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  • Condition: New
    Age Group: 2-5 or 5-12
    Weight (lbs):
    Safety Use Zone: 58ft x 52ft
    CBM (m3): 33
    Child Capacity : 62~66

    Natural Landscape series is what you would call a perfect setting for a boundless active play. The ingeniously designed, adventure land look-alike play structure ensures that the fun and creativity coexist to provide the best possible play setting for children. It is not a simple play house; it’s a massive configuration of slides and loops that evokes a sense of quest in children.

  • Condition: New
    Age Group: 2~12
    Weight (lbs):
    Safety Use Zone: 59ft x 43ft
    CBM (m3): 21
    Child Capacity : 40~44

    Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. presents another opportunity for children to explore the inexhaustible immensity of their imagination. With a symmetrically aligned wood logs and creatively designed swing set, the Nature Series is a perfect choice for those looking for a play structure that would offer a blend of adventure and creativity.

  • Condition: New
    Age Group: 5-12
    Weight (lbs):
    Safety Use Zone: 50ft x 42ft
    CBM (m3): 20
    Child Capacity : 44~48

    There is nothing better than an assortment of playground equipment in one place for a structured play activity. With Nature Series, children can find all-in-one play setting that offers both thrill and energizing physical activity. The assemblage of various play equipment in one setting allows children to interact with varying levels of creativity that ultimately boosts their overall cognitive ability.

  • Condition: New
    Age Group: 2-12
    Weight (lbs):
    Safety Use Zone: 48ft x 32ft
    CBM (m3): 23
    Child Capacity : 40~44

    Nature Series is a must buy for any institution looking for an inclusive package of adventure and fun. The climber, the slides and the wood logs along with other parts of the equipment ensure that children have the opportunity to have both structured and unstructured play. Nature Series is one of the best selling commercial playground series that comes with a promise of enhanced cognitive development in children.

  • Condition: New
    Age Group: 5-12
    Weight (lbs):
    Safety Use Zone: 52ft x 45ft
    CBM (m3): 20
    Child Capacity : 48~52

    Playgrounds and the play structures are one of the most essential components that directly contribute towards children’s cerebral ability. Nature series is tailored specifically to build the foundation for rational and theoretical thinking. The assortment of swing sets and climbers along with wood logs provide the opportunity for both structured and unstructured activity.

  • Condition: New
    Age Group: 2 ~ 12
    Weight (lbs): 2860.0
    Safety Use Zone: 44ft x 34ft
    CBM (m3): 14
    Child Capacity : 28-32

    Children need a complete play environment to unleash their inner creativity that ultimately manifests itself in their academic performance. The immense structures of the Nature Series play system incorporate the use of complex and highly challenging setting that encourages children to work with their imagination and heighten their conceptual and theoretical ability.

At Creative Systems, we offer a vast selection of playground equipment with different themes and designs, notably our tree playground equipment, part of our nature tree series, which brings the wonders of nature to your children. Our equipment is skillfully manufactured as we are professionals who pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials.

Structures and fixtures in our Nature Series Collection

Do you have plans for a jungle gym or tree house in mind? We have all that you need for all your design ideas and requirements. We have an offering of nature-inspired bars, slides, and natural landscapes.

Access to nature and natural surroundings is a vital aspect of healthy child development. Unfortunately, this aspect is often ignored in our modern societies. As humans, we have spent millennia in tune with our surroundings around us, and until recently, we have enjoyed all the positive aspects that nature offers. As we have evolved into an increasingly sterile, city-based society, we have started to see the corresponding effects on our health and that of our children. An example is the increasing rates of allergies to things that were once a part of our ancestor's daily life and diet.

Studies have shown that being outside in natural surroundings bodes well for our immune systems and mental health. We offer a wide variety of natural outdoor play equipment, including our natural landscape equipment, among many others.

Access to nature and its positive impacts on Child Development

Children are in a stage of their lives where they are like sponges: absorbing and assimilating everything around them. They are learning how to navigate the world, and this provides an excellent opportunity to expose them to the right things. Spending time in various environments, including nature and nature-inspired locales, is very beneficial to children. Spontaneous, open-ended play in natural surroundings offers unrivaled opportunities for our children to classify, observe, explore, and interpret the phenomena around them.

Opportunities for children to engage in the creative use of loose parts and investigation set the groundwork for cognitive processes and support aesthetic and scientific thinking. Through playing in the varied and less structured outdoor spaces, children encounter diverse decision-making opportunities that stimulate problem-solving skills and creativity.

These activities promote executive functioning, are required for lifelong success, and are likely to lead to increased future academic performances, concentration, and other markers of cognitive functioning. When children have direct experiences with natural surroundings instead of indirect and vicarious ones, they more commonly and mainly provide the spontaneous and unplanned immersion, challenges, and inspirations necessary for their maturation and development.

The Beauty of Nature

One of the most beautiful things about nature is its unpredictability. Many aspects of the natural world are consistent. Still, the environment is often revealed and experienced in unpredictable patterns. It is ever-changing across time and space. It constantly requires adaptation and challenging ideas and intuitions, and giving opportunities for creative exploration.

Children respond well to nature and natural objects due to the relationship in their lives, its consistency, and its similarities to them (mainly animals). An example is recognition and interpretation of the unique nature of animals, including the similarities of their reactions to stimuli that children can recognize and assign thoughts and feelings to the animal. This is particularly important as it provokes primary effective responses and attachment in children, which aid their ability to receive and respond to information and ideas and motivate cognitive and learning development.

Many studies have shown access to nature to have a curing or soothing effect on many behavioral disorders common in children. In children who have ADHD, access to and time spent in green spaces and open areas, even just taking a walk, has been observed over several studies by researchers to reduce symptoms of attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorders and increase concentration. In fact, the research has shown the greener the patient's everyday experiences, the more manageable their symptoms are.

Other research has shown that increased access, proximity to, and time spent in outdoor and green spaces are positively associated with higher concentration, greater self-control, and improved memory and academic success. Researchers looked through the restorative lens regarding the potential attention benefits of outdoor time in preschool children. They found that preschool children who spent more time outdoors in "green, spacious, and well-integrated" outdoor areas ultimately had greater attention and ability to focus.

For the youngest kids, experiences in and with nature are supervised by parents and guardians and help build values based on safety and sustenance concerning direct and indirect experiences with nature. Very young children learn to count, identify, and appropriately interact with different objects in nature.

Guided play led by adults can lead to more active, independent, and spontaneous exploratory play than in unsupervised groups of young children. This can raise the potential for long-term nature play investigation and cognitive development. With structures like our affordable tree playground equipment, children can experience the full potential that outdoor play has to offer.

Our Nature-Based Playground Equipment: A Good Choice for Your Children

With our nature-themed collection of playground equipment, your children are guaranteed to have an exciting and fulfilling time playing in structures that reflect the beauty of the outdoors! Children can be mesmerized by the simplicity of nature and the creative possibilities that emerge. We know that playing with nature is a source of inspiration and wonder for children and vital to their healthy development and sense of being.

Research studies show that nature increases creativity in youth, reduces stress, and helps kids with attention deficit disorder. Children of all ages love to explore and, while doing so, learn to push their physical limits and explore many emotional boundaries. They ask themselves: How high can I climb? Do I try to jump further than I ever have before? What will happen when I skip a rock in the pond? The benefits of nature create a beautiful background for exploring oneself.

Our products make children fall in love with all the beauty that nature offers, which makes for environmentally conscious children who grow into the nature-loving, environmentally conscious children of tomorrow. Outdoor education is critical for child development, but researchers have also suggested that it is also crucial for the planet's future. We know that when children and adults bond with nature and the environment, they are more likely to become environmentally conscious citizens.

Our items are environmentally friendly, of course, and blend into any setting. They are suitable for any play environment you might want to set it up in, whether in residential areas, parks, school playgrounds, etc. Our nature-based playground equipment is a very effective and exciting way to get your children off their devices and onto the playgrounds.

These days, we're seeing our kids spend more and more time in front of screens. The impact of media is an increasing subject of research, particularly during childhood. In 1970, the average age at which children watched television was four years old. Today, the average age is four months. Before the age of five, the typical child watches 4.5 hours of television per day, which is 40% of their time awake!

As children grow into teenagers, media usage grows exponentially, with computers and social media playing vital roles. Most of the studies on kids' digital health and emotional well-being agree there are disadvantages and benefits of technology.

What about nature? Have you ever come across a study showing the disadvantages of nature for the health and well-being of children? Guess not. Because there are tons of studies showing the benefits of nature.Now that you've seen the varied benefits of nature play for children, you can look through our catalog of nature series and purchase some of our affordable and durable tree playground equipment. Be sure to contact us today for a free quote!