Playground Equipment - Higher Cost means Better Quality

A study in New York City found that there were more safety risks due to maintenance related hazards in playgrounds in low-income areas. These playgrounds had significantly more rusted equipment, trash, and damaged fall surfaces. At Creative Systems, we believe that a slightly higher cost is worth the increased benefits and safety our play systems provide.

Creative Systems offers many updates products that are safer, more durable and more fun for children of all ages. We believe that paying a slightly high fee to guarantee physical safety and long-lasting fun is well worth the extra money. Many cheaper playgrounds have wooden supports and beams which can give children splinters. Creative System offers only steel supports which are not only safer, they withstand time and weathering much better than wood structures. Some playgrounds have flimsy plastic roofs that will crack and discolor. Creative Systems specializes in Shade Systems, a more durable means of providing shade on those hot summer days. Some playgrounds still have concrete and asphalt surfacing, which is unsafe for many reasons. Not only is it prone to cracking and heat absorption, but these hard surfaces provide no cushioning for potential falls, which can increase the likelihood of severe injuries. Creative Systems offers SofTile surfacing, a surface durable enough to withstand weather, sturdy enough to support wheelchair access, and soft enough to cushion any possible falls. We also supply Rubber Mulch as an alternative surfacing option to prevent possible splinters from cheaper wood chip surfacing. We also offer many different product lines of furnishings, such as benches and trash receptacles. We can help to keep your playgrounds safe and clean!

At Creative Systems we are willing to customize your play system to fulfill your every dream. Why buy a cheap play system with little variety? Creative Systems offers a large selection of play systems that you can mix and match to create your own unique play area. Our designs are tailored to provide challenging but safe commercial playground equipment for specific age groups. Also, many of our products come guaranteed to provide years of clean, safe and fun play. In addition, all components are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

Brittany Hidahl
Creative Recreational Systems, Inc.