How to Help Children Avoid Sleeplessness

March 20, 2020

How to Help Children Avoid Sleeplessness

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Author: Austin Stanfel

While parenting, people can undoubtedly have some excellent moments in their lives. But along with this, there are undeniably scary moments too. One such case is the children being unable to sleep well, which becomes a significant concern if this continues for a more extended period.

In such cases of sleeplessness, you need to spot out the reason behind this and ways to resolve it. The first thing can be a lack of enough activity during the daytime because of which they do not feel tired enough to fall asleep at night. But if the child is active throughout the day and still he is unable to sleep, then you can take him for a walk in a nearby park or neighborhood. This will tire him out, and he will fall asleep.

Youngsters express restlessness and scream when they experience acid reflux because of which they are reluctant to eat also. If you feel this is the case, you should not lay the child flat down as this will worsen the situation. Use a pillow instead. You must even check with a pediatrician to identify the thing that triggers this and take the prescribed medicine.

Specific temporary sleep issues occur when you take away some of their favorite soft toys or particular blankets away as it has become their habit to hold it and sleep. Besides this, if the mattress has become old, children of any age may face sleep issues. So, you should not use a bed for more than 7-10 years.

Anxiety is another cause that does not let children sleep. This can occur even if parents are quite careful about their children. It can cause them nightmares or anxiety because of separation when parents do not sleep near them at night. You need to consult a doctor if you find this happening with your older child.

Uncomfortable situations do not let children sleep properly. The child might not be precisely able to express this. In such a case, you can look at the setup where he is sleeping. And try to eliminate things which you guess might be the reason behind their discomfort. It can be feeling cold in winter or hot in summer because of many layers of blanket, switching on or off a ceiling fan, the degree of brightness of a room, etc. After changing this, you can notice if they can sleep well.

In some instances, children are insomniac because of which they face problems related to sleep. Excess intake of sugar, caffeine, or medications can be the reason behind this. So, you can alter his/her diet as well as consult with the pediatrician for better help. Besides the food, a healthy routine is essential to make sure that your child gets enough sleep. This needs certain good habits to teach, such as having dinner by seven at night, brushing the teeth before going to bed and telling them a bedtime story while sleeping. All these changes in the routine and setups will help your child sleep well at night.