Children Who Play Grow Into Smart and Happy Adults

March 30, 2021
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Children Who Play Grow Into Smart and Happy Adults

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Every parent has a habit of watching how their children play to determine what they will be in the future. Some even try to steer them in a specific direction by the toys that they offer children. At the end of the day, while every parent may have specific dreams for their children’s future, every parent wants their children to grow into smart and happy adults. You always hear the importance of play for children to learn, but there’s not enough talk about how play is essential for them to grow up into smart and happy adults.

Play Builds Social Skills
Social skills are crucial to children when they grow into adults. Through play, children learn to make friends with other people. While you will likely outgrow your childhood friends, you will still take away the lessons that friendship has taught you. Play encourages children to speak to each other, eventually forming strong bonds with people who exist outside of their family. As you get older, these lessons on forming relationships with other people and effectively communicating will benefit your personal and professional lives.

Play Can Help Build Confidence
Confidence is such an essential part of being an adult. Confidence improves your chances for success since you will have fewer clouds of self-doubt and anxiety hanging over you and holding you back. When children play, they learn that they are good at things, making them more confident in those skills. When you are more confident, you will be more likely to try other games to see if you will succeed. As adults, confidence helps you be happier, but it can also help you be more successful.

Play Makes You More Creative
One of the best things about play is that it can stimulate creativity in children. They follow their imaginations as they create new worlds to play in or make up new games. They don’t care about any of the laws of reality because imagination transcends all of that. As adults, this creativity helps you think outside of the box to come up with innovative approaches to your professional life.

Play Can Encourage Risks
This may not necessarily be seen as a good thing, but people do need to take risks. Risks mean that you are taking chances. When you take chances, you may help further your career, or you will fail and learn valuable lessons that you can grow from. Taking risks can be essential for adults if they want to accomplish their dreams.

Play is so important to children, which is why adults should be encouraging play. They should be encouraging imagination. Children learn from play, and they can take these lessons to their adulthood, helping them become smarter and happier adults. Play gives children the tools that they need to succeed as adults. Play is one of the most fun and effective way for children to learn.