Park Improvements

Park Improvements That Won’t Cost You Much

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Local parks are an essential component of a thriving, healthy city and are numerous advantages to having high-quality city parks. We all have been to parks in our childhood, and if we look back, we will find Parks to be a setting for many of our childhood memories.
To some extent, we’re probably aware that the parks in our childhood neighborhoods influenced who we are today. So isn’t this our responsibility to make the place better? It surely is. It has given us many memories to cherish, but our pockets sometimes don’t allow us to do much.
However, there are still many ways to help improve your local community park on a budget. In this blog, you will learn all the cost-effective ways to make our parks better.

Go Digital

Create a website dedicated to describing the park, posting photos and event announcements, and even coordinating a calendar for volunteer cleanup sessions to improve your playground and attract more park visitors.

When residents can connect with their local park online when they cannot visit in person, they will feel more invested in it. Make the most of the digital resources you have. It’s cheap and helps you connect with a large number of people.

Be Creative With Colors

Who doesn’t like to play with colors? Paint is a low-cost way to spruce up a garden, from repainting the lines on a basketball court to adding a new hopscotch board to the playground’s surface. A slight amount of paint can go a very long way.

Touching up the paint job on picnic tables and adding a painted chessboard to their surfaces is an easy way to give your park a new look. Visitors can participate in various site-specific experiences through Art in the Parks, which reflect and respond to the park’s beautiful setting and unique history.

Make Room for Entertainment

Organize a “friends” volunteer organization of neighborhood members enthusiastic about taking care of the local park. Friends’ clubs are formed at many recreational locations across the country to assist in maintaining the grounds while saving the community money.

By providing members a sense of ownership, forming a grassroots volunteer group can assist with park maintenance and strengthen the community’s connection to their park.

Update your Lightning

Many municipalities still have metal halide or high-pressure sodium vapor lights in their park systems that are old and outdated. Retrofitting your lights with LED lighting is a good idea. While there is an upfront investment, your long-term maintenance and energy bills will be far lower — only 25% of what you are currently paying, and who does not love some brightness?

Look out for some Grants

Find out what resources are open to help pay the park upgrades on your wish list by some research. Many organizations provide information on grant and fundraising opportunities available to parks and recreation agencies.

Try searching for an online database of local and national grant opportunities and deadlines. Granting opportunities can be great if you don’t have enough funds to improve your local Parks.
With the above-given cost-effective ideas, you can make your local park a place to take a deep breath away from the faced-paced world. Happy Socialising!