How to Design a School Playground

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Designing a perfect school playground for youngsters is challenging but not impossible. You have to pay a lot of attention from choosing the space to budget. A well-designed school playground is a requirement for the children.

Playgrounds offer many health and behavior benefits to children, and they stay active and happy all day long. The design of a school playground is different from local community playgrounds. Here we have described a few steps to follow while designing a school playground.

Make a List of your Objectives

To design a perfect school playground, you have to do the planning. What are your goals for the school playground? Please make a list of things that you want for the school playground.

It will help you stay focused and clear about your goals for the playground. Start by considering some questions such:

  • How many children will play in the garden at a time?
  • What will age group be involved?.
  • Consider children with different abilities.
  • What amenities will be required for the playground?
  • What theme do you want for your school playground?

Analyze the Site for School Playground

It is imperative to consider the site where the playground should be installed. Whether installing a new school playground or renovating an old one, you should consider the site according to the kid’s age and abilities.

The playground area should be smooth and accessible for children with wheelchairs and crutches. Consider the sun as well. Whether the sun rays strike directly to the playground in the afternoon? Choose a play that is safe from direct sunlight.

Design the Playground

Start designing the garden once you analyze a perfect spot for your school playground. For this, you have to create a budget and buy things favorable according to your budget.

  • Consider adding inclusive elements for sensory play
  • What look do you want for your school playground?
  • Consider designing areas according to different age group

Install the Playground Equipment

Once you have chosen the perfect elements for your school playground, it’s the final time to install them. Hire an expert who can install playground equipment following safety measures for children.

Install different slides, swings, wall climbers, or rope climbers to attract children. The equipment for the school playground should be new and fun to invite the children to have fun in the playground.

Maintenance of Playground

Many accidents occur at the school playground, and there are many reasons. School management installed the equipment once and wholly neglected to check the equipment regularly.

It is recommended to get the playground checked by a certified playground officer for kids’ safety. It would be best to consider replacing and repairing the school playground equipment from time to time.


School playgrounds are a play for children to have fun. Design a school playground and add as many fun elements as possible to seek kids’ attention.

Design your playground to different themes such as pirates or forests to attract children. Please encourage them to play in playgrounds for a healthier and happier life.