Equipment Financing

Video Featuring: Austin Stanfel

Financing your new equipment has never been easier! We understand that raising money for new projects can take time so we’ve designed an excellent Lease to Own Program that allows you split the cost into small monthly payments throughout several years.

Whether you’re a municipality or a private organization we can help! Simply fill out our online credit application. Applications are usually processed within hours so you can find out if you’re approved the same day.

Simplified payments

Equipment financing can be provided for 100% of you materials with no down payment and no sticker shock. Low monthly payments are available with terms up to 60 months.

Financing your equipment over several years will allow for the immediate purchase of more equipment. This allows you to get all the equipment you want now without resulting to a phased construction plan which will ultimately cost you more. More equipment financed properly will only mean a minor change in the monthly payment.

Experience and unique payment options sets us apart

Our leasing partner has been in equipment financing business for over 30 years and receives 80 percent of its business from repeat customers. Marlin Net is one of the only companies of its kind that offers such long term financing for this type of equipment.