Age Appropriate Playground

How to Design an Age-Appropriate Playground?

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Author: Austin Stanfel

There are many playgrounds around you, and almost every community owns one. Who do you know that your community park is suitable for your kid? Are they worth it? Well, playgrounds are supposed to be a safe space for kids. Designing playgrounds according to age is the most important thing we need in our community.

The playground creators specially design modern-day playgrounds to help the owner choose the perfect playground equipment. Here is a complete guide that will help you create a playground according to different age groups.

1. For Toddlers

Toddlers who are in their early years are learning new things every day. Kids are exploring the world at the age of 5, and they don’t know what can be dangerous for them. A kid under the age of 5 can learn to control their motor skills to walk, run, dance, and roll.

Playgrounds can provide toddlers with an introduction to physical activities, social skills, and emotional regulation. It can play a crucial part in strengthening the motor skills of your kid. Associative and cooperative play can be helpful to engage kids.

2. For School Going Kids

School-going Kids are full of energy, and to calm them down, you need to let them play in the playgrounds. Kids learn gross motor skills at playgrounds. It is very important to add play to their arduous lifestyle.

They will enjoy it while learning, and what better than what? Moreover, they will be more focused in class. Sliders, swings, see-saws, and jumping pads can be appropriate for kids above 5. They can run freely and slide as much as they want in playgrounds.

3. For Teenagers

We all know that teens have a hectic routine. They are constantly under pressure and can’t focus on their health as much as they should. But what we need to learn is that playgrounds are not only for toddlers or kids; they can be for everyone, including teenagers.

Play can be significant in relieving stress and fighting anxiety. You can design yoga space and exercise space in your playground. Wall climbers are best to increase your physical activity. They can be an excellent way to get the attention of teenagers.

4. For Adults

Now, you might be thinking about what an adult can do in playgrounds? They can not slide or swing like kids, so what do playgrounds have for older people? How can we involve adults in play? Maintaining health is as essential for an adult as for a teenager.

Adults can also do exercise and cardio to get fit and healthy. Parents and grandparents can involve themselves in play by engaging in different activities with their kids. Playing with kids will increase their relationship with kids, and they will start to enjoy parenthood more.

Things You Must Consider

Before designing a playground, you must know your audience. Try to understand what age group kids live in your community and install playground equipment accordingly. Try to figure out a suitable space for your playground where people can easily walk, run and exercise. What are you waiting for? Go and start designing your perfect community playground and have fun!