Why It is Healthy and Normal for Children to Play Alone

March 2, 2020
Kids Playing Alone

Why It is Healthy and Normal for Children to Play Alone

Author: Austin Stanfel

We all know that playing is an essential part of the life of children which teaches the socialization skills in them. But we must also remember that playing alone is equally crucial and for this, they need to know how to play on their own. This is required as it teaches certain vital things that can be learned in solo only. This includes decision making on their own, enhancement of their creativity and imaginations as well as the strength to act independently.

Children generally want the attention of their parents all the time which they get quickly. But sometimes, it is vital to allow them to play alone which will be quite helpful for them in the future when they opt to explore new spaces, make their own decisions and grow up as stronger independent individuals. For all this, parents need first to understand its importance as well as know that it will be an exciting experience for them too.

It is needed for the parents to make sure that when they opt to play alone, there should not be any electronic gadgets involved which children might use as a source of entertainment. Thus, the very purpose of playing alone will remain unfulfilled. During this, they learn to stay happy and compel themselves to find out ways in which the time can be spent excitingly without merely wasting it. This is something that will significantly boost their imagination and creativity as they need to think hard for avoiding boredom when they are left with no other option. Thus, they will be able to grow, explore things as well as get to learn many things.

Playing alone makes them confident about themselves. They get to learn about their hidden potentials by solving issues on their own because there is no one else who can help them out in such a scenario. In group playing, it generally happens that the decision making is not vested in one child, they combinedly take a decision, but in solo play, they need to plan tactfully to get out of any awkward or unwanted situation. Even if they are unable to handle them correctly, the skills used in the scenario will gradually get polished over time to handle situations well. Thus, when they grow up, they can establish a strong identity of their own.

The occurrence of new hobbies and interests takes place during a solo play as there is no peer pressure which they gradually start enjoying and they no more have to look up to someone to enjoy their free time. Also, they won’t have the feeling that others can judge them when they do something on their own or something different. They can engage themselves in activities without any hindrance from the public. So, it is essential to make sure that before the golden era of getting children involved in the solo play gets over, you need to fully utilize the period to teach them the skills and cultivating self-confidence as well as independence in them which are vital qualities in one’s life.