How Diverse Play Equipment Leads To An Inclusive Playground

January 31, 2018

How Diverse Play Equipment Leads To An Inclusive Playground

The playgrounds in which your child plays make one of his or her earliest memories. They should have a place which is safe from harm and dangers so they can make healthy relationships and enjoy themselves while developing their skills and stepping outside their comfort zone. But most of the playgrounds we have forget this and create a space which is non-inclusive. Let’s talk about how to make a playground into an area, kids of all capabilities and ages can enjoy.



Something for all ages:

In order to make a diverse kind of playground which all kids will enjoy, you’ll need to keep in mind to place different kind of equipment that all ages can play with. Slides of different heights are a great example. Alongside keeping the different ages in mind, you should also consider children of different abilities. For example, you can place equipment for children with Sensory processing disorders and autism. Add varieties so children of all capabilities can participate to some extent. The equipment can be swings, sand play toys and musical activities.


All kids have different interests. Some maybe terrified of heights while some may enjoy high slides. Since children have such conflicting interests, you should choose variable and multi-functional equipment. For example, place slides of various heights in the playground so it attends to the varying level of comfort for all ages of kids playing.

Engaging and decision making:

One of your utmost priority should be how engaging the playground is to the children. When you design an inclusive playground, you have 2 options when it comes to engagement. You can either place games that can be played from the equipment or games that can be played on the playground itself. This gives them lots of options to choose from and engage in and have fun. For example, they can wait in a queue for their turn on the slide or play with something else which is lesser occupied. This decision facing makes the child develop cognitive skills and enhances their decision taking skills as well.
This skill enhancement can be further leveled up if you add something like a tactical board game or maze causing the child to concentrate and think more. It will step up their problem-solving and strategic thinking patterns and provide them with a higher sense of independence while having fun. Installing some musical structure will also help the child to stay immersed and focused, no matter what age they might be.

Social Skills:

In order for you to create a playground which is inclusive and skill-building for children, social interaction is a must. Having diverse equipment that can keep them socially indulged and immersed is necessary. Games which require team effort of require association with other children will prove to be great. Also seating areas and equipment like swings can greatly increase the social interaction and boost up the confidence of the children as they enhance their social skills while conversating with their fellows. Children of all ages and capabilities will participate in such games making your playground fun and interactive.

For your playground to be inclusive, it is important for you to have diverse ranges of equipment in it. This will not only increase the interaction of children with the environment but with the other kids participating as well.