Green Building


Q. How can I make my community playground as environmentally-friendly as possible?

There are a lot of ways to make your community playground environmentally-friendly, but the most important and the most common way to contribute towards green building is through recycling and reuse.

You can plant recycle bins in your community playground (in every corner of the playground. Recycle bins are a great way to encourage reuse and recycling. Research suggests that recycle bins allow people to contribute towards green building far more effectively than any other method that contributes towards green building. However, keep in mind that simply putting the recycle bins in the playgrounds is not enough. You have to raise awareness regarding the importance of recycling and encourage people to take part in recycling activities. In addition, teach children the significance of recycling and its impact on the overall environment in the long run.

Q. How can I involve with other environmental projects and contribute towards my community?

If you are looking to contribute positively towards your community, then there is nothing better than taking part in activities that promote environmental friendly activities. Here are 3 solid ways that can help you contribute towards your community.

Plant More Trees

Trees are a nature’s blessing. By planting more trees, you can ensure the survival of the environment. Trees purify the air and give us a clean environment to breath in. Trees are especially important in playgrounds and community recreation centers where children spend ample time. Therefore, plant more!

Take Part in Community Building Projects

Another great way to contribute towards your community is through community building projects. There are always community playground projects going around, you can check out local listings and gather information from the neighboring communities. You can find a detailed guide on how to plan your own community events and build a playground with the help of your community volunteers in the resources and sample section.

Increase Green Building Awareness

If there’s anything that allows a community to learn about green building, it is the word of mouth. If you cannot manage to participate in a green building event, then make sure that you encourage others to participate. Promote your community green building events on various social media networks and encourage your kids to participate.

Q. How can I productively help on the Build day?

A community playground build day is one of the main events in the community, therefore, it is worthy of your attention. A community project can use a lot of your help. Below are a couple of things that you can help with:

  • Help with the food supplies for volunteers.
  • Help with the project planning.
  • Offer your expertise in a certain area of skill to propel the project forward.
  • Collaborate with the management to make things faster.
  • Involve your kids and family members.
  • Raise awareness about the project.