Public Relations

Using PR to spread the word

PR is all about getting the word out. A PR campaign involves flyers, public service announcements, organizing photo ops, and community outreach activities.

Here are well sorted ways of doing PR for a playground project:

  • Create posters, public service announcements, and flyers and. Ask for your community people to support your project. Before you create any marketing content, keep in mind that your project goals should be crystal clear. People need to know if your project is worthy of their support.
  • Use flyers and other marketing content to publicize about the fundraising events and project meetings.
  • Design printed content that illustrates your project milestones. Circulate that content in the community. Remember that the purpose of PR is to increase awareness regarding your project.
  • To take your PR to the next level, make sure that you send your project updates to newspapers, local television stations, and other media channels.
  • Promote your cause on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, pinterest and Linkedin, to name a few.
  • Get media channels to cover the various aspects of your playground project.
  • Organize and manage a media event and invite the popular community members who can help you create buzz about the project.