Softile Architectural Specifications

Part 1 General
1.01 Description of System
This specification is for the furnishing & installing of all necessary components and labor to complete a SofTILE Kroslock Safety Surface installation.
SofTILE Kroslock is a resilient safety surfacing system that is installed using a combination of 2’x2′ tiles, ramps and adhesive.

1.02 Quality Assurance
Materials and Workmanship
The Tile installation shall be warranted for any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of completed installation.
2.Performance to ASTM F1292-99
In addition to the Materials and Workmanship Warranty, the Tile system shall be further warranted to meet the requirements of ASTM F1292-99 for a period of 5 years from the date of the completed installation.

Manufacturer Qualifications
The supplier shall have provided the Safety Tile System in North America for a minimum of 10 years or shall have more than 1, 000, 000 sqft of installed safety surfacing.

Installation Contractor Qualifications
Reference List
A list of at least 20 similar projects completed within the last 3 years. List shall include names of project representatives & respective phone numbers. 5 of the job references must be at least 5 years old. The company bidding the job shall have installed the 20 projects.
2. Bid Security
Supply bid security issued by a surety company in the amount of 20% of the bid amount.
3. Performance Bond
Successful bidders must be prepared to submit a labor & materials performance bond.

1.03 Applicable Standards
a. ASTM 1292-99 Impact Attenuation
Impact attenuation test results will be provided to the owner or his representative. Test results shall be submitted on the letterhead of an independent testing lab.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Handbook for Play Ground Safety
Test(s) shall meet or exceed CPSC guidelines for Impact Attenuation.

1.04 Submittals
Shop Drawings
Showing layout of tiles and details of anchorage including grade and sub grade requirements for the method of installation specified.

Product Data
Shall include manufacturer specifications, printed installation and maintenance instructions.

One full tile sample with Kroslock cross section.

Written Warranties
5 Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty.
5 year Performance Warranty.
Signed. Dated.

1.05 Delivery Storage and Handling
Shall be stored at all times in temperatures that exceed 40F(4C).

May be stored in temperatures that are less than 32F(0C) but surface temperature of the tile must be above 40F(4C) at time of adhesive application/installation.

Part 2 Products
SofTILE Kroslock Safety Tiles
Shall be made from a combination of rubber buffings, granules , polyurethane and pigmentation (when specified) compression molded into 24x24 tiles. Tiles shall be provided in the thickness that is required to meet the performance requirements dictated by the play equipment and ASTM F1292-99 specifications.
The tile must have a shaped male and female Kroslock configuration on all 4 sides in order to lock the tiles to adjacent tiles.
Tile bottom must include a hollow core stanchion pattern. Stanchions must have density equivalent to the wear surface.
Tile may be a dual density construction (Premium (EPDM) and E108 Rated) or Single density (Basic and Plus color options).

Shall have tested for impact to ASTM F1292-99 attenuation for both G-Max and HIC both before and after Weathering and Aging Test ASTM C67 and D573.
 Shall have the following technical specifications
Tensile Strength. D412 >107psi.
Elongation at Break. D412 >65%
Tear Strength. D624 33.1lbs/linear inch.
Abrasion Resist. D3389 2000c, 1000g, H21. 0.75g
Hardness. D2240 30-40 Shore A
Wear Surface Density. D792.
>60lbs/cft (Basic/Plus)
>65lbs/cft (Premium)

British Skid. E303
Dry 102
Wet 62

Coefficient of Friction. D2047 Leather Shoe
Dry 0.81
Wet 0.82

Coefficient of Friction. D1028
Dry 0.70
Wet 0.72

Burning Bill Test. D2859 Pass.
Roof Covering Fire Test. E108.
Pass. (Special order).

Permeability. DIN18035G.
(Must be >1Yr Site Exposure)
>1.0 l/sec/sq meter

Plus series: Terra Cotta, Turf Green, Black
Premium series: Terra Cotta, Green, Blue, Purple Yellow, Black in any combination. All premium tiles shall contain a minimum of 10% black

Shall be single component, 100% solids polyurethane. Must be supplied in tube format to allow precise application to Kroslock joint.

Part 3 Execution
Prior to the installation of the SofTILE safety surface, the installer must inspect the substrate for structural performance.
Work shall not be completed on the safety surface until all substrate deficiencies are rectified to the satisfaction of the installer.

Tiles & Adhesive
Temperature of the tiles & adhesive shall be checked to ensure that it is equal to or greater than 40F(4C).
Tiles & adhesive that is below the required application temperature shall not be used until the temperature is elevated to the specified application temperature.

a. Follow manufacturers current, printed installation instructions and recommendations.

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