Volunteer Recruitment

Getting Volunteers on Board

Volunteers are a great way to get the necessary help for your project. Before we dig into the process of how to get the right volunteers aboard your project ship, it is crucial to understand the importance of volunteers.

Volunteers are people who willingly give you their time and resources to help you out with the project. If you think about it, there are hundreds of ways volunteers can help you with your project. Some of these ways are listed below:

  • Volunteers can help you spread the word about the project;
  • Volunteers manage the small and large tasks that contribute towards the completion of the project;
  • Volunteers bring the “people power” to a project and help it gain momentum in an unstable time;
  • Volunteers keep things running and hence keep the project afloat.

The significance of play

Finding the right volunteers for your project can be a challenging task. But with the right PR (which we will discuss in the coming section) you can easily find like-minded people who would carry out the project tasks wholeheartedly.

Here are a couple of pointers that you should keep in mind before selecting volunteers for your project:

  • The volunteer should have the same interests regarding the project as you. For example, if your goal is to build a foundation for a community playground, then a volunteer should show interest in the community building and playgrounds. He should understand the importance of such a project and present his ideas, and contribute towards project completion.
  • A volunteer should have an active attitude. You want somebody who can engage other people in your project, therefore, this is extremely important that you pick someone full of zip.

Why Contribution Matters?

As mentioned earlier, contribution serves as one of the key wheels that drive a project forward. The volunteer contribution gives your project wings. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that some projects are only possible through volunteer contribution. When it comes to playgrounds and community building, volunteers are your best option. How to find volunteers? PR is the strongest, most tools for spreading the word about your project. Read more about PR in the next section.