Emerging Trends of Playgrounds

Emerging Trends of Playgrounds that you must know in 2022

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Playgrounds are an essential part of our community. They play a vital role in creating compact spaces for the development of the community. In the past years, people didn’t pay much attention to playing in playgrounds, but now, as we enter a new era, a considerable difference is observed. In every community, playgrounds are evolving day by day.

Do you know the new trends followed by modern playgrounds these days? No? Don’t you worry, keep reading this article till the end, because you will learn everything to transform your community playground into a modern playground. Here we have described all new emerging trends of 2022 for playgrounds that help in the child’s learning, growth, and development:

Inclusive Playgrounds

The first trend for 2022 is the improvement of inclusive playgrounds. This year, we see new strategies according to which playgrounds should be accessible to all the members living in the community. It includes not only normal kids but also disabled kids and even grownups. Sounds great.

The primary purpose of creating inclusive playgrounds is to make neighborhoods more active and healthy. Involving an older one to do activities in playgrounds can be very beneficial. Studies showed that kids are more motivated to exercise if they see parents or adults doing so.

Natural Playgrounds

Have you ever rolled in a pile of leaves or climbed a tree? If yes, then you have experienced what natural play is about. With the progress of the internet and video games, nature play became outdated. Due to this reason, natural playgrounds and outdoor spaces are getting popular in 2022 to break the stronghold of technology on kids.

Natural playgrounds provide children with space for imaginative play. It can be effective in encouraging kids to reconnect with nature. Not just that, your kids will also be more active while running on grassy grounds. Try to make your kids a nature-loving to the impactful community for a better future.

Sensory Play

Sensory play is the new emerging trend of 2022 in playgrounds, and it is much needed. Activities that stimulate a child’s senses such as hearing, sight, touch, smell, balance, and self-awareness play a crucial part in kids’ cognitive development and learning.

Sensory play can make kids more creative and thoughtful in life. It is more sophisticated than ever. Sensory play can be added by intriguing tactile experiences such as outdoor musical instruments, water features, play panels, rotating equipment, etc.

Safety-Designed Playgrounds

Safety is something that will never go out of style. It is more critical when it comes to the safety of kids. Parents feel satisfied when their kids are having fun while being safe. Many playgrounds are now designed while keeping all the necessary safety measures in mind. A safer playground can benefit the whole community.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that it is impossible to prevent injuries. But, we can be more thoughtful in managing hazards. Playgrounds should be made with safe surfaces, ensuring adequate shade, age-appropriate structure, water facilities in the ground, and fire extinguishers.

Destination or Themed Playgrounds

The most popular trend these days is creating a theme playground. It has become a popular accessory for both school and community parks. Nearly every community playground is designed by keeping kids’ interests in mind to get more attention. It can help in the cognitive learning and development of kids.

A themed playground gives amenities an extra sense of energy. It is the favorite choice for kids of all ages. Many ideas can help create themed playgrounds, such as a dinosaur camp theme, castle theme, beach theme, forest and jungle theme, etc.