Koolfog | Products:

Koolfog specializes in enhancing outdoor environments making them more comfortable, functional and sensible for people and animals through application of our high-pressure, pure-water fog technology. Koolfog designed systems cool, humidify, heat and create visually stunning environments used by resorts, retail centers, theme parks, restaurants, recreational spaces, dairies, greenhouses and private estates worldwide.

Koolfog’s outdoor cooling systems use high pressure fog and misting systems as well as standard misting, patio misting, theme park misting and fog effects systems and more. Our systems are based on the principle of air moving past water will cause the water to evaporate. The heat necessary to cause evaporation is drawn out of the air and the surrounding air is cooled. We offer a number of specialty industrial products such as animal cooling and horse/equine misting.

We do this by atomizing high-pressure water via specialized nozzles. This produces a fine mist or fog. Then flash evaporation creates a thermal blanket and cools and humidifies the surrounding air. This is how we can reduce outdoor temperatures significantly in just seconds.

Of course, there are times you want to heat the surrounding air such as on a cool evening. So we offer a complete line of outdoor heating systems that can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Koolfog can cool, humidify or heat outdoor environments through the design, engineering and unique mix of industrial-grade components including High-pressure Pumps, Stainless Steel Atomization Line and patented Nozzles to Misting Fans, Fogscape™ high pressure fog effect kits and other Cooling and Modules that can all operate independently or simultaneously.

We use only the highest quality materials and components to build our outdoor cooling systems.