Rubber tiles installation

A Versatile Installation System


Quad Blok Connector System exclusive to PlayGuard

PlayGuard rubber tiles can be installed using a variety of installation methods. The most common and secure method is full adhesion of tiles and accessories to the substrates using E-Grip III™, an easy-to-use one part polyurethane adhesive. E-Grip III's coverage is approximately 60 sq/ft on concrete, 50 sq/ft on asphalt, and 45 sq/ft on protective fabric (1/8" square notched trowel) and is available in 2 or 4 gallon pails. For rooftop and specialty applications, we recommend our exclusive fastening system called Quad Blok. It offers added stability and ease of installation and maintenance. Tiles are adhered to the Quad Blok connector eliminating any potential damage to the roof membrane. Replacing individual tiles and securing a strong, tight-fitting system is a snap with Quad Blok. Installation using our Quad Blok system is recommended only for 2 ½" PlayGuard tiles. Additionally, it uses E-Grip III in 10.1 oz. tubes, at a rate of one tube per ten Quad Blok connectors with a 3/8" bead For more detailed installation instructions, please refer to the PlayGuard installation and maintenance manual.
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