Outdoor Fitness

  • Striding Motion improves hip and lower-body flexibility, while toning legs and glutes; providing a great no-impact, cardio workout. Footpads provide non-slip traction, and X-Grip handle provides a comfortable temperature-resistant grip. Height-correct design fosters proper erect posture and straight-leg operation for maximum fitness benefit.

  • Rotating Motion improves lower-back and waist flexibility, while helping tone abs, waist and obliques. Footpad and seatpad provide non-slip traction. Capable of use by two-persons simultaneously.

  • Pendulum Motion improves lower-back and waist flexibility, while helping tone waist and obliques. Footpads provide non-slip traction. Capable of use by two-persons simultaneously.

  • Vertical leg-raise, full-body dips and abdominal training; strengthening and toning core, torso, trunk, back, quads, abs and glutes. Footpads provide non-slip traction, handles and forearm rests provides comfortable temperature-resistant usage. Height-correct design fosters proper erect posture and straight-leg operation for maximum leg-lift and full-body dip fitness benefit.

  • Multi-Height Pull-Up, Chin-Up and Stretch; strengthening and toning arms, chest, shoulders, back, forearms.

  • Multi-Position Upper and Lower-Body stretch; preparing joints and muscles for fitness activity. Footpegs and handpegs provide non-slip traction, as well as comfortable temperature-resistant usage.

  • Combination Sit-Up and Back-Stretch bench; strengthening and toning all core, torso, trunk and back muscle groups. Backrest and footbar provides comfortable temperature-resistant usage and non-slip traction.

  • Genuine Elliptical Motion creates an optimum low-impact cardio workout, improving full-body flexibility while helping tone arms, obliques, waist, hips, glutes, quads and calves. Oversized wheel-cam provides low-impact ellipse, while footpads provide non-slip traction, and handles provide a comfortable temperature-resistant grip. Height-correct handles foster proper posture and multiple resistance levels for maximum fitness benefit.

  • Fulcrum Motion creates an exercise improving hips and lower-body flexibility, while helping tone legs, calves, quads and glutes. Footpads provide non-slip traction, and handles provide a comfortable temperature-resistant grip and seating surface, while ergonomic seat fosters correct seating position and hand grips for maximum fitness benefit.

  • Stair Stepping strengthens and helps muscle-strengthening in legs, hips, hamstrings, calves and glutes; as well as helping to improve overall balance and coordination. Steps provide non-slip traction.

  • Fulcrum Motion creates resistance levels specific to each individual user; muscle-strengthening and improving flexibility in arms, shoulders, chest and upper-body. Handles rovide a comfortable temperature-resistant grip and seating surface, while ergonomic seat fosters correct seating position and hand-grip positioning for maximum fitness benefit.

  • Our optional custom logos include crisp colors and photo-quality imagery that resists fading and weathering in any climate, is graffiti-resistant and graffiti-recoverable, and will look great for years. Our fitness signs are available with standard fitness guidelines, or customized to include your logo and specific fitness zone information; with custom signage also available in Spanish, French and a variety of other languages.

  • Perfect for limited spaces and limited budgets, the Total Fitness package includes a full compliment of arms, legs and full-body equipment to deliver a variety of Flexibility, Cardio, Muscle-Strengthening and Toning fitness benefits; as well as our most popular Air Stride and Tru Elliptical products.

  • The Advanced Fitness package includes all of the products and fitness benefits of the Total Fitness package, with advanced elements focusing on hip flexibility and side-to-side mobility.

Real Fitness Equipment. Real Fitness Benefits.

No indoor fitness center dues or schedules, and the ability to improve Flexibility, Cardio and Muscle Strength outside in the fresh air; anytime on your own schedule, and at your own pace. Our over 30-years experience manufacturing outdoor recreation equipment means we have the Made in the USA strength and know-how to bring comprehensive fitness equipment into the great outdoors, and back it with the longest maintenance-free warranty in the business. Our graceful sweeping designs will compliment any outdoor setting, and act as healthy community-fitness magnets to citizens, staff, visitors, tenants and patrons alike.

Explore Well-Liked Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Home

Adult outdoor fitness facilities are a relatively new yet well-liked fitness option. The trend began in 2012 in parks all over the world. They are becoming an important part of many park designs.

When it comes to the idea of an outdoor gym or outdoor fitness, there are a few things to consider. Many people are unfamiliar with outdoor fitness equipment for home, and some parks departments and city planners are unsure where to begin when designing such a place. Today, we'll look at what to think about while setting up an outdoor gym or outdoor fitness equipment at home, as well as let you know the advantages of doing so.

Why Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

When compared to a gym, there are numerous advantages to using adult outdoor fitness equipment. People who exercise outside are more likely to enjoy their workout and to work out longer and more frequently. Outdoor adult fitness equipment not only makes the experience more fun, but it also gives people a terrific social outlet. Many people today have a remote 9-5 job with minimal social opportunities. According to research, remote employment has been linked to higher emotions of stress, burnout, and loneliness. Aside from that, if you want to know what to look for while purchasing this, Creative Recreational Systems is here to help you.

Air Stride – New Stamina Builder Outdoor Adult Fitness Equipment

Take your fitness outside with the stride, a new piece of outdoor adult fitness equipment. To survive in outdoor settings, the outdoor fitness stride is made of strong gauge steel with stainless hardware. Outdoor fitness equipment is made with paint that is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as chip and corrosion resistance, as well as UV protection for long-lasting color retention. It is simple to put together and install, and it requires little to no maintenance. Instead of travelling to the gym, the Outdoor Fitness Stride gives a low-impact cardiovascular workout that you can do outside at home. The double handle bars let you tone and improve your quads, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps, biceps, and other muscles.

You have the entire freedom to replicate a slow stroll and progress to a full run. Ergonomic movable handlebars allow you to tone and shape your entire body, or simply use the middle handlebars for support if you only want to work out your lower body.

Twist Flex – A Total-body Exercise that Promotes Flexibility

The Twist Flex offers a rotating action that promotes lower-back and waist flexibility while toning the abs, waist, and obliques. Furthermore, two people can utilize the Twist Flex at the same time, providing for pair workouts and a larger workout area capacity. The arch frame is constructed of 2.38"DIA X 12Ga hot rolled steel that has been pearl powder coated for a glossy, scratch-resistant appearance. It keeps your posture erect, allowing your abdominal muscles to operate as stabilizing muscles, increasing stability and endurance. It gives you a workout by combining the benefits of stretching, walking, and jogging. The striding motion twists the stomach slightly, working both the upper and lower body. Every time you work out, you'll get total-body exercise!

Core Trainer – An Excellent addition to any Home Gym

This equipment's high-quality materials and long-lasting components make it an excellent addition to any home gym. It consists of a vertical leg raise, full-body dips, and abdominal training, all of which develop and tone the core, chest, trunk, back, quadriceps, abs, and glutes. Handles and forearm rests allow comfortable, temperature-resistant use, while footpads give non-slip traction. For optimal leg-lift and full-body dip fitness, the height-correct design encourages proper erect posture and straight-leg operation. It's ideal for folks who desire to have great muscles and a strong body. It can also be used to workout and relax on a regular basis.

Most Popular Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Backyard- Pull-Up Station

The Pull-Up Station offers Multi-Height Pull-Up, Chin-Up, and Stretch; building and shaping arms, chest, shoulders, back, and forearms. An outdoor pull up bar, also known as a garden pull up bar, is an excellent piece of equipment for getting good exercise outside. Pull ups help to develop your back muscles while also sculpting your upper arms. But what are the benefits of pull ups in particular?

Pull ups are among the most renowned pieces of outdoor fitness equipment for backyard exercises in general due to their ease of execution and lack of specialized equipment - all you need is a backyard pull up bar or another variant. Another benefit of pull ups is their high training efficacy.

Stretch Station (4523101)

Our stretch station is highly effective at maintaining mobility and flexibility in your hamstrings, calves, and gluteus when you relax and stretch after exercising. It's a multi-position upper-and lower-body stretch that warms up joints and muscles in preparation for physical exercise. Footpegs and handpegs provide non-slip traction and temperature resistance.

Torso Bench – Raised Sit-Up and Back-Strech Bench

The Torso bench by CRS is a raised sit-up and back-stretch bench that strengthens and tones all of the core, torso, trunk, and back muscle groups. The arch frame is made of hot-rolled steel that has been pearl powder coated for a shiny, scratch-resistant appearance. The blue XTuff backrest and footbar are temperature-resistant and non-slip.

Get a Stable Workout for Your Fitness Level with True Elliptical

True home ellipticals are precisely engineered to give the most natural and stable exercise for your fitness level, based on the body's biomechanics. You'll enjoy a peaceful and fast workout with only one machine, thanks to its tiny footprint and full-body workout options.

Leg Press

Our seated leg press is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced, and gives a terrific workout for the thighs, hips, and buttocks. This basic yet powerful piece of outdoor fitness equipment for adults is straightforward to operate; while seated, users just push their seat away from the frame with their legs. Traditional squats can be dangerous to the knee joints, so this is a great way to strengthen your thighs and hips.

Arm Press – Challenging Upper Body Commercial Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The Resistance Shoulder Press, part of our new resistance series, has been exclusively created for adults to build shoulder strength and definition. Simply choose a training level from 1 to 11 for a hard-upper body commercial outdoor fitness equipment session. The handles offer a comfortable, temperature-resistant grip and a seating surface, while the ergonomic seat promotes proper seating position and hand-grip positioning for optimal exercise benefit.

Quality and Safety

Our Resistance leg press and arm press come with detailed safety instructions and training suggestions to help customers get the most out of their workouts.
We take quality and safety very seriously. Fresh Air adult outdoor fitness equipment is manufactured to strict quality control and management requirements.

Custom Logos, Signage, Colors

Our available customized logos have vibrant colors and high-resolution graphics that resist fading and weathering in any climate, are graffiti-resistant and graffiti-recoverable, and will last for years. Our fitness signs may be customized to incorporate your brand and specialized exercise zone information, and can be printed in Spanish, French, or a variety of other languages.

Total Fitness Package (XF1516)

The Total Training bundle contains a full complement of arms, legs, and full-body equipment, as well as our most popular Air Stride and True Elliptical products, to give a variety of flexibility, cardio, muscle-strengthening, and toning fitness advantages.

Advanced Fitness Package (XF1517)

All of the items and fitness advantages of the Total Fitness package are included in the Advanced Fitness package, with advanced aspects focused on hip flexibility and side-to-side mobility.

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You can now get Creative Recreational Systems' products; our whole collection of commercial exercise kits is included in this. Now is the time to invest in a commercial-grade True Fitness Elliptical and other outdoor fitness equipment for home and for personal home gyms.