Outdoor Playgrounds Are The Best Classrooms

December 27, 2019
Outdoor Playground

Outdoor Playgrounds Are The Best Classrooms

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Just think about it, and imagine having recess periods today. Think of a period in the way when your boss and professors will ask you to put all your work down and to play in a playground for at least 30 minutes. It would indeed be the happiest moment of your day.

Many people think that recess periods should be finished, or that they should only be limited to 20 minutes. However, they do not realize that playgrounds are the best classrooms in the world. Even though technically speaking, children are not inside the classroom when we are outdoors, the outdoors still teach them several essential things.

When we were children, we used to learn several essential things that included general items such as ‘not sliding fast’ or not to roll on the grass. These were the things that we learned on sunny and straightforward bright days.

For most of the children, playgrounds are arenas where they can imagine all types of crazy adventures with their friends. Deep inside, they know that these adventures are just a product of their imagination. However, that is the fun part. Children love to test the extent of their creativity; as a result of this, everything comes to life.

One of the best benefits of school playground is that it pushes the boundaries of imagination. Children can use either roleplay as scientists, Greek gods, superheroes, or princess. In other words, they can forget who they are and all their everyday stresses and be someone different. This provides them a great run away from daily homework stress.

Furthermore, when children run around a playground to catch each other, they learn to balance and muscle coordination. As a result of this, their physical capabilities increase, and they turn out to be healthy individuals. Similarly, when children engage with other children during a game, it helps them in developing meaningful social connections.

Consequently, their self-image and self-confidence improve. These are the things that they will remember forever and will apply in all phases of their lives.
They say that children can and may forget the things that they learn in classrooms, but they never forget what they learn in a playground. This is because playgrounds play a significant role in shaping up the personality of children.

Furthermore, it is the only type of ‘learning’ that isn’t boring for children. Otherwise, it is not healthy for children to get bored in the classroom. So make sure that your children have ample opportunities for playing out in the playground. At the same time, schools should also focus on providing such opportunities to children via ample play-time outdoors. In this regard, a safe and inclusive playground with enough recess time could help a lot!