5 Golden Safety Rules That Every Playground Must Follow

5 Golden Safety Rules That Every Playground Must Follow

Author: Austin Stanfel

Play is joyous, but what if it becomes a dangerous spot for little ones? Falls are average but can cause severe injuries if your child falls. A child’s safety is everything to parents, isn’t it?

It is time to prioritize child’s safety at the community playgrounds. We need to be more focused while designing playgroundsThis article will inform you about five helpful rules for child safety during play. Let us get started!

1. Choose Playground Surface Wisely

Falling on a rough and rigid surface can cause severe damage to your child. That is why we choose playgrounds with a loose-fill material ground covering, such as wood chips, sand, pea gravel, or shredded rubber.

Some playground surfaces are made of rubber tiles, rubber mats, or poured-in-place rubber, all of which are safe. Playground surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, dirt, and even grass are unsafe. Playground surfaces should be at least 6 feet away from playground structures.

2. Always Prefer Age-Appropriate Equipment

A significant cause of playground injuries is the use of faulty equipment. A piece of non-appropriate equipment can cause as much harm as a faulty one. In modern-day community playgrounds, age-appropriate equipment can be perfect for your little champ.

Seek out a playground that has age-appropriate equipment. Choose a playground that has separate areas for children aged 2 to 5 and 5 to 12. Age ranges for each piece of playground equipment should be posted on signs to guide children & their attendants.

3. Stay Away From Faulty Equipment

Stay away from faulty equipment that is too old and can break anytime. As a parent, you must teach your child to differentiate between good and faulty playground equipment. Do not let them get near any pointy ends or edges because they can lose an eye from making a small mistake.

Be considerate of your little one and make them aware of their safety. On the other hand, if playground equipment is unsuitable for play and needs repair, you must put a warning sign.

4. Supervise Your Little Champ

Children under the age of five require constant and active supervision of play equipment. On the other hand, older children still need supervision on playground equipment because they try to take more risks.

Remember that supervision is the key to safe and sound play; that is why playground authorities should place cameras all around the playground to keep an eye on little ones.

5. Child Education About Play

Child education about their safety is often neglected but is the most crucial part of the play. Encourage safe play habits and teach children appropriate behavior, such as following.

  • Waiting for their turn.
  • There will be no pushing while playing.
  • Take a seat and hold on to the swings and slides.
  • Look before you leap.

Wrapping Thoughts

Play is all about learning through experiences, so it should be encouraged as long as it is not harming anyone. Follow safety measures, and your child can enjoy playing. Nevertheless, it needs a little effort from both playground authorities and parents. Counsel your child about their safety; start today for a better future!