Playground Equipment

1. What play features are typically found in new playgrounds?

It usually depends on a few factors, including the age range of children who will be making use of the playground, the budget, and the location where the playground will be situated. Features that can be found on playgrounds include decks, climbers, panels, slides, overhead events, and so on. The playground components can be separated into composite structures that have swings, spinners, climbers, slides, and rides. All of these playgrounds also feature some type of compliant safety surfacing such as shredded rubber, treated wood chips, or poured-in-place rubber.

2. What does Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. mean by a play structure?

Play structures are a design in which more than one play component or events are attached to create a single structure essentially, creating what is also called a composite playground. This implies that children can experience continuouse play, and more than one of them can utilize the play structure without needing to go to the far end of the playground.

3. What is a play event?

A play event is a part of the play structure or playground area that can either be attached to a composite structure or separated as a single unique piece. Examples of play events are slides, spinners, swings, play panels, and climbers.

4. What is a freestanding component?

Freestanding components are single pieces of play events that aren’t typically included in any playground structure. They include Standalone Spinners, Independent Swings, Rides, and Climbers, Freestanding components feature the same safety as other play events while offering additional opportunities for physical development and fun.

5. What does an overhead event mean?

Overhead events refer to components that are normally suspended and are used to boost the strength of a child’s upper body. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. believes that fitness-focused play is an essential building block to the development of a child and understand the importance of offering mixed events that will challenge children to become stronger with each attempt at overcoming an obstacle.

6. What does the term play panel mean?

A play panel is an interactive component of a playground that can often be found attached to structures. These panels allow children to explore their creative potential and feature designs to engage and stimulate the mind leading to advances in creativity and dexterity. Some examples of play panels include Periscopes, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Ball Turns.

7. What is a play structure deck?

The play structure deck is where children can stand or advance using a relatively level surface. Play structure decks are usually made of PVC or plastisol coated steel to provide a rugged elevated foundation that can handle heavy foot traffic while staying safe against scratched with coated edges. Play structure decks come in different shapes, colors, and sizes – triangles, hexagons, and octagons – to promote flexibility in design.

8. What do you mean by a play structure roof?

Play structure roofs are components that can be included in playground designs to safeguard children from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and harsh weather conditions. These roofs are typically made of galvanized steel or polyethylene plastic for durability. The majority of standard play structure roofs only provide coverage to the deck below. As a result, children may not be safeguarded on all areas of the play structure. If additional shade is needed, we can add modular integrated polyethylene-coated fabric shades that can provide up to 85% coverage.

9. What do you mean by a structured bridge?

Structured bridges are raised decks where children cross to move from one play area to another without touching the ground. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. provides durable bridges, made of perforated steel and expanded metal coated with plastisol. They can either be curved, arched, or straight, all depending on your preference(s).

10. What is a play structure climber?

Children enjoy climbing and it helps tremendously in strengthening the muscles of their upper body as well as their lower body. The climbers offered by Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. can either serve as standalone events ones that can be integrated into a composite play structure for expanded play value. A wide variety of climbers are available, including climbing walls – used to simulate rock climbing – loop climbers and even nets. Our nature-themed playgrounds feature several creative designs that are sure to spark ideas.

Fundraising and Research

1. Where do I start?

We have several comprehensive guides for direction on how our future clients can get started. Please discuss your criteria and goals with your Play Specialist so that they can provide the right guide for you and your new playground project. We will also help them with the overall design, location selection, establishment of the budget (if needed), installation, and additional necessities for the successful completion of the project that you can be enjoyed for years to come.

2. Do I have to visit your headquarters to buy the materials?

Negative. Since the commercial recreation industry is a highly specialized one, it is not efficient to set up and operate showrooms like other industries. However, we understand that assessing quality is important when making a sizable investment in a long-term asset like commercial playground equipment. With that in mind, we believe that we have something better, which is projects located throughout the United States that serve as national demonstration sites for our work. Most of these are within a 100-mile radius of major cities and you are welcome to visit them; however, we understand that your time is valuable so we've taken this even further to save time by documenting our newly completed projects with video. These can be found on all social media platforms with a full collection on YouTube and more on Vimeo. You will find high-resolution ground, drone and even 360 Virtual Reality videos so that you can see the quality and feel like you are actually there. You can experience this at your convenience all without having to travel outside the comfort of your own home or office. Then when you are ready, a specialist can help you select your design based on your goals and criteria. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. will provide you with a step-by-step guide and personalized assistance that will help you before, during, and after the playground installation.

3. What should I consider when planning my playground installation?

Several questions need to be answered when you first begin planning your new playground project. Our Play Specialists here will help guide you through the process effortlessly and start by asking questions then listening so that we can best serve you and your organization to build the playground that will best serve your community. Some of these questions include: what are the interests of the children, age group, overall budget, location, the size of the area where the playground will be installed, the design, theme, etc. You may also choose to build a playground all at once or in phases. A phased installation will cost more; however, it can be more practical if you are fundraising and would like to get a portion of the playground installed sooner so that it can be utilized. Many fundraisers tend to bring in more donations after potential doners see the first phased complete since they see a cause taking form that they want to contribute to. Working with one of our experienced Play Specialists will provide you with a source of knowledge that can help you navigate the endless array of options and industry secrets that can save you time and money. This service is provided free of charge since we believe that giving without expectation first will provide returns in time.

4. What is the best playground equipment for my community or organization?

More often than not, you may not need to consider several layouts and configurations for the installation of your custom playground. In this regard, our Play Specialists can help you to choose the playground the will best suit your need. Ultimately, we strive to assure that you are not overwhelmed by options and that we can make the process fun and frictionless.

5. Do you offer custom-themed playgrounds?

Yes. If you communicate your desired theme to your dedicated Play Specialist, they can confirm what our design and manufacturing capabilities are and provide options leading up to the custom design and 3D rendering of a play structure. We also have an extensive range of predesigned themed playgrounds that you can explore on our online store and we encourage you to spend some time there first for idea starters. With safety regulations and the materials that we use in manufacturing, there are some limitations; however we think that you’ll find some very incredible playgrounds that we have designed and manufactured that stretch the limits of imagination.

6. Can I build a playground in a location that appears to be limited in space and access?

Yes, we can create a custom design that maximizes your space and work with you to create an access plan for installation so that the construction goes smoothly. A Playground Design Specialist can walk you through this project using Google Earth Pro to conduct virtual site assessments within minutes from the time that you contact us.

7. Will I have a playground that is similar to everyone else’s in my community?

Negative. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. offers you personalized playground design and installation services. The majority of playgrounds that we deliver are unique to each customer while considering your needs, preferences, budget, and, of course, the location. We do have value-engineered designs in stock ready to ship fast for those who need them but for the customers who want a playground that represents their personality or your community – we can certainly make that happen

8. How much should I spend on building a playground?

The costs can vary as each playground has unique aspects so it is important first to establish a realistic budget based on your priorities. Most turnkey solutions start at $20,000 then go up from there. A decent-sized budget for a smaller community is $50,000. Many schools that have hundreds of children to serve can easily budget for turnkey solutions that are $100,000 +. Nonetheless, we welcome you to having that discussion with a Playground Specialist who can ask questions, listen, then provide advice and finally generate a set of proposals for you so that you have options at different price points.

9. Can I give you the design that I want, and have you duplicate it?

Of course! Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. is here to ensure that your design meets the current commercial playground safety standards, and technological advancements. A few modifications to meet these requirements may be required, but, we can create and/or duplicate just about anything that is within the limitations of safety and manufacturing capabilities.

10. Will you help me find fundraising ideas?

Definitely! Our specialists are always available to help you as much as possible to get the funds that you need for your playground. You can also find a treasure trove of tools and resources on as well as Fundraising Videos on our YouTube channel.

11. Who are the potential playground donators that we can go to for help in raising funds?

You can seek donations from local businesses and organizations in your community. Tell them about your project, and how they can help in donating any amount that they can afford. The more detailed your plan the better, including proposals that we will provide, high resolution renderings etc. Telling the story behind the need for this playground will help humanize the call for help and appeal to those organizations and people who are most likely to donate. You will be surprised at the number of people who are willing to help if you simply ask. Many fundraiser organizers choose to offer public recognition such as digital press releases or plaques with the donors' names engraved to be placed at the site of the playground as a memorial forever.

12. Can I build dedicated or memorial play areas?

Of course. Over the years, we have worked with many communities in building memorial playgrounds to honor one of their members. In the same sense, there are several companies, organizations and families who are willing to fund and create the playground for your community if you have the time to research them and follow their application process. These normally are packaged in the form of grants and at any given time, there are millions of dollars available for applications just like this.

13. Is it possible to build a playground in phases because of budget restrictions?

Yes. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. offers clients that have budget restrictions the option to start small and scale in whatever time works best for you. We have specialists who are highly knowledgeable in what children want and need in a playground design. These specialists will help generate the right solution for you and provide you with all of the numbers, specifications, and visuals that you will need to complete your story for reaching out to donors.

14. We are a small organization that would like to finance our new playground project. Is this possible?

Definitely, you can find all of the details and link to our application on the Financing section of our website. You can also see what your potential monthly payments will be for the playground only on each listing with you see the “Finance for as low as”. There is a short 1-page application and you can get a decision back within as little as 48 hours. Turnkey finance options, including installation and safety surfacing, are also available.

15. Is it possible to get the best pricing if you are a government entity?

Yes, instead of following the traditional time-consuming public bid process, we have cooperative purchasing agreements established that most entities can access, including GSA, CMAS, HGACBuy, NASPO and BuyBoard.

16. Do you provide discounts for non-profits?

Absolutely. We would be happy to review all of your project criteria and the story of your organization then we can confirm what we are able to provide in this regard.

17. Do you work with YMCA Organizations?

Yes. We have been working with local YMCAs for more than 40 years and believe in the great work that they are doing to serve as a pillar in the communities for the people to come together and participate in healthy activities.

Playground Safety

1. What constitutes a safe playground?

A safe playground consists of 3 key ellements. #1 - A well planned design that accounts for use zones and fall heights related to the structure, #2 - a manufacturing process that adhers to the latest safety and quality standards, and #3 safety surfacing at a depth to protect against falls. The goal is to minimize injuries by assuring that hazards are removed and safe obstacles are integrated into the design that allow for growth.

2. What are the safety factors on a playground?

First, one must examine the overall design of the playground. In this regard, such a playground must have enough space to prevent children from a collision. The equipment should also be durable enough to sustain its performance over time, and the overall design should be created appropriately for the respective age group of the children that will be using it.

3. How can the children be the safest while playing on the playground?

Safety is #1 for us and everything that we do, prototypes, design, engineering, manufacturing all start with safety, then priorities trickle down from there into functionality, aesthetics etc. Please be confident in knowing that the product which we deliver will be compliant with current playground safety standards, including ASTM and CPSC. As the owner of the playground, it is also important thaconduct regular maintenance and provide supervision at all times while the children are at play. No playground is safe without proper supervision so this part is paramount as an owner.

4. What can I do about the ground underneath the equipment to protect against falls?

There is a variety of playground safety surfacing options to select from that range in price. It is best to start with a budget in mind, then we can calculate the total cost based on the use zone of the new playground. The use zone is the area in and around the playground at least 6 feet away from every point on the structure. Safety surfacing types include engineered playground wood fiber, rubber nuggets, rubber mulch, playground turf, rubber tiles, and poured in place rubber. The costs range from low to high in that order, and your Playground Specialist can confirm that actual numbers for you.

5. Do slides have safety features?

Yes, they do. Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. is one of the only companies that offers footers to prevent cracks on slides and reinforcement for stability. We also design and manufacture our slides in such a way that they are capable of withstanding high volumes of traffic that can result in dangerous gaps and cracks. For the top of the slides, we also have hoods available to help children transition into a sitting position before sliding without the risk of falling.

6. What does Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. include as their clamps safety features?

Our clamps are made of aluminum. The structure has a 360-degree feature that compresses into a secure post. The beveled edge and cross-sectional support also adds strength to the clamps, similar to a steel I-beam.

7. Are there coatings available for the safety of children?

Our handlebars are made in such a way that they adjust to temperatures during both the summer and winter seasons. Regardless of the season, you can grip them tightly without having to worry about extreme heat or coldness during hot weather and cold weather, respectively.

8. Why should I choose your playground decks?

At Creative Recreational Systems, Inc., our decks are flange-formed with 12-gauge steel. The corners are also well-rounded with frameworks that are designed for safety and security. The thickness of the PVC coating surpasses the industry standard, and we have witnessed these components stand the test of time as long as 15 years without significant beginnings of wear.

9. Why choose Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. fabric for shades?

Our shade fabrics are among the most popular choices for many clients. This is because they keep the temperature as cool as possible, and also offers a considerable level of protection for children from harmful ultraviolet rays for 10-15 years. By including a shade with your order, our team can ensure that your playground and shade are installed at the same time offering a turn-key solution.

10. Why choose the swivel point connectors over than s-hooks?

Our connectors have self-lubricating joints. They are also more reliable than low-quality s-hooks when it comes to playground equipment.

Playground Sustainability

1. How is sustainability-related to playgrounds?

Playgrounds can have a signifigant affect on the sustainability of a community! Playgrounds have been proven to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for those around them. By creating a space where children and parents can enjoy themselves with a sense of security, community activity and involvement can flourish. A well-thought-out playground can instill pride and appreciation that promotes sustainable health and wellness. Children can learn to take care of their community playground and appreciate the responsibility of a structure and space that is free of vandalism and self-inflicted destruction.

2. What is the definition of a sustainable and healthy community?

A sustainable and healthy community is one where the future of the children, their families and everyone as a whole is able to live on and thrive over time. People help each other become healthier by promoting green spaces and wellness. A sustainable community may differ from another as every community is unique in its own ways. It is, therefore, imperative to build a unique playground that can accurately and effectively cater to the needs of the children in each community. Inclusive playground designs are a major part of this effort.

3. How do I make the playground more sustainable?

First, you need to consider your playground equipment design: the products and their manufacturing process must respect the environment. The materials should also have quality and durability. There should be no need for frequent replacement of structures as the durability and play value should stand the test of time for 15-20 years. All of the issues can be discussed with your Playground Specialist in an effort to achieve the goals that are right for you and your community.

4. Why does sustainability in playground equipment matter for children?

It is essential to encourage children to reduce the rate at which they play electronic games and get more involved in physical exercises play. The early stages of development are often directly effected by the stimulus children are exposed to. By providing a playstructure that provides the opportunity to develop their emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and other sensory skills we can create a lasting effect on their future.

5. What are the company’s goals in promoting playground sustainability?

At Creative Recreational Systems, Inc., we only work with suppliers that share similar values with us. We only design and ship products that we believe are sustainable for each specific community as well the world overall. We have been promoting products that are environmentally-friendly long before the trend of being green emerged.


1. What more do I need to know about Creative Recreational Systems, Inc.’s warranty?

Our warranties vary based on the product and materials. We suggest that you contact any one of our specialists so we can give you a specific warranty for each one of our products. We believe that we have the best warranty in this industry and manufacture products that we can stand behind for the life of the playground.

2. What about playground maintenance?

At Creative Recreational Systems, Inc, we will provide you with an in-depth guide on how to maintain your playground equipment properly. We can also offer you supplies that you will need to keep your playground looking great for years to come. Please contact us for more information.

3. What can I do about installation?

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. offers turnkey solutions, including installation, and you will see this on the proposal as an option if requested. We also offer a supervised installation solution if you would like to save money and believe that you can gather volunteers to help with the labor. There are some costs to this as well, and we can outline those for you in the free guide available from one of our specialists. We also offer free remote installation support.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered here, please contact us, and we will be happy to serve you in building a foundation for the future.