4 Accessible Playground Equipment Made For Everyone

4 Accessible Playground Equipment Made For Everyone

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Author: Austin Stanfel

The greatest joy of childhood is the playground. Play is a thing that has been part of kids’ lives for centuries, and till now, kids love to play on the playground. The first thing that will click in your mind is playing on a playground with your favorite swing. Isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, the playground has made our lives beautiful and enjoyable but have you ever thought about kids who can’t play and ride due to disabilities. Imagine how sad they feel when they see other kids playing and riding swings while sitting in the corner. Not anymore, because we have four accessible playground equipment specially made for kids with disabilities.

1. Flying Saucer

A flying saucer with a single metal frame is worth spending your money on. You can install a flying saucer in your playground. The most significant advantage of having a flying saucer is that it is accessible to everyone.

The age range from 1 to 5 can easily enjoy playing on a saucer. You can easily let your kid lie down or sit and enjoy themselves. Flying saucers let them feel the thrill of a ride, and that is why it is an ideal addition to your community playground.

2. Accessible Basket Swing

Swings are the most loveable playground equipment in every park and playground. It is full of fun and thrill. That is why most kids love to swing while many lose the opportunity to feel this thrill.

There are extraordinary, universally accessible basket swings available for kids with disabilities. The basket swing can swing 360°. (https://thecenturionreport.com/) Its unique structure is designed with a wide diameter for special kids with disabilities.

3. Accessible Wheelchair Roundabouts

It is undeniable that wheelchairs are a hurdle for kids to play in the playground. But now, this conception is changing, and experts have designed and manufactured unique roundabouts and carousels for kids with wheelchairs.

Kids can move on the carousel panel with their wheelchairs and enjoy the fun of a roundabout. The market is filled with incredible inclusive roundabouts for community playgrounds. They can be an excellent add-on to school playgrounds as well.

4. Accessible Trampoline

Trampoline is a piece of fun playground equipment, and now they have been modified for years. They are made to move the wheelchair on them quickly so that a protection slanted mat is used. Disabled kids get an option to enjoy and have fun with comfort.

Playgrounds have accessible trampolines that are being used in every community. They have fantastic climbing elements with benefits for the kids. Accessible wheelchair trampoline can be used by teens as well.

Final Thoughts

Community playgrounds are fun and meant for everyone. Regardless of disabilities, it is the fundamental right of every kid to enjoy their childhood. However, it is a tough job but not impossible. Modern-day playgrounds are made using universally inclusive playground equipment available in the market. Consider adding these accessible playground types of equipment and break the stereotype about wheelchairs.