Community playground equipment

The Benefits of A Community Built Playground

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Author: Austin Stanfel

One of the best ways to bring people closer to your community is to organize a community-built project. When several people start working towards a common goal, they get closer to each other. When it comes to building playgrounds, community work and supports can save more than 30% of the building costs.

In this article, we aim to talk about all the benefits that your community can enjoy through a community-built playground project. These benefits include the following:

More Playground Space
When it comes to equipment installation in playgrounds, the installation usually costs around 20 to 50 percent of the cost of the equipment. Nowadays,playground equipment involves the use of simple components that are designed very well and are made to last longer. This means that you do not need specialized help to install the equipment. In other words, a group that is capable of doing physical labor may be able to put the pieces together with ease. At the same time, it may also save you a lot of costs. Since, after all, you will be getting free labor from the members of the community.

You Get Free Labor
The best part is that you get the materials, whereas the members of the community, together, work hard to install it. Before you know, there is a large playground set up in the area. It is quite like a barn raising. In this, residents and community groups will work together to achieve common goals.

Helps In Building Relationships

When people of various backgrounds help each other towards a common goal, it helps a lot in establishing good relationships. Furthermore, it also creates a powerful bond. Many communities organize community builds for this very sole reason.

Creating a successful build will transform the playground into a beautiful meeting place that your community members can make use of.

A Sense of Ownership
When members belonging to a community help in building a playground, everyone takes ownership of it. This is because people remember that their mom, friends, neighbors, and dad helped in making the playground. Hence, it prevents the space from being vandalized. This also ensures that the build will last for decades to come.

In this regard, the volunteers must belong to the very same community. People from outside the community shall also help for community service purposes. However, most people should belong to the particular community that the playground is a part of. This ensures that the sense of ownership will remain very rigid among everyone.

Soon, members of the community will also begin using the playground as a meeting place. In comparison, projects run by the state are often taken for granted and are more prone to getting vandalized. When people put their effort into something and work together to achieve a goal, there is a greater sense of ownership.

Hence, the benefits of having a community-built playground are aplenty. In addition, do note that these are not the only ones. There may be hundreds of possible benefits of community-built projects.