15 After School Activities Can Help Your Kid In Life.

1: After School Activities Nurture Creativity
Crafts and art-related activities can help kids grow his or her creativities.

2: It Promotes Healthy Living
Sports & physical activities can help your kids to understand the importance of fitness.

3: It Improves Social Skills.
After school activities required communication with the instructor. It can help kids to improve their social skills.

4: It Teaches Kids Respect:
Sports activities teach kids sportsmanship. They learn how to respect the game, the rules, and the referees, teammate, coach, and opponents

5 It Encourages Analytical Skills.
Kids can practice their problem-solving skills during after-school activities – role play, early math, music classes, sports etc.

6 It Promotes Discipline:
Discipline is important in mastering techniques. For example, Martial art required strong discipline to learn different techniques.

7: It Promotes Hard Work and Practice
The importance of hard work and practice is always emphasized in after-school activities. It’s a great winning formula in all competitions.

8: It Improves Academe Test Score
Policy studies Associate discovered in (2007) that students who attend after-school programs increased their test score in two years span.

9: It Promotes Active Lifestyle
Kids who participate in afterschool activities learn about the importance of healthy active life while they are young. This is very helpful as they grow up.

10: Mentor & Student Relationship
Kids who spend time in after-school activities will have a mentor that can become their second parent as they grow up.

11: It Nurtures Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
in after-school activities, Kids are likely able to build their self-confidence. They learn to trust their skills with the guidance of their teachers and from their family.

12: It Promotes Informal Learning
In after-school programs, there are many different ways to teach our kids and keep them learning.

13: It Eliminates Drug, Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Kids who attend after-school activities are staying away from the drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. Since they are busy with different things.

14: It Teaches Our Kids Winning
After school pursuit can teach our kids a lot about winning. What it takes to deliver things in order to win.

15: It Teaches Our Kids Losing
For kids to experience the bitter truth of losing surely can help them face what’s ahead of them. Losing in life humble everyone and teaches kids many facets of life.