While offering unlimited design potential SofTILE AP also provides thermal and mechanical protection to the roof membrane. This unique marriage of form and function creates effective use of outdoor spaces above offices, hotels and apartment buildings.

SofTILE AP is manufactured from recycled rubber and specially formulated binding agents which are molded into a high density, durable locking paver. The locking feature, coupled with resiliency and color diversity are the unique benefits that have positioned SofTILE AP as the preferred product for rooftop applications.

SofTILE AP ballast and architectural roofing pavers are used on applications where ballast, protection and visual appeal are primary design considerations. SofTILE AP goes beyond function by creating a truly authentic look and feel to rooftops and terraces.

SofTILE AP is a fresh, innovative and
resilient utility surface that protects your roofing investment year after year in all weather conditions.

When the primary design consideration is ballast or membrane protection SofTILE APs Basic Series is an ideal solution. By utilizing 100% recycled rubber SofTILE AP ballast pavers provide an economical option for retrofit and renovation projects. Elongated rubber strands are used in the top course of the paver for increased durability and a smooth visual texture. The Basic Series provides three color offerings which are created through a pigmentation process.


UV deterioration, freeze thaw, hail, punctures and flying projectiles are all common contributors to premature failures of expensive roofing membranes. SofTILE AP protects the membrane mechanically and thermally by providing a shield that is trafficable, serviceable and attractive. Performance proven in the harshest climatic conditions SofTILE AP is
impervious to cracking, shifting and heaving.

Replace blandness with beauty bringing patterns, texture and color to rooftop terraces.

The SofTILE AP Premium Series adds a new dimension to the roof top by creating viable recreation space. While retaining all of the protective features of the Basic Series, SofTILE AP premium offers original design capability to satisfy the most discerning aesthetic requirements. SofTILE AP premium offers a multitude of both vibrant and earth tone colors that can be mixed and matched for complete design integration. Pattern, texture and color capabilities are the hallmarks of the Premium Series.

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