High-Quality Affordable Active Playground Equipment for Sale

  • Another addition into the Creative Systems’ Active Play range: this one is a real treat to own. It brilliantly combines playtime with exercise for young children and can accommodate up to 50 children at a time – which makes it a must have for any park or playground. This particular play-structure boasts a combination of climbing ropes and webs making it a hit with young children.

  • The U2-RA303 might be medium sized for a play-structure featuring Active Play but it is massive compared to some of the usual ones you’ll see. It can accommodate up to 40 children at a time and has some of the best features you would find, including a snake-shaped slide.

  • This particular play-structure is a miniature obstacle course of sorts and is definitely going to be a hit with all the children as it now only provides the vital physical conditioning of a child, but also, lots of fun along the way. Get one today to bring out the maximum from your playground.

  • The U2-RA301 is based to focus both on the physical aspects of play and fun without any of the boredom. It features a slide; climbing and hanging nets and an intricate layout which means this extensive playground equipment can comfortably handle and accommodate 20 children at a time.

Here at Creative Systems, we offer the best active playground equipment for sale at the best prices, so you can be guaranteed to give your children and wards a rewarding and exhilarating play experience. We offer a wide variety of devices which range from expertly crafted play systems to durable and well-designed parts to add to your playground collection.

Why do our kids love active play so much?

Have you ever noticed how children are always willing to run, jump, climb and skip on a playground for hours on end? But the moment you ask them to do the same thing in gym class, without all the noise and chaos of the playground, all that enthusiasm disappears and turns to tiredness, complaints, and physical pain.

Children even seem not to notice pain on the playground! They could fall and get back up like nothing happened, while they would be more than ready to quit if they had a less severe accident in gym class. Why is this? We all recognize that although physical activity is an essential requirement for kids to grow up healthy, both physically and emotionally, experts have noticed that the avenue through which most children would willingly participate in physical activity is through play.

Often, children are unwilling to participate in physical activity when some enjoyment is not involved. This is due to play being second nature to them. Naturally, a child would not look kindly to physical activity that does not include play; therefore, the best way to keep children interested is by integrating play into the process. This can be achieved by adding our active play equipment to your playground.

The Importance of Physical Activity through Play

Since we know that the best way to engage children in pretty much any activity is by making it a playful exercise, we also need to point out why it is so important, we do so, as opposed to forcing them through the highly regulated activities we like to force upon them. When we picture a toddler crawling to his favorite stuffed animal, or a little girl climbing the jungle gym at recess – when one thinks about it, physical play is one of the most memorable parts of childhood. There are many things that physical play helps children do. Some of them are:

Develop Physical Skills

This is the most apparent benefit, considering we mentioned this previously. Active play equipment is essential for kids' physical development. It helps our children hone their coordination, balance, gross-motor skills (large movements like crawling and walking), and fine-motor skills (more minor activities like picking objects up).

There's a lot of research about the health benefits of living an active lifestyle, which is accurate for our children. As active playground equipment providers, we know lots of research have shown that physically active kids tend to be more physically fit and healthier. At the same time, an inactive childhood could lead to a sedentary and lazy lifestyle in adulthood.

Physical play also helps children use up their natural energy stores (a must!) and promotes better eating and sleeping habits.

Have you pondered on encouraging healthy habits that your child can carry through to adulthood? That's the opportunity that play offers!

Enhances their social skills

Cooperative play helps kids improve their social skills as they figure out how to navigate group dynamics. It helps them learn how to come together and compromise with others, recognize and respond to others' feelings, share, show each other affection, resolve conflicts, and adhere to the rules. In turn, these critical early lessons help children to understand the roles and rules of society!

Social skills are critical not just for creating relationships but also for supporting academic success. One study found that the best way to predict a child's academic performance in 8th grade was to look at their social skills in 3rd grade. Also, according to research, third graders who have over 15 minutes of recess a day have better behaved in school than those who have less time.

Kids are learning how to be well-behaved through play. That's the genius of play!

Increase Creativity

Play gives kids an opportunity to truly let their imaginations run wild and create worlds of their own over which they have control. Whether it's a make-believe game or arts & crafts activity, play gives kids the freedom to discover new possibilities and think outside the box to develop unique ideas and creative solutions to whatever challenges they face.

An active imagination will continue to be helpful to kids throughout their lives. According to a recent survey of over 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from thirty-three industries worldwide, it is believed that successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity more than any other skill.

The genius of play is in preparing the next generation of innovators!

In a world where around 80% of children don't get the recommended amount of exercise, and 18% of children are overweight, physical play has grown more important than ever.

Here at Creative Systems, we pride ourselves on making the highest quality active play equipment for playgrounds in any location. Whatever themes and designs you have in mind, we are your best bet for high-quality products, and you don't have to break the bank for it.

Our products are made with durable materials and designed to stimulate the minds of active children. They are suitable for any location, such as external and internal playgrounds, school playgrounds, hotel and airport parking, or anywhere you deem fit. As our clients, you'll be receiving the best deals on the internet for the highest quality products.

We're all about safety over here.

At Creative Systems, we value your children's safety, which is why our products are manufactured to meet the highest possible safety regulations in every region. Our affordable active playground equipment is made with hypoallergenic coating and materials and durable components resistant to environmental factors such as rain, snow, heat, and bodily fluids. Our products are made to be rigid and prevent any damage to children's fragile bodies and skin. They are easy to maintain and clean with most basic cleaning agents. We are the best active playground equipment suppliers with an eye for your needs.

We have a wide variety of products, some of which include our U2-RA306 fixture, which is a miniature obstacle course of sorts and is undoubtedly going to be a hit with all the children as it not only provides the vital physical conditioning of a child but also provides lots of fun along the way.

Another example of a structure in our catalog would be the U2-RA304 structure which is a favorite for young children. It expertly combines playtime with exercise for young children and can take up to 50 children at a time, which makes it a must-have for any park or playground. This play structure boasts a combination of climbing ropes and webs that young children would love. As the term 'active' indicates, our products are suited to more physically demanding play for all children, giving them a rewarding workout session, but with all the fun!

In our current society, physical play has begun to decline, especially among children, who, by the way, are the ones who need it the most. This can have many adverse effects on our children today, as research has shown that a lack of play causes many mental issues such as ADHD, Depression, Anti-social disorders, among many others.

The health benefits of physical play cannot be underestimated. When we consider specific societal trends, for example, the global rate of child obesity, we see they are gradually climbing, and physical play has been recognized as an effective way to prevent childhood obesity. So, how about you purchase some of our active playground equipment for sale for your backyard, park, or playground, and ensure you get your free quote from us today!