How To Keep Indoor And Outdoor Playgrounds Clean?

How To Keep Indoor And Outdoor Playgrounds Clean?

Author: Austin Stanfel

Playgrounds are always fun, but all the excitement turns into worry regarding the children’s safety and hygiene. If you want more people to visit your playground, one of the top priorities should be maintained. Indoor Playgrounds are safe from rain and mud, while outdoor ones have significant exposure to nature. Both require a clean environment for children and caregivers to play safely.

Are you looking for easy tips to make the playground clean and hygienic? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Here, we will discuss some of them, have a look!

Ways To Keep Indoor Playgrounds Clean:

Cleaning surface:

Wash out all the dirt from the floors regularly using soapy water. If there is any kind of animal/human waste, such as fecal particles, urine, vomit, etc., disinfect the area immediately before anyone can make contact, as these germs are contagious. Also, use a disinfectant to clean the surfaces of swings or other equipment to get rid of harmful bacteria.

Hand sanitizers:

Most germs and bacteria are contagious, which means they are transmitted by touch. Install hand sanitizer dispensers so children can sanitize their hands. If you observe any child making contact with a greasy or dirty surface, ensure he washes his hands with soap. Also, sanitize toys and toys that are frequently used.

Keeping a check:

It is a must to clean the play area once a day or even in between if there is any contamination. If you find any smudges, clean them immediately to avoid any kind of bacteria or germ harming the children.

Ways To Keep The Outdoor Playground Clean:

Install litter boxes:

To avoid littering, install litter boxes as much as possible so that people may dispose of all the garbage and litter in them. Fixing them in certain places can be a good idea as it may remind people to use them constantly.

Pet waste:

A significant issue in outdoor playgrounds is pet waste, which has many contamination and health risks. When not disposed of properly, it may cause health crises. People who carry their pets should be provided with waste bags to eliminate pet waste properly.

Community support:

Open up to let volunteers take part in keeping the play area clean. Occasionally, give access to the playground and let the willing people play their roles in cleaning and spreading awareness among the community about how to make it safer for us and especially children.


Keeping a playground clean makes families feel secure and encourages them to volunteer and clean the area by themselves. If you notice any maintenance problem, you should address it immediately before it could cause any issue for the children and the community. Invite the kiddos all year long, and take care of all the sanitary issues beforehand.