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    Skyspan’s New Motorised Umbrella The new motorised Umbrella is just another innovative way Skyspan is leading the shade industry and solving all your shade needs. Skyspan Umbrellas, world leaders in umbrella and shade products, have introduced to their ever expanding range their new remote controlled Motorised Umbrella.
    With the touch of a button, the new Motorised Umbrella opens smoothly and silently, programmed to stop at the moment of correct tension. Powered by a Somfy motor concealed inside the column of the umbrella, opening and retracting your umbrella could not be easier.
    The new motorised Umbrella is made to the same quality and standard of all Skyspan Umbrellas other popular range of umbrellas and is available in every center post standard size. The motorised umbrella uses the same quality 10 year guaranteed mechanism successfully used in our manually retractable umbrellas, which has been specially adapted to accommodate the Somfy motor. Numerous umbrellas can be programmed into one single remote control, so with a touch of a single button, a number of umbrellas can be opened or retracted at once.
    This new engineered product will not only impress patrons and clients but save valuable time for operators of Café’s, restaurants, resorts, hotels, patios, pools and other outdoor entertainment venues.
    For further information on Skyspans new Motorised range or for information on any of Skyspans wide range of umbrellas and shade products, please feel free to contact us.

    Download Remote Controlled Motorised Umbrella PDF

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