Why Play Is Beneficial

Author: Austin Stanfel

Youngsters need to go out. They need to run around and do things instead of being home. Playing is natural and should be enjoyable for children to keep active, healthy, and happy. There are those muscles and their bones and their cognitive abilities. There is also the fact that the highest percentage of overweight and obese people in the world live in the United States with anxiety and depression rates on the

Challenging Young Minds

Author: Austin Stanfel

With concerns about failing schools, people focus on the negative studies of the students as all are being failed, but these schools also have bright students that are being abandoned as well. For thousands of bright, intelligent students, their talents are undercutting their full potential. It is a crisis that gifted students are spending a lot of time in classroom relearning subjects they know and "advanced" classes that are hardly advanced at

Building a More Accessible Playground

Author: Austin Stanfel

Playgrounds have a range of benefits for developing children. They allow them to develop their physical strength. It also lets them improve their social skills, as they learn how to communicate with other children. However, some playgrounds have a problem incorporating disabled people. This can make them feel excluded. This makes it harder for them to form relationships with other children. Thankfully, this doesn't need to be the case. Let's look at

How To Make Play Equipment Repairs Safely

Author: Austin Stanfel

When you own a playground, inevitably, you will occasionally need to perform repairs. This will keep the area safe for children to use. However, when repairing or replacing playground equipment, you should establish safety guidelines. This will prevent children from accidentally hurting themselves when trying to play on equipment that is being repaired. Let's look at some tips for how you can establish this routine.

First, you might need to make short-term repairs.

Promoting Health Through Play

Author: Austin Stanfel

For the last 50 years, American children have been getting heavier on average at a slow rate, which has now reached a crisis point. The number of children overweight has tripled since 1980, and 10 percent of them are considered obese. The lack of exercise is a direct connection to childhood and adult obesity, which can cause various health ailments. Educators and health experts have since created different strategies to intervene on

Playing As An Adult

Author: Austin Stanfel

Adults like to play too! There are many reasons that adults play and there are many benefits to adult play. Mainly playing is not just for children. If we all dig deep, we will find the desire to play and the enjoyment we get from playing. Most adult minds could benefit from a little more play.

Why Adults Play

Play isn't just for children, and it's for adults too you silly rabbit. Adults