Active Play

  • The U2-RA305 is the biggest and possibly, even the best, play-structure available on the site. Its Active Play quality helps to allow children to enjoy themselves on it while at the same time, helping them condition themselves towards fitness. It can accommodate up to 45 children at a time which makes it a perfect replacement for your current play system.

  • Another addition into the Creative Systems’ Active Play range: this one is a real treat to own. It brilliantly combines playtime with exercise for young children and can accommodate up to 50 children at a time – which makes it a must have for any park or playground. This particular play-structure boasts a combination of climbing ropes and webs making it a hit with young children.

  • The U2-RA303 might be medium sized for a play-structure featuring Active Play but it is massive compared to some of the usual ones you’ll see. It can accommodate up to 40 children at a time and has some of the best features you would find, including a snake-shaped slide.

  • This particular play-structure is a miniature obstacle course of sorts and is definitely going to be a hit with all the children as it now only provides the vital physical conditioning of a child, but also, lots of fun along the way. Get one today to bring out the maximum from your playground.

  • The U2-RA301 is based to focus both on the physical aspects of play and fun without any of the boredom. It features a slide; climbing and hanging nets and an intricate layout which means this extensive playground equipment can comfortably handle and accommodate 20 children at a time.