Cube Systems 2020

Encourages imaginative and interactive play

created through a multidimensional environment as a climbing structure that can be explored both inside and out.

Designed for age groups:

2-5, 5-12 or 2-12


100% Polyethylene


Single modular play component and climbing structure expandable and stackable while still remaining compliant.

Safety compliance:

Meets or exceeds CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety guidelines.


Available in a variety of different colors

Manufactured in Sacramento California since 1981. Complies with the Buy America Act (BAA).Creative Recreational Systems, Inc. 2377 Gold Meadow Way, Suite 100 , Gold River, CA 95670 | 877.752.9797

Video Featuring: Austin Stanfel


The Design Process