Unplugging Your Children and Getting Them Outside

Author: Austin Stanfel

Is this familiar to you? You enter a den or a room on a bright day, and you see all your children staring at a computer screen. Surprisingly, most children nowadays spend more time with technological devices rather than playing outside. However, when we were little, things used to be a lot more different.

In case you are worried about this behavior, you do have a good reason. In this regard, the American

Why Inclusive Playgrounds Matter

Author: Austin Stanfel

A playground is a place for children belonging to all walks of life to gather together and play, and it is every child's birthright to do so. It doesn't matter which nation or background the child has come from; play is significant for the complete development of a child. Giving a child around 60 minutes every day to play will help develop language skills, thinking, motor skills. Sensory perception and so forth

The Benefits of A Community Built Playground

Author: Austin Stanfel

One of the best ways to bring people closer to your community is to organize a community build project. When several people start working towards a common goal, they get closer to each other. When it comes to building playgrounds, community work and supports can save more than 30% of the building costs.

In this article, we aim to talk about all the benefits that your community can enjoy through a community build

Preventing Playground Accidents

Author: Austin Stanfel

Playgrounds are a great way for children to have fun, do exercise for the necessary sixty minutes, and to interact with others, but it's also a place where children can quickly get hurt. Children like to go out and do dangerous things. Parents like the playground so they can sit and mind their own business while they enjoy themselves, but they also have to keep attentive to what they do. Parents need

Need For Interactive Playgrounds

Author: Austin Stanfel

We can generally find various kinds of types of equipment in a playground such as a monkey bar, slides, swings, merry go rounds, etc. All such materials have some shortcomings which make it risky for the children. This is the reason why a much better form of the playground is gradually coming into the picture, such as the interactive playgrounds where they get to learn a lot of skills. It was once

Highly Valuable Construction Themed Activities For Children

Author: Austin Stanfel

Children tend to be natural builders by birth. Thinks like big machines, building materials, and overall construction captures the interest of many toddlers. It is a fun activity, that is true! However, it also encourages toddlers to use their imagination and to experiment with things. At the same time, through construction play, toddlers also learn how to solve different problems. Hence, construction-themed activities should be encouraged among toddlers and kids of all