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Everything You Need To Consider Before Installing A Playground Surfacing

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Author: Austin Stanfel

Do you know what the essential part of a playground is? Playground surfacing! Whether it’s a school playground, indoor playground, or outdoor playground, the most important thing is to install suitable quality surfacing in the playground.
Installing a wrong, rugged, or steep playground surface can be considered while installing a playground surfacing. Kids can fall while running and get injured. Let’s dig in deeper!

Things You Must Know While Choosing A Playground Surface

Kids fall a lot while playing, so a suitable playground surfacing must be installed in a community playground. While buying a playground surface, you need to keep two things in mind.

First, the playground surface should be safe to use. And second, it should be cost-friendly and effective. It would be best if you t find a reliable playground surface within your budget that works for an extended period.

Types of Playground Surfacing

Many types of playground surfacing are available in the market that is installed easily in the community playgrounds. Here we have described each and everything about different types of playground surfacing.

1. Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are highly accessible for the community playgrounds. They are durable, pleasing, and have low maintenance costs, making them an ideal choice for the community playground. Although some are a little pricey, they are worth the price.

2. Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is recommended if you are running low on budget. It is low in the cast and easy to install. Rubber mulch is loose material used in the playground surfacing that can be easily recycled and reused. Moreover, it has a good safety rating.

3. Wood Chips

Wood chips are pretty reasonable in price and can easily be used to install in a playground. It looks good as well and is entirely sustainable. Moreover, wood chips are safe to use in case of any fall. Yet, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it intact, but if you use it carefully, it can work for a long time.

4. Pea Pebbles

Pea pebbles are also used as playground surfacing. However, they are pretty cheap. You can easily install pea pebbles in your playground. But pea pebbles have disadvantages as well. You must regularly maintain it to keep it in use for longer. It can hide sharp objects within it that can cause hazards or injuries to kids upon fall.

5. Turf

Turf is a synthetic green grassy carpet or surfacing used in almost every park and playground these days. The turf is aesthetically pleasing and gives a beautiful natural look to the playground. It is made from recycled material. However, it is a little costly but recommended to install in your community playground because they are worth the money.


When surfacing a community playground, it depends upon the choice of playground owners and what kind of surfacing they want. You can do a slight variation and choose according to your budget. Your playground will look aesthetically pleasing, like a fairytale garden.