Playing As An Adult

June 4, 2020

Playing As An Adult

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Author: Austin Stanfel

Adults like to play too! There are many reasons that adults play and there are many benefits to adult play. Mainly playing is not just for children. If we all dig deep, we will find the desire to play and the enjoyment we get from playing. Most adult minds could benefit from a little more play.

Why Adults Play

Play isn’t just for children, and it’s for adults too you silly rabbit. Adults play for many reasons, some play for enjoyment, some play for stress release, and some play just because they never grew up. Some adults even play to bring back their favorite childhood memories. Mostly adults play for a combination of reasons.

Benefits of Adult Play

Even adults can learn through play. They can problem-solve, be creative, build relationships, renew relationships, and discover new things about themselves. There are always new friends to be made. Through adult games and role-playing adults can form bonds with new people and make new friends. They can even build lasting relationships.

Adults can meet a spouse or partner by being a playful person. Having a sense of humor and being playful can bring joy to a person’s life, it can make a sad person happy, it can give a tense or shy person the room and courage to have fun too. Joking and playing around can keep a person interested and provide them with something to look forward to creating a desire to be with someone for many years.

Play can relieve stress when you have a bad day; you can jump into the play and create a whole new world and a whole new life. Through creativity, you can create a life, and a world that is yours works the way you want it to. You can write the script on your play life, and you can control the outcome and all the variables. In creative or role play, you can be far away from reality and the stress and anxiety that you feel.

When you are feeling down in the dumps, you can dive into play, play a game with your spouse or children, or even online with friends. You can relive the memories from your childhood, that make you smile. You can sit down and play with your children and become a part of their world and escape yours for a little while. Hearing a child laugh and giggle is always mood changing, especially when the child is your own and you are building memories with them as your parents did for you.

Getting out and chasing waves at the beach or running through a field of flowers chasing butterflies keeps you feel young. Playing often can give you more energy and make you happier. Getting out to play will keep you feeling young and alive.

That’s a Wrap

Don’t be shy; get out there and play. What’s your hold up? You don’t have to be embarrassed that you want to play hide and seek or chase butterflies through the flowers. So what you’re an adult you can have fun too. The vast number of benefits of play does the body good. So get up, grab your children and build sandcastles at the beach and chase the waves down the shore. Don’t let anyone take away your inner child and stop you from playing.