Xccent Play

  • Enjoy more play value with Fusion. Thanks to its unique construction, a Fusion play system accommodates an unusually large number of activities in a smaller space. And it does it with improved site lines. so the fun always stays between the lines.

  • Nothing looks or performs like a TriaxT. Triax is the only three-post deck system in the industry. The power of three means you invest less budget on posts and more on fun. Its futuristic aesthetics conceals its budget-minded practicality, while its open and airy design spreads out the fun and keeps it all in clear view.

  • Start them out right. Fusion EC is engineered especially for the little legs and feet of 2-5 years olds. It’s also designed with the smaller space allocations typically found in pre-schools and daycare centers.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Finding exciting age appropriate components can be a real challenge. You may recognize many of today’s options from your childhood. Xccent’s fresh take on the category breathes new life into early childhood play equipment.

  • Punctuate your playground. Whether you have a little space or a lot, there’s an independent play option that will make that particular spot a hot spot.

  • All play … no shortcuts. Go:)Play is a 3.5″ diameter post and deck play system. It is 100% made in the USA with the same great Xccent quality! With 6 different systems to choose from and starting at just $4, 699, everyone can get in on this gorgeous system!

  • Good looks and lasting value. Most park benches and trash cans look pretty much the same. At Xccent we challenge you to look past the similarities of appearances. Our exclusive Hot Dip Curing Process keeps our component parts and coatings at a uniform and optimum temperature. The result is a skin-like coating that bonds to rather than surrounds steel. Keeping the protective coating in a position where it can continue to do its job for a very, very long time.

  • Work & play together. You’ll never find yourself in a corner just because you’re drawn to a particular piece of Xccent equipment. That’s because we design all of our equipment to be interchangeable. When it comes to fostering children’s play and imagination .the sky is the limit and we’re giving you full access.

  • There is no greater priority than keeping kids safe. By eliminating blind spots and pinch points Xccent play equipment keeps the fun in-bounds and worry-free. Our Playmotion technology means we create excitement through movement, not height. At the heart of that motion are our exclusive polymer joints and hinges that you’ll find on the X-wave, Gyro and other Xccent favorites. They replace ancient rusty coil springs and eliminate pinch points. Preventing mishaps before they happen is the best way to assure safety. The wide-open sight lines of our Triax and Fusion systems make it easy for parents and staff to curtail reckless behavior before it has hurtful results.

Play Value
Xccent Play's innovative approach to design and development of Playmotion Technology helps to ensure your playground will be dynamic, safe and overflowing with limitless play value. The heart of Playmotion Technology is our proprietary polymer we incorporate throughout our product lines. This virtually indestructible material adds a dynamic, unexpected and more exciting flavor to everything it touches. It eliminates the need for unsightly, unsafe coiled springs and allows for unique 360-degree movement with out sharp edges or pinch points. Playmotion Technology creates a unique and different play experience every time a child uses a piece of equipment, keeping kids engaged and interested.