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Highly Valuable Construction Themed Activities For Children

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Children tend to be natural builders by birth. Things like big machines, building materials, and overall construction capture the interest of many toddlers. It is a fun activity that is true! However, it also encourages toddlers to use their imagination and to experiment with things. At the same time, through construction play, toddlers also learn how to solve different problems. Hence, construction-themed activities should be encouraged among toddlers and kids of all ages. The complexity of these activities will, of course, depend on the age of the kid and the kid’s physical/mental capabilities at that particular age.

While kids carry a keen interest in the construction world, they tend to lose their interest in it after a while. Hence, their desire to make a career out of it diminishes. Construction plays a considerable role in our society. Therefore, it is quite crucial to building a child’s interest in that direction. All in all, it could prove to be a very fruitful career for them as they grow older.

After all, who else is going to build the roads, homes, skyscrapers, and bridges for the coming generation?

According to experts, construction activities are an unmatched tool that adults can use to teach children a range of essential skills. Furthermore, it may also spark a deep interest in STEM fields, and as a result of this, children will get aid in STEM subjects from early childhood.

Ages 3 to 4
In case you have a child aged 3 to 4, the following activities may be useful:

1. Construction of shapes
Use marshmallows and toothpicks to teach children how to use different elements around them, to create more prominent structures.

2. Scissor practice
Encourage your child to use scissors under your supervision, to improve their motor skills along with hand-eye coordination.

3. Use toys nuts and bolts

Teach children the art of counting by using bolts and nuts.

Ages 5 to 8
This age is considered to be the golden age for such activities. During this period, your child’s interest will become even more profound.

4. Build a neighborhood
Build a neighborhood using toys and pieces of cardboard. Use various paints and color pencils to make the activity fun and interesting for the children.

5. Hammering syllables
This is a fun literacy booster in which children can use a toy hammer and building blocks.

6. Matching different tools
This quick matching game will further enhance your child’s interest in the world of construction.

Ages 9 – 11
At this age, the more difficult challenges come up.

7. Lego building
Now is the time to buy a Lego building set for your child. Challenges like these will increase their level of creativity while further strengthening their interest in this field.

8. Building a bridge
Use some spaghettis to get your child involved in an advanced project that requires design, planning, and physics to build a bridge that stands in its weight. At this point, your child will be capable of interacting with objects and manipulating them.