8 Skills That Kids Develop On Playgrounds

December 5, 2018
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8 Skills That Kids Develop On Playgrounds

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Whether your kid enjoys tag games, swings, Foursquare, or the monkey bars, each of those activities provide children the opportunity to develop and learn skills. Below are but a few of those skills and gives children all the more reason to use playgrounds.

Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Both kids and adults have activities where they balance, jump, or slide. As adults, it helps us to better balance. For kids, though these activities help to develop the motor skills they need to walk, jog, run, and even hold pencils better. Even climbing helps in developing motor skills as well as balancing which helps a lot in the future.

Getting Along Better

There’s going to be other kids on the playground as well. Kids from various age groups, sizes, and of course personalities. This is all important since we are social creatures and we need to learn how to get along with others around us. Playgrounds provide a good opportunity for kids to grow their personalities.

Improves Physical Health

This goes without saying. They’re running around, climbing, working a see-saw. These are things that individually improve muscle groups but over the course of an hour or two kids get a full body work-out without even realizing it.

Involves Kids From Various Abilities

This doesn’t mean different levels of strength but also those with disabilities. It’s warming to see that playgrounds are slowly starting to implement wheelchair accessibility in various parks. This only helps children as they are exposed to these sorts of abilities but also to help those who are in those positions.

Expanding Emotional Control

There’s certainly been times where children burst in emotions. Whether it’s anger or crying, there’s certainly times where that happens. But that doesn’t always mean we avoid playgrounds. This provides kids the opportunity to be exposed to these emotions and eventually learn to tolerate these frustrations or hurtful experiences and exercise self-control. As a result, kids can learn to walk away from those situations and still feel comfortable playing with others.

Exercise Imaginations

Kids have so many ideas in their heads and once they start playing, it’s not long before they use their imaginations. Playgrounds provide a variety of opportunities for kids to use their imaginations and expand them.

Improving Balance and Coordination

As mentioned above, the various activities provide great workouts but also improves balance and coordination over time. If your playground has balance beams, see-saws or slides, they will slowly develop these skills the more they do these activities.

Developing Language Skills

Not necessarily learning another language on the playground, however playgrounds still have a lot of people talking. When it comes to toddlers, they’re still learning how to be talking. As a result, they practice and imitate based on the words they’ve heard. It’s for this reason why a lot of games have songs or there are rhyming games as well.

But these activities aren’t just reserved to toddlers. Through playing older kids learn how to better express themselves as well as communicate properly.