• Skyspan Structures are industry leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial outdoor umbrellas. Our range includes cantilevered, centre mounted, retractable, perimeter framed and portable shade umbrellas. All our umbrellas are 100% weather and UV proof, and consist of a wide range of sizes and colours. They can be customized to suit clients needs, with personal add-ons such as heaters, plastic drop down curtaining, and screen printing, to name a few. An all USA made and owned product, the umbrella is engineered to be long lasting and engineer certified to withstand wind gusts of up to 120kph, and ingeniously designed for ease of both installation and client use.

  • Tension/suspension structure’s are constructed with fabric, wire rope and supporting poles. It achieves its firm form through the tension produced by wire rope and supporting poles. Tension structure not only has an innovative and graceful outside appearance, but it conveys the spirit of membrane structures best. In recent years, the “wire cable net”, which consists of cable and compression members to support the fabric above, has become the structure of choice in large span spaces. These structures are characterized by precision construction, and powerful structure that result in large open volumes of weatherproof spaces at a great VALUE FOR THE MONEY.

  • After a steel structure or integrated material frame is constructed, tensile fabric can be used to cover the entire roof. The fabric we use is classified as a roofing material the same as sheet metal is. With the supporting structure below the roof is highly stable and creates a truly unique aesthetic design. All snow and wind loads can be met.

  • Membrane structure’s are a perfect combination of the architecture and structure. It combines fabrics of high tensile strength and flexibility together with a support system to form stable bent surface of certain firmness. It creates expansive dramatic spaces and withstands great load from outside. Due to features such as its lightweight structure, fire-resistance, ease of fabrication, quick installation, energy savings and ease of maintenance, it has been used in a wide variety of applications all over the world. This kind of structure is especially suitable for use in Resorts, Golf Clubs, Public recreation sites, Exhibition halls and Shopping center to name a few.
    In terms of membrane structure’s Skyspan has chosen to concentrate on the following 3 forms. They are Frame Supported Structures, Tension Structures & Commercial Umbrellas.

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