Safety Surfacing | Rubber Playground Tiles | Carnival Ultra

PlayGuard’s Carnival Ultra line features 9 standard hues with concentrated color saturations. Carnival Ultra tiles are manufactured with recycled SBR and EPDM rubber wear layer to a footed recycled SBR rubber base. This provides the durability and sustainability with the aesthetic appeal and design capabilities.

Used in combination or as single-color accents, the wear layer colors of the Carnival Ultra line create bright and engaging atmospheres that beg for participation and activity. The collection’s vivid patterns bring design themes to life and transform playgrounds into lively community attractions.

PG60 Grape Ape

PG61 Cherry Blast

PG62 Blueberry Pie

PG63 Sour Apple

PG65 Rock Candy

PG66 Caramel Corn

PG67 Funnel Cake

PG67 Funnel Cake

PG69 Midway Lights