Playground Turf System

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  • TuffTurf® has a 1 3/4 inch pile height and is tufted into a layer of 13 pic polybac and a layer of 18 pic polybac as the primary backing and 20 oz. urethane as the secondary coating. The backing is perforated for proper drainage.
    Color: the 60 oz TuffTurf® has a multi color tone which includes olive and green to replicate the look of natural grass.
    TuffTurf® is 60 oz per sq/yd of 100% monofilament polyethylene. One end is straight monofilament and the other end is texturized monofilament. This style is engineered for climates where constant exposure to sunshine and UV rays require additional UV stability.

  • 1”, 2.13”, and 4.25” FlexFoam® pads available for fall ratings of 6’, 9’, and 12’ heights.
    The FlexFoam® is instantly ready for use, requires no mixing, easily cut to adapt to any design, and is a fraction of the cost of poured in place and other safety surfacing alternatives.
    Shock absorbing, environmentally friendly and with 100% permeable porous composition allowing for adequate drainage.
    FlexFoam® playground foam pads are made in the United States from 100% recycled and recyclable materials covered with clean, environmentally safe landscape turf.

  • Industrial name: Acrylic Coated Silicon (ACS)
    Purpose: To simulate natural soil
    Cleanliness: Anti-microbial, non-absorbent and anti-bacterial
    Safeness: 100% environmentally safe and does not contain silica, zinc or heavy metals.
    Durability: Does compact or degrade over time

Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. presents our very own fall rated playground turf safety surfacing system with FlexFoam

Sometimes you want the natural grass look for your playground, but you still want to comply with safety regulations. Playground turf is the perfect solution for you to get the best of both worlds. In addition to being compliant for safety requirements for play areas, there are plenty of other benefits to choosing playground turf for your property. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider playground turf for your play area.

One great benefit of playground turf is that it can help protect children from germs and getting dirty. Natural surfaces can get children dirty with dirt and grass stains, but this isn't a problem with turf. Plus, since children aren't exposed to the dirt from natural surfaces, they can also be protected from the bacteria that tend to live on natural surfaces. It is also an excellent choice for people who have allergies since turf doesn't carry the allergens real grass does.

There is also an increase in the safety and accessibility of a playground when you use playground turf. There are specific guidelines for safety and accessibility that public playgrounds need to abide by. Within fall zones, there is a particular rating for protection required that natural grass doesn't offer. Playground turf offers an ATSM rating of up to 12 feet when properly installed. If a child does fall, the turf has a soft surface that will reduce the risk of injury.

Playground turf also gives you a maintenance-free solution for your playground. The problem with grass is the constant maintenance needed to keep it in excellent condition. This can be costly and time-consuming. Natural grass needs to be regularly mowed, watered, and during the fall, it needs to have the leaves raked up. You may also need the help of pesticides and fertilizers to keep the grass looking fantastic.

Playground turf could be the perfect solution if you want safety surfacing that will keep children safe with the look of natural grass. It's great for the environment and highly beneficial for children. It is a cost-effective choice that will protect children from injury and add natural beauty to your playground. Artificial turf is an excellent option to consider for your playground.