How to be a better logistics administrator?

Volunteers only do what they are told, but as a logistics administrator, you will not be taking orders from anybody.

Logistics supervisor or handler is a person who takes care of everything from timetable to project maintenance. As a logistics supervisor, you will be involved with:

  • Locate and secure spaces for community meetings and fundraising events.
  • Managing tasks at the construction site. Establishing electricity and water supplies to make sure that the site has ample supplies during the construction period.
  • Apart from arranging the meetings, you will also need to arrange for furniture, parking spaces, trash receptacles, chairs, restrooms, tents and microphones/speakers.
  • Coordinating with the staff to make sure that all things go according to the plan.
  • Arrange for site security and make sure that everybody involved in the project have a safe and secure environment to be productive.
  • Maintain a monitoring process that ensures that timelines are being met and the project is moving forward.
  • Executing clear and carefully pre-planned design with community involvement.