Jumping Pillows: What's the Difference...

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The Jumping Pillow has been around for 18 years, first in Europe, then Australia and in the USA since 2005. It is an engineered product with specific engineered components. In Europe several companies started in competition to the Jumping Pillow and over a period of time - ALL FAILED! The result is that all who purchased opposition products eventually changed to the Jumping Pillow but not before their initial investment had been wasted.

In the USA it was only a matter of time before someone would think that they had the answer to providing a cheaper product. Should you be comparing products then for your peace of mind and your clients safety, you should ask the following questions:

  • How long will the product last before it rips under the strain?
  • What level of UV protection does the canvas have compared to a 'Jumping Pillow Canvas' - should you get an answer to this question then you know something is not right because only we know what level of UV protection our canvas has!
  • Will the canvas stretch? The more the canvas stretches the higher the pillow will get and the less safe it becomes. What type of weave is the base canvas?
  • What is the maximum safety height of my pillow?
  • Is my pillow insurable? If you buy an immitation product and tell your insurance company that you have a Jumping Pillow then you will not be covered.
  • What measures have been taken by the supplier to protect you against liability claims?
  • What manufacturers insurance does the supplier have?
  • What warranty does the supplier give?
  • What products does the supplier have to clean and restore your purchase?
  • Has the anchoring system been tested? - If you anchor with timber and rope then your pillow will tear in a short period of time - see the result of an incorrectly anchored pillow below.
  • Has the air delivery system been engineered and designed so that the jumping of one does not affect the jumping of another?

Incorrect Anchoring - after 12 months

Every aspect of the Jumping Pillow and the installation is specific in providing you with a long life and safe product. Our new Long-Life Canvas has been specifically designed and manufactured for Jumping Pillow use. There is no other product like it in the world. Our canvas is exclusive to Jumping Pillows.