Learning for Fun

April 6, 2020
learning for fun

Learning for Fun

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Author: Austin Stanfel

When we used to be children, we all waited impatiently for the summer holidays as they allowed us to spend some carefree time. During the summer holidays, we used to hang around in parks with our friends and eat out favorite ice cream on the way back.

We used to dangle from the bars in playgrounds and tried our best to walk up a long slide. Often at times we used to injure ourselves or got blisters on our skin from the sun, but at the end of the day, it was all worth it.

Indeed, playing is one of the best ways for children to learn about the ups and downs of life. Playgrounds are indeed learning centers for little children. It allows them to develop some cognitive, emotional, and social skills. They also teach children about motion, balance, and communication skills. In other words, playing teaches children about the physics of life without being in a classroom.

How to remedy this?

After playing, children learn to value friendships and why rules are essential to be followed. We can say that they learn every valuable life and people skills by playing. They remember these skills throughout their life.

Using playgrounds, children can expand their imagination. When done in a group, it allows children to develop a sense of belonging. Furthermore, they also learn about the action of gravity when they throw balls in the air. They get to learn that whatever goes up does come down.

Furthermore, other games in a playground such as tic-tac-toe teach children how to follow their thoughts. Moreover, they also learn that they need to make the right choices or else, they will lose.

Several modern playgrounds feature magnetic playing boards such as snakes and ladders, chess, tic-tac-toe, and a lot more. When kids play games like these, they learn that cheating is not a way of life. Furthermore, they learn the importance of doing things moderately.

Apart from helping children in the development of people skills, playgrounds help them in developing critical sensory skills. For instance, children often learn about various colors because of the vibrant array of shades that they see on playgrounds.

Playgrounds also teach children to become assertive. For instance, they may want to talk to another child to take his/her place on the swing. However, at the same time, they also learn to be humble when the other child pushes back.

Indeed, playgrounds offer countless learning opportunities for children. These, as mentioned before, range from sensory to people skills. Furthermore, children also learn to recognize their true selves and become self-confident. When children get such opportunities at an early age, they play a significant role in the development of their personality. This allows them to grow up as responsible and healthy individuals, both mentally and physically.

In the end, the substantial knowledge that children get from playgrounds cannot be ignored either. Hence, every parent should consider the importance of taking their children to the playground regularly.