Twenty-Six years of making fun! From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leaders We were founded…

In 1983 Donald Strickland and Anthony Strickland started making seesaws and swing sets out of a converted mechanics garage. The original Playland was truly a family affair with the father and son team both fabricating and selling the company’s products – playground equipment.

Along the way…

In 1990 Anthony Strickland took over the company as President and CEO and set out on a course to develop the beginnings of what is the current product line of modular play systems, originally and fondly named Playland Systems.

The “Playground People” Merger

Playland became a division of Superior International Industries in 1997. SII, as their customers know them, was founded in 1991 by Rob Pepper and Ray Derbecker as a components supplier to both the commercial and residential playground industry. While building on their customer base, they partnered with one of the original founders of Playland, Anthony Strickland, in 1997 to form the new Playland. This new partnership was unique because, as a group of investors and partners, they have spent their lives in the playground industry. They proudly say that Playland is one of the only playground companies in the market today that has leaders that are lifelong “Playground People.”

In the interest of playground safety, IPEMA provides a 3rd Party Certification Service whereby a designated independent laboratory validates a participant’s certification of conformance to ASTM F1487, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use. The use of the corresponding logo in the Playland Guidebook signifies that Playland has received written validation from the independent laboratory that the products associated with the use of the logo conforms with the requirements of the indicated standard. Check the IPEMA website ( to confirm product certification.

Today’s Playland

Then and now, Playland’s mission is to build high quality commercial outdoor playground equipment at an affordable price while maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry. With both domestic and international sales teams, Playland has products all over the world.

With over 300, 000 square feet of combined manufacturing space and utilizing in-house technologies of rotational molding, metal fabrication and custom fabric forming, we produce 95% of the products we sell. In a multi-phase manufacturing process, Playland uses Dura-Guard™ Galvanized Weld Protection, a pre-sanding and hand cleaning power prep process, and finally a baked- on powder-coat finishing process.

Quality engineering returns quality results. The Playland design team utilizes SOLIDWORKS™ engineering software for new product engineering and implementation. We live every day for one simple reason… to design, build and deliver the highest quality products with ultimate PLAY-ON POWER!

Architecture for a smaller world

“Playgrounds must provide activities that are appropriate for the physical, social, emotional and learning level of the children using the playground” -Ken Kutska, Points About Playgrounds

Age 2 to 5: We’ve been to school on pre-school

The focus for this age group is on social interaction; activities that make for great group fun, with just the right level of physical challenge. Activity panels, slides, climbers and swings all meet or exceed ASTM, CPSC and IPEMA safety guidelines for this age group.

The 2 to 5 age group requires guard rails and barriers at much lower deck heights than the older age group. Deck heights for horizontal ladder launches can only be 18” high. The height of the horizontal ladder itself can not exceed 60” from the surfacing.

Age 5 to 12: Hand, eye and playground coordination

Here, our focus is more on physical challenge. Major muscle development is the source and inspiration for component and playground design. We’ve zeroed in on this group with challenging horizontal ladders, climbers and slides. By emphasizing popular components and combining them dynamically, our playgrounds create energy, focus attention and create a great new place for social interactions.

The 5 to 12 age group requires wider slide bedways than the younger children. Horizontal ladders may launch from decks up to 36” high and may be as high as 84” off the ground.

Age 2 to 12: Grouping components to meet the needs of a wide age group

Sometimes separate playgrounds are not an option, so structures must be created and designed to meet the needs of both age groups. Here are some of the main issues when grouping components:

1. Younger children require barriers on lower decks.

2. Older children require wider slide beds.

3. Overhead ladders must be lower to accommodate younger children.

To accommodate both age groups, both sets of guidelines must be met. You must also make sure to limit use of the playground to one age group at a time or, if not possible, you must ensure there is enough supervision to create a safe environment for all the children.

Playland has comprehensive knowledge of how to put a playground together that meets the needs of the 2 to 12 age group. You design the structure; we will make sure it meets the regulations.

Playgrounds Packed with Play-on Power!

Take note of an important Playland innovation: the Expedition and Adventure series are two versions of the same design. Expedition playgrounds have 5” diameter steel posts, 48” deck grids and 30” plastic tubes to accommodate larger groups of children. The Adventure series offers the same durability and quality as the Expedition, but on a 3.5” diameter steel post basis with 36” deck grids and 24” plastic tubes — perfect for limited space and budgets. Both series are fully modular and designed for a wide age group of children (2-12).

What to look for

On each page of the Playground Portfolio section, you will find essential information such as price, child capacity, size, shipping weight, etc. Additionally, note the list of popular components and approved child age designation for each unit.

Overhead 3D Computer Rendering

Throughout the catalog, we also show an overhead 3D computer rendering. This point-of-view greatly aids in planning and visualizing your design.

So, you can use the following pages to choose a design off-the-shelf or as inspiration for your custom design. Either way, with Playland you get great play value and Play-on Power!

Play Along a Theme

The playgrounds offer children many opportunities to let their imagination run wild. Our ship theme is detailed from the high flying navy sign down to the adventurous ships bow. The castle theme features cathedral windows and a balcony overlooking the fort.

Whether for a captain or first mate of a ship to a princess or damsel in distress in the castle, these theme playgrounds will provide hours of fun and imaginative adventures.

Create a fun station one phase at a time

Phasing is an excellent way to limit your initial funding needs. You can match a part of your playground plans to your first year’s budget. You can begin with your ADA access point and expand into slides and climbers.

Annual additions, in line with annual budgets, can be made to complete your original playground vision. Note how the unit pictured here was accomplished in three years.

By phasing your playground; landscaping, independent events and site amenities can be included in your budget from the beginning.

So, remember to create a complete plan. We’ll show you how to make your fun station one phase at a time!

Finally, affordable early childhood playground equipment! KidsCenter™

Playland’s newest offering for the ages of 2-5 is packed with fun and is great for the budget-minded consumer. Offering 3 models starting at $2, 095, KidsCenter™ puts play value back in your playground.

These units are sold as shown and cannot be modified. Colors are available as shown.

The Soul of a Fun Machine

You can create a magnet for spirited, safe play. Choose from over 100 modular play components. Each one meets a child’s high standard for Play-on Power. And, each meets or exceeds applicable safety standards.

Design your playground component-by-component or simply choose one of the Playground Portfolio units and customize it. You can choose from many challenging climbers and activity panels that educate and entertain, and the industry’s most popular horizontal ladders, tube slides and much, much more.


Decks are made from 12 gauge hot-rolled punched steel that is plastisol-coated. The perforated surface has holes that are approximately 5/8” in diameter after coating and 1.25” on center spacing between perforations.

All of our decks can be mounted flush to one another or at offset heights to create challenge and interest. Kickplates are available for 8” and 12” offsets to meet required safety standards. See page 129 for color selections.

The Square Deck is available for the 36” and 48” grid and is the most basic of our decks.

The Rectangle Deck is the essential piece that allows 48” grid components to be used on the 3 1/2” Adventure Series.

The Panel Ladder is for deck to deck climbing. Available in 16”, 24”, 36” and 48”.

The Half Hex Deck is available for the 36” and 48” grid and is the equivalent of three triangle decks.

The Sun Deck is a functional way to increase deck area without the need of additional posts. Available for 48” grid only.

The Hex Deck is available for the 36” and 48” grid and is the equivalent of six triangle decks.

The Triangle Deck is available for the 36” and 48” grid and is the foundation of the hex decks.


All stairs are available as ground-to-deck or deck-to-deck units. Stairs are made from 12 gauge hot-rolled punched steel that is plastisol-coated. Additional features include:

Treads & Stringers

  • 12-gauge hot-rolled steel
  • Plastisol coatings
  • Perforated surface (1.25” oc between perforations)
  • Handrails & Gates

  • 1.25” OD round
  • Powder coating?
  • Barriers

    These devices are essential for directing traffic throughout the play structure. Barriers keep decks safe, but they can also be an important play element. As pictured here, barriers can be plain pipewalls or play activities, such as a pipewall with wheel. See page 129 for color selection.


    All bridges can be used on 3.5” Adventure or 5” Expedition Systems unless otherwise noted.

    Arch Bridge:

    Available in 8’ length. Constructed of 12 gauge hot-rolled punched steel with a plastisol coating to increase traction. Side rails are constructed of durable polyethylene. Galvanized steel handrails with a powder-coat finish. Use between two decks of equal height. Available for 12” to 72” deck heights.

    90° Bridge:

    Available in 48” and 36” grids, Constructed from 12 gauge hot-rolled punched steel with a plastisol coating to increase traction. Galvanized steel guard rails with a powder-coat finish. Use between two decks of equal height. Available for 24” to 72” deck heights.

    Chain Bridge:

    Available in 8’ length. Constructed of uni-welded chain with a plastisol coating to increase traction. Galvanized steel guard rails with a powder-coat finish. Use between two decks of equal height. Available for 12” to 30” deck heights. Also available freestanding. Available in 5” only.

    Bubble Wall Bridge:

    Made from durable rotomolded plastic, our bubble wall bridge is a unique new traversing deck-to-deck climbing bridge. Available in any of our plastics colors. For deck heights of 12” to 48”.

    Challenge Bridge:

    Available in 8’ length. Constructed of durable polyethylene with a textured finish for traction. Galvanized steel frame with powder-coat finish. Use between two decks of equal height. Available for 12” to 30” deck heights. Also available freestanding.

    Inch Worm Bridge:

    Available in 8’ length. Constructed of durable polyethylene with textured finish for traction. Galvanized steel frame with powder-coat finish. Torsion pivot base for side-to-side motion. 24” to 30” deck heights only.

    Lily Pad Bridge:

    Available in 8’ length. Constructed of durable polyethylene with a textured finish for traction. Galvanized steel frame with a powder-coat finish. Use between two decks of equal height. Available for 12” to 48” deck heights. Also available freestanding and ground to deck.

    Pipe Bridge:

    Available in 8’ length. Constructed with durable polyethylene gates and galvanized steel rails with a powder-coat finish. Use between two decks of equal height. Available for 24” to 48” deck heights. Available only on 5” series.

    Suspension Bridge:

    Available in 8’ length. One piece bridge for durability and ease of installation Constructed from 12 gauge hot-rolled punched steel with a plastisol coating to increase traction. Galvanized steel guard rails with a powder-coat finish. Use between two decks of equal height. Available for 12” to 72” deck heights.

    Horizontal Ladders

    Horizontal Ladders promote physical fitness and develop upper body strength as well as hand-eye coordination. They connect between decks or from an end climber to a play system. They can also be ordered as freestanding events with two end climbers. Horizontal ladders are available for Adventure Series, Expedition Series or freestanding units. Horizontal ladders are powder-coated to your choice of colors. See Page 129 for color selection.

    Wavy Deep Rung: Another great challenge. Large hand hold areas plus asymmetrical heights make this a #1 eye-hand coordination, upper-body developer.

    270° Circle Ring:

    Metal hoops welded to a 270° circle make this a single deck launch play event. Available in 5” only.

    Offset Straight Rung Ladder:

    Offset decks make for great play planning. This ladder is your fun connection! Twists and turns make traversing this ladder even more challenging.

    Track Ride:

    Children glide easily along this high quality Track Ride. Aluminum housing protects track mechanism giving you years of track riding fun. Heavy duty handle with one-of-a-kind self-braking system that keeps the handle from being thrown end-to-end.

    Wavy Straight Rung: This traditional horizontal ladder provides great play-on-power! The horizontal ladder no playground should be without.

    360° Orbital:

    Fun comes full circle with this straight rung ladder. A great challenge for every child who wants to make it all the way around! Available in 5” only.

    Trapeze Ring: A Playland favorite! These sturdy polished aluminum handles come with hangers and chain. The trapeze rings are attached to the frame with clevis fasteners for safety.

    Single Parallel Bar:

    The classic hand-over-hand bar. While appropriate from children of all ages, this is a great first step play event.

    Double Parallel Bar:

    A great variation on the single parallel bar, this play event presents even more of a challenge and is just great fun.

    Rapid Rocker:

    This horizontal ladder provides an advanced upper body workout. A challenging component that promotes coordination, dexterity, and fun for the older child. Available in 5” only.

    Loop Rung:

    Each looped rung requires hand over hand reaching. Hands, wrists and forearms get a real workout, as well as the upper body muscles.


    The Horizontal Ladder for any child ages two to twelve. The big handles make gripping easy. And the angled ladder makes this an exciting deck-to-deck design element.

    Arched Straight Rung:

    With its incline and decline, this horizontal ladder adds a new fun look to your playground.


    Climbers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Plastic climbers are rotomolded with UV stabilized plastic. All metal climbers are available in any of our powder-coated finishes. See page 129 for color selection.

    When specifying your climber designs, note the available deck heights. Just indicate the type of climber you want and a Playland representative will make sure it is installed at the correct deck height.


    All of our molded slides are made with double wall construction for strength. They can be used on both Expedition and Adventure systems at the deck height shown and are available in all our standard plastic colors shown on page 129.

    All plastic slides, except the Alpine Thunder Slide and Triple Chute Slide, come with our new slide hoods as shown on page 80.

    Tube Slides

    Sliding fun begins at the top of a tube slide! Our Playland rotomolded high-strength plastic is available in 24” or 30” diameters in any of our plastic colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Four different configurations (straight, zig-zag, 360° and 90°)

    Crawl Tunnels

    Crawl tunnels connect decks of the same or offset heights. They can also be designed to be freestanding. Crawl tunnels are made of high quality roto-molded plastic and are available for Adventure Series or Expedition Series in any of our plastics colors (see page 129 for color selection). All crawl tunnels come with spy holes for easy supervision of children and are available in 24” and 30” diameters Other features include:

    • 1st quality LDPE
    • 3/8” wall thickness
    • UV stabilized
    • Anti-static inhibitors

    Straight Crawl Tunnel: Connects two decks of same height. Available in lengths as shown in your Playland diagrams.

    Wavy Crawl Tunnel:

    Connects two decks of same height.

    Curved Crawl Tunnel:

    Connects two decks of same height. Available in degrees of curvature as shown in your Playland diagrams.

    Zig-Zag Crawl Tunnel:

    Offsets two decks of same height by 24”.

    Inclined Crawl Tunnel:

    Connects two decks at 6”, 12” and 24” height increments.

    Activity panels

    Activity panels are available for both a 36” and 48” grid. They can also be installed at deck level, below deck heights greater than 48” or free standing. All panels are constructed of 3/4” heavy duty polyethylene sheet plastic. They are designed to resist fading and warping for a lifetime of activity. See page 129 for color selection.

    Top off your playground with these stylish roofs.

    Roofs are an essential part of your playground environment, providing shade for hours of safe fun. They are also an important feature in the design of your playground.

    You can now pick from plastic and arched metal roofs. Plastic roofs are available to fit both Expedition and Adventure series and are molded with double wall construction. Choose whatever color you like from our color selection on page 129.

    We also offer an archway to enhance your playgrounds look. Plan archways into any deck that you wish to accentuate as an entryway, or use them to balance your playground visually.

    You can achieve a great synergetic look with our archway and arched metal roof. You can integrate these into any of our modular systems.


    C-Grab Handles:

    These are a simple way to add hand support in areas where children need a helping hand.

    D-Grab Handles:

    These handles give a helping hand in tight spaces where C-Grab handles will not fit.

    Sliding Pole: Deck Heights:

    24”- 72.” Age 5-12 only.

    Chin-up Bar:

    Another great outdoor gym event. Repetitions on a chin-up bar are still one of the best ways to develop upper body strength and stamina. When installed lower to the ground, children can use the chin-up bar for turning.

    Safety Signs:

    Every playground needs these essential child designation 3/4” polyethylene signs. Signs come mounted on a 2 3/8” freestanding post. 60 lbs. (27kg) Item Numbers: 30022025 (2 to 5), 30022212 (2 to 12), 30022512 (5 to 12) Retail: $205

    Slide Hoods:

    Our new slide hoods not only look great, but they are even easier to install then ever!

    Talk Tubes:

    Fun station to fun station. Children connect with these ingenious talk tubes. Air amplified and channeled by the aluminum funnel conducts sounds all across the playground. Delightful as well as educational. These talk tubes are used in pairs that can be attached to a modular system or completely freestanding (as shown).

    Log Roll:

    The timberland comes to every playground! This balance building event is made rugged with rotomolded plastic in your choice of colors. It rotates on a solid bearing surface. This roll features raised knobs for traction and comes complete with grab handles. Age 5-12 only.

    Touch the sky with a wide range of swing types and sizes!

    Get all the swings you need from Playland! We have full bucket and half bucket seats for preschoolers and belt seats for children 5-12 years old. These are tough, all-season swings made for lots of heavy use. They come in a variety of colors to match your playground color scheme. Please note that you can order standard galvanized chain or easy-on-the-hands yellow plastisol coated chain. Coated chain adds color and comfort to every swing event! Clevis fasteners are standard on every swing. This child-friendly hardware is the best way to meet safety standards.

    Playland also offers the most popular options for swing structures: bi-pod frame, tri-pod frame, single post frame and arched frame. The entire single post and arched frames are coated to any of our post color selections (see page 129 for the Playland color palette). The bi-pod and tri-pod frames come with powder-coated junction sections and galvanized frames.

    Playland also makes the very popular tire swing. The tire swing comes powder-coated in your choice of colors.

    Make your playground complete with Independent Events. Complete Fun!

    Independent play structures are a great way to provide an alternate play environment for a child. While the main playground structure is great for group play, these bright imaginative play components attract one or perhaps a few children at a time creating a whole new play experience. They can provide a needed rest from the crowds on the playground.

    Independent ground level events are also a requirement for the ADA guidelines. It is important to give every child a fun, challenging environment.

    You will find in the following pages a complete range of age appropriate equipment. As always, be sure and note safe use zones.

    Chain Link Wall Climbers:

    Rotomolded links make this freestanding unit a unique traversing climber. Rotomolded links and powder-coated posts in your choice of colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Bubble Wall Climbers:

    Rotomolded panels combine to make a fun new freestanding traversing climber. Rotomolded panels and powder-coated posts in your choice of colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Panel Climber:

    Unique hand and foot holds give just the right amount of challenge for a climb to the top! ¾” high-strength polyethylene panels in your choice of panel colors on 3.5” posts. See page 129 for color selection.

    Zany Zipper Arch:

    The two curves of this arch are offset from each other, making this a truly unique challenge for all school-age children. Powder-coated in your choice of colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Camel Back Kids:

    Unique double hump with deep rung arches make this multi-colored event as fun to play on as to see! Available in up to 3 powder-coat colors as listed below. See page 129 for color selection.

    Mountain Climber:

    This play structure is a mountain of fun! Powder-coated in your choice of colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Space Pod:

    Great play value! It can accommodate many children in a small area. Easy bolt-together assembly. Available in up to 2 powder-coat colors as listed below. 1 color for all Hexagon panels. 1 color for all Pentagon panels.

    Climbing Wall:

    This free standing climber is a child’s way to the top! High-strength chain and rungs in two separate configurations create a great single challenge or a race to the top. 5” posts.

    Parallel Bars:

    The classic outdoor gym event. This upper-body strengthening structure is perfect for all ages. Powder-coated in your choice of colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Horizontal Ladders

    Junior Horizontal Ladder:

    The original horizontal ladder! It fits every playground and every budget. Powder-coated in your choice of colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Freestanding Slides

    Wave Freestanding Slide:

    All slides come with a hooded entrance to encourage sitting down when sliding. Slides are made from high-quality, one-piece roto-molded plastic in your choice of plastic colors. Vertical posts are 3-1/2” diameter. Posts, barrier walls and rails are powder-coated in the same color from our metal components color selection. Stairs and decks are available in any of our plastisol colors. See page 129 for color selection.

    Beams, Lily Pads and Mushrooms

    Zig-Zag Balance Beam:

    A more challenging balance event

    Free Standing Lily Pads:

    Roto-molded non-slip pads available in plastic colors. Builds coordination skills.

    Rubber Mushrooms:

    Available in three color schemes: blue with red dots, green with yellow dots, and red with green dots. Safe for toddlers.

    Rockers, See-Saws and Diggers

    Two-Seat Retro Rocker:

    Galvanized steel spring rocker with two aluminum seats. Economical two-way spring event. Helps to develop strength and balance.

    Classic Teeter II:

    Heavy duty elevated galvanized powder-coated frame with aluminum seats. Two seat even promotes social play. Tires are included.

    Sand Digger:

    Sturdy galvanized frame with aluminum bucket. In-ground mount only.

    ADA Sand Digger:

    Wheelchair accessible. Sturdy galvanized frame with aluminum bucket. In-ground mount only.

    High Quality Roto-Molded Riders:

    These spring riders are constructed of the same high quality plastic used to make the slides for Playland’s modular systems.

    Heavy Duty Metal Riders:

    These metal riders are constructed of the same high quality and high-strength steel tubing as Playland’s modular systems. They come powder-coated to match your playground’s tough finish. See page 129 for your powder-coating and panel color options.

    Activity Stations

    Paint Station:

    Polycarbonate paint surface is unbreakable and washes off easily. The paint shelf accepts standard reusable cups for holding paint. ADA accessable.

    Fun Table:

    Large, heavy-duty ¾” plastic picnic table provides ample room for meals, drawing, and play. 48” diameter.

    Whale Sand/Water Table:

    This fascinating event allows children to learn US and metric dimensions. ADA accessable.

    Gas Station:

    The prices will never change at these pumps! Dual handles for multiple fill ups. Kids can pull up, fill up and be on their way.

    Critter Hut:

    This item is multi-functional. Kids can climb on, climb through, or climb over. Colors are bright and cheery; graphics are fun and detailed.

    Turn Any Playground into a Park with Outdoor Furniture

    Our outdoor furniture stems from 26 years of experience in developing and manufacturing commercial and playground furniture. Through the years, we’ve tried and tested our products in a host of conditions and settings – from the Great Lakes up North to the Keys down South, from the Chesapeake Bay back East to the Catalina Islands out West. We experienced the rigors and extremes of the outdoors as we learned what these products need to give satisfying service for years. That is precisely what our outdoor furniture provides today.

    All pieces begin with a heavy gauge steel core to which a smooth UV-stabilized plastisol coating is added. Frames for benches and tables have a powder-coat finish that, like the plastisol coated steel tops and seats, stands up well to nature’s nastiest onslaughts.

    Our outdoor furniture is now successfully installed all across the country in a wide variety of settings, environments and climates, providing beauty and lasting function to thousands of satisfied users. We invite you to see what we offer in the pages that follow, and then to contact us to find out specifically how we might help you satisfy your outdoor furniture needs and desires.

    Royal Series:

    The Royal Series tables and benches feature tops and seats made with ¾” #9 expanded metal. They are welded inside a strong 2” x 2” angle iron frame with a protective plastisol coating. Additional bracing under the frames uses 1 ½” x ¼” flat steel which is important to keep the rounded corners and frame edges straight and good looking over years of hard abuse.

    Café Series:

    Our Café Series tables and benches feature tops and seats made with ¾” #9 expanded metal. They are welded inside a strong 2” x 2” angle iron frame with a protective plastisol coating. Additional bracing under the frames uses 1 ½” x ¼” flat steel which is important to keep the rounded corners and frame edges straight and good looking over years of hard abuse. These tables are perfect for food courts and courtyards.

    Vision Series:

    The Vision Series features a small hole size which creates a smoother surface. This design using small hole 11 gauge punched steel holes is equal to or will exceed the load bearing capacities of 3/4’” #9 gauge expanded metal.

    Continuum Series:

    Our Continuum Series benches and tables feature tops and seats made with ¾” #9 expanded metal welded inside a strong 2” x 2” angle iron frame with a protective plastisol coating. The seats have the same sturdy 2” border, but with an angled sloping design that give the table a unique look. Additional bracing under the frames uses 1 ½” x ¼” flat steel which keeps the rounded corners and frames straight and good looking over years of hard abuse.

    Continuum Vision Series:

    Our Continuum Vision Series tables and benches feature tops and seats made with small hole 11 gauge punched steel welded inside a strong 2” x 2” angle iron frame with a protective plastisol coating. The tops and seats still have the same sturdy 2” border, but with an angled sloping design that gives the table a whole new look. Additional bracing under the frames uses 1 ½” x ¼” flat steel which is important to keep the product straight and good looking over years of hard abuse.

    Honeycomb Series:

    The unique hole pattern of the Honeycomb Series Tables provides a very smooth surface. Tops and seats are made with plastisol coated large hole #11 punched steel and given extra support with 1 ½” x ¼” flat steel. All edges and corners are rounded to a 2” radius.

    Nebula Series:

    The Nebula Series Tables offer ease of access to seating and convenience of clean up beneath. This series of tables also allows your imagination to run wild with the wide selection of patterns for the tops and seats. The 2 7/8” OD easy access frames add strength and durability. Mounting plates are standard and can be either bolted down to concrete for surface mounting application or left un-bolted for portable applications. Stationary frames for inground mounting are also available. The stationary models have an extra 30” length on the frame legs to allow for inground mounting applications. Solid cast aluminum surface mount covers (SA10961) are available at an additional cost for that final finished look, see page 115.

    Vintage Series:

    The Vintage Series benches use cast aluminum frames combined with a ribbed steel back and seat. (ADDON) indicates an extension consisting of one additional frame/armrest and one seat.

    Vintage Salon Series:

    The Vintage Salon Series benches bring the look of the old world and new world together with the vintage ribbed look combined with the new frame made from 12 gauge 1 ½” galvanized tubing with a powder coat finish. See page 115 for additional arm rests.

    Neo Salon Series:

    The Neo Salon Series benches combine the comfortable contour seat with a stylish new frame made from 12 gauge 1 ½” galvanized tubing with a powder coat finish. See page 115 for additional arm rests.

    Chateau Series:

    Our Chateau Series benches have a refined new look. The back and seats are made with #9 gauge ¾” expanded metal with a larger diamond design in the middle for added style. (ADDON) indicates an extension consisting of one additional frame/armrest and one seat.

    Chateau Salon Series:

    The Chateau Salon Series benches use the same contoured seat as the Chateau with a new frame made from 12 gauge 1 ½” galvanized tubing with a powder coat finish. See page 115 for additional arm rests.

    Silhouette Series:

    The Silhouette Series benches are made from ¾” #9 gauge expanded metal and 2 7/8” legs. With a contoured seat and arms for maximum comfort. The Silhouette is also available with a Vintage style slotted seat.

    Neo Series:

    The Neo Series benches use a special bent frame of 2 7/8” tubing. The Neo Series benches can be used with a choice of contoured seats including expanded metal and ribbed steel. (ADDON) indicates an extension consisting of one additional frame/armrest and one seat.

    Metropolitan Series:

    Our Metropolitan Series benches are available in either two or three seat configurations in a straight line or as three seaters in curved configurations. The curved models have the option of concave or convex curve. The selection offers flexibility in setting up different layouts. Available with or without backs.

    Bench and Table Accessories:

    These accessories are for many of our tables and benches. The Surface Mount Covers are for surface mounted tables and benches with either 2 3/8” tubing or 2 7/8” tubing. The Center Arm Rest adds an additional arm rest to your Neo Salon, Vintage Salon, or Chateau Salon Bench.

    Trash Receptacles:

    Our trash receptacles are available in many styles to complement all of our bench styles. There are also a wide variety of accessories to work in conjunction with our trash receptacles to keep your seating and eating areas clean and looking good. Receptacles do not include liner, lid, mount or ash urn, these items are found on this and the next page.

    Trash Receptacle Liners:

    We have trash receptacle liners for 55, 32, and 22 gallon receptacles. Available in colors shown.

    Trash Receptacle Lids:

    Our trash receptacle lids are available in plastic domes for 32 and 22 gal models, steel domes for 32 gall models, flat tops for 55, 32, and 22 gal models. The big top is available only for 55 gal models. Colors available as shown.

    Pedestal Grill:

    Our classic camp style pedestal grill is the perfect addition to your park. This grill features a 20” adjustable cooking grate. Inground mount only.

    Landscape Timbers and ADA Ramps

    When installing surfacing, it is best to define the play zones with Playland’s modular plastic timbers. This permanent edging material helps keep loose surfacing in its place. Playland timbers also work great with our special wheelchair accessible ramp. This heavy duty ramp works well for establishing traffic patterns on your playground. Timbers available in all standard plastic colors shown on page 129.

    Four foot timbers require one stake per timber and six foot timbers require two stakes per timber. Additional stakes may be required for some layouts.

    Play it Cool

    Playland provides superior shade products for virtually every type of playground and other outdoor situation – no matter the size, shape or location.

    The management team at Playland has over 45 years of shade and recreation products experience, both here in the U.S. and abroad. We have created and installed canopies in some of the world’s most sun-intense locations, including south Florida, Australia, the Caribbean and South Africa.

    Our fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and provide up to 99% protection from dangerous Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation, as measured by the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. Our products are built to last.

    Just a few of the benefits of Playland shade products include:

    Our fabrics provide up to 99% UV protection, which protects from painful and even cancerous sunburns

    • Protects your play equipment investment
    • Your play structures will be cooler to the touch
    • Our fabrics provide 80% water repellency
    • Around sports fields our canopies give protection from misdirected, high-flying balls
    • Our patent pending Glide Elbow enables you to quickly remove and re-install canopies in the event that severe weather is in the forecast.
    • Both our high-gloss powder-coated steel frames and outstanding UV block fabrics come in a wide variety of pleasing colors, which you can mix and match as you choose.

    Our Square and Rectangular shapes are great for:

    • Picnic Areas
    • Water Parks and Pool Decks
    • Playgrounds
    • Bleachers
    • Dugouts
    • Concession Areas

    At the core of Playland’s shade offerings are our Square and Rectangular designs which deliver remarkably efficient and economical shade protection. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes, heights, colors and fabrics – all of which can be coordinated to meet your location’s individual requirements.

    Our Polygon shapes are ideal for:

    • Picnic Areas
    • Playgrounds
    • Concession Areas

    If you want to create a more unusual, creative look, our polygon structures provide the right touch. Of course they still deliver all the protection and durability of our other shapes – they just do it with more flair.

    So let your imagination go. Our designers will work with you to produce a fresh, colorful structure that will express your location’s unique personality.

    Let your creativity really soar. Go for our Sails!

    When you have a project that you want to truly stand out – or when you have an odd-shaped location where post locations must conform to restrictions – our Sail designs are the solution. They can be combined in virtually any combination, and they’ll provide both a bold, unique look as well as top-flight UV protection of up to 99%.

    You name it – whether it’s an amphitheater, a sports field, or a large spectator seating area – our distinctive Sail shape will both serve your location and set it apart in excellent style.

    Our minimal post shapes are perfect for these situations:

    • Parking Areas
    • High-Traffic Areas
    • Pool Decks
    • Picnic/Seating Areas

    Many locations require the use of as few posts and/or footings as possible. A design that works most effectively in those areas is our Cantilever Shade, because that shape is engineered to provide maximum shade with minimal obstructions. Our Cantilever designs are available in a number of different overhangs, lengths and heights – all of which offer the same fabric styles, colors and easy-fastening features of our other shapes.

    Got a custom space? We have you covered.

    We’ve yet to meet a space we couldn’t figure out how to protect and beautify. So don’t hesitate to talk to us about your most difficult project. We love to solve a shade challenge as economically and creatively as possible!

    When you work with us, you’ll see that our customer service, designs, durability and our “can-do” attitude are all superior in every way.


    Playland now offers architectural elegance for your park environment. Provide shelter from the rain or sun with one of our beautiful steel or wood structures. Choose from one of our standard designs and dress it up with our numerous options or allow our design department to create a custom masterpiece to fit your need. Whichever you choose, you’ll be pleased to have one of our superior structures.

    Fitness Course

    The Fitness Course is designed to provide levels of challenge for both older children and adults. It includes signage that explains the various events and gives suggestions for physical programs and warm-up/cool-down routines. The events can be laid out as shown, along a pathway, or reconfigured to fit your area. The same high quality materials used in Playland’s playground equipment are used to build the Fitness Course – providing the same strength and durability! Choose one color for posts and one color for metals from page 129. Three panel sign package included with 10 station course.

    Playland Warranty

    Playland General Guarantee:

    • Playland warrants its products to be free from defect in materials and workmanship during installation and normal use.
    • Playland Further Warrants the Following:
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Galvanized Steel Posts, Stainless Steel Hardware, Aluminum Fittings and Aluminum Post Caps.
    • Limited 15-Year Warranty on all Punched Decks.
    • Limited 10-Year Warranty on all Rails, Rungs, Loops, Rotomolded Components and Plastic Sheet Components.
    • Limited 1-Year Warranty on all Moving Parts, Swing Seats, Swing Hangers and other material not covered above.

    The warranty stated above is valid only if the structure is installed in conformity with the installation instructions provided by Playland using parts approved by Playland. All parts are to be subject to normal use for the purpose of which the parts were designed. Prior to installation, the parts are not to be subject of vandalism, misuse, neglect or accident. Parts are not to be altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than Playland.

    This warranty does not cover cosmetic items (i.e. scratches, dents, fading, discoloring, weathering), paint or decorations, and normal wear and tear.

    Playland shall deliver the repaired or replacement part or parts to the site free of charge, but will not be responsible for labor or the cost of labor on replacing these parts. Replacement parts shall be covered under the original warranty.

    This warranty is exclusive and is in lieu of all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Further, no representation, written or oral, of any Playland sales representative may be substituted for the afore described exclusive limited warranty. To the extent permitted by law, Playland shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, which are expressly excluded from this sale.

    Terms and Conditions

    Pricing: Prices do not include delivery and installation charges and are subject to change without notice.


    Net 30 days from date of invoice for those with approved Playland credit, 1.5% per month there-after; freight charges are prepaid and added to invoice. To all others: Payment in advance.


    Prices do not include applicable taxes, if any.


    Delivery of products is by common carrier. Should there be damages or shortages, notify carrier at once and sign the delivery receipt noting the damages or shortages. Should it be necessary, we offer the service of filing freight claims for customers. We will need the original freight bill showing the shortage or damage and the signature of the driver.


    The weights shown are approximate and may vary.

    In order to honor our commitment to quality and safety, Playland reserves the right to make changes to any product shown in this catalog.

    Play with Color

    Color makes a playground as much fun to see as to play on! Playland has the most popular colors and a great plan for how to put them together. Just follow the outline below, and remember, your local representative or one of our staff will be happy to help you. We love to explore the color dimension and we will show you a complete 3D computer rendering of your playground in the colors you picked. If you wish to change them at this stage – it’s easy!

    When you are ordering colors, think about your playground setting and type of use. A playground can easily blend with the environment by using earth-tones (see sample on page 18) or be bright and playful by the use of primary colors (see sample on page 9). School colors, club colors, or just your own color ideas can all be specified for your unit.

    Five Easy Steps to Selecting Colors

    1. Pick one color for all roofs, one color for all slides and hoods, one color for all crawl tunnels and one color for all plastic climbers.

    2. Pick one color for the panels (alpha, slotted, dino, etc.) Note: the spinners in activity panels are usually the same color as the upright posts, but you may pick any plastic color for them if you choose.

    3. Pick one color for all the upright posts (these hold up roofs and decks).

    4. Pick one color for all of the metal components (vertical ladders, horizontal ladders, pipe walls, etc.). Note: they don’t have to be the same color as the upright posts.

    5. Pick one color for all plastisol coated decks, stairs and bridges.

    All Playland metal components are painted by a process called powder-coating. This is a superior, high-gloss, no-peel finish. Powder-coating is better than any other painted coating because it is baked on the metal. All Playland plastics contain UV stabilizers for long lasting fun under the sun. In addition, they are resistant to mold and mildew making them very easy to clean.

    Every modular Playland playground is available with a maintenance kit. The kit contains touch up paints that are color matched to your unit. If a metal component is scratched, it can be touched up immediately with this quick dry paint. The kit also contains tools and instructions for that all-important preventative maintenance. By using these tools and this guidebook, you and all of the children will have years of great, safe fun – and more Play-on Power!


    Use our online form to send us your comments or questions.